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Articles by Gary Steer

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Is failure in West Hamís DNA?
Tuesday, 28th August 2018
by Gary Steer
''As a fan you certainly cannot blame the owners anymore. Theyíve put their money where their mouths are, employed a top manager and theyíve spent £100million on new players. I used to blame the board for everything but now I just donít understand it. ..''

An empty feeling
Saturday, 1st April 2017
by Gary Steer
''Are David Gold and David Sullivan really West Ham fans?..''

A spectacular arena, but not made for football
Monday, 7th November 2016
by Gary Steer
''For me, Upton Park was incredible, full of character and a Ďfamilyí club. You could see that it didnít matter what you did or where you come from. How much money you had in your bank account or pockets was irrelevant because today you are one of us - a brother amongst fellow Hammers. ..''

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