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Articles by Amanda Lake

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Out with a fizz ...
Tuesday, 27th February 2001
by Amanda Lake
''The last ever match beneath the Twin Towers. England V Germany, World Cup Qualifier. What a fitting end for an old stadium. In Hollywood the script would have had the perfect ending, the credits would have faded to our triumphant heroes celebrating a win underneath gloriously sunny skies and 70,000 plus England fans chanting their names...''

A New England
Saturday, 27th January 2001
by Amanda Lake
''Finally, the FA have appointed a new head coach for England and surprise, surprise he is foreign...''

50p for the meter?
Saturday, 6th January 2001
by Amanda Lake
''Okay, own up who failed to switch the electric undersoil heating on at Upton Park then? Someone needs to own up because Saturday's events were nothing short of farcical and I am not happy about it!..''

Sale of the Century
Saturday, 2nd December 2000
by Amanda Lake
''Are you are Premiership or European Club looking to expand your team?..''

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