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Articles by Kevin Mousley

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Knuckleheaded behaviour - or legitimate grievances?
Tuesday, 13th March 2018
by Kevin Mousley
''There were several pitch invasions at football games last week in Europe but the one at the London Stadium wasn't one of them; I'd call it a trespass. For context at a pitch invasion in Greece on Sunday someone actually brandished a gun!..''

Tradition or nostalgia?
Thursday, 16th December 2010
by Kevin Mousley
''Nostalgia is a terrible thing. At its heart it betrays a lack of confidence in the future. Too often it is an indulgence of the present that seeks the balm of the past...''

Let's get some perspective
Thursday, 27th August 2009
by Kevin Mousley
''Kevin Mousley presents his view of Tuesday evening's events.......''

NRC - my vitriol
Tuesday, 29th May 2007
by Kevin Mousley
''Any time now, no doubt, the message boards will fill up with vitriol against Nigel Reo-Coker for having the temerity to want to take his footballing career elsewhere. He will join the gallery of rogues alongside Paul Ince, Frank Lampard and Jermain Defoe; players we love to hate and whoís every return to Upton Park will be guaranteed to be Ďwarmí. ..''

Post Pardew thoughts: a riposte
Monday, 18th December 2006
by Kevin Mousley
''I'm a big fan of East Stand Martin. Of all the West Ham reports and comments that I read online and in the printed media; it is his that I make an effort to seek out. He's probably a similar age to me( give or take a decade) and unlike me he has had the privilege of being able to watch West Ham in the flesh more than I ever have, or will - I have only ever lived in striking distance of Upton Park for a couple of years in my forty plus years as a fan...''

The Beautiful Game?
Friday, 24th September 2004
by Kevin Mousley
''I can honestly say for the first time in 40 years I donít much care what happens in football. Of course I care passionately what happens to West Ham, which is not quite the same thing. ..''

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