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Articles by Paul Scanlan

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Football: rewarding failure
Wednesday, 24th March 2010
by Paul Scanlan
''I havenít written an article for KUMB.com in months, in fact Iíve not written anything of merit for even longer. Life takes over and despite having plenty Iíd like to say, the opportunities to do so have been few and far between...''

Where have the real men gone?
Monday, 3rd March 2008
by Paul Scanlan
''I donít like to complain, I donít like to moan and I really do hope that next week something happens to make me write a positive article. Having just started my journey into the world of blog writing, I had already found Pete Doherty, NME Magazine and the American media as potential subjects for venting. ..''

Two sides to every story
Monday, 25th February 2008
by Paul Scanlan
''Itís been a while since I wrote an article, in fact itís been a while since Iíve done anything constructive other than working. With that in mind, I should probably be grateful to the likes of Niko Kovac and Arsene Wenger for prompting me into action because it is their abuse of Birmingham Cityís Martin Taylor that has driven me to return to writing. ..''

The saint in a world of sinners
Sunday, 16th September 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''I am an emotional person, I live by my heart and I live for my passion of football. For anyone who has ever read an article of mine, they will learn one thing; I despise what the modern game is becoming...''

How speed dating and football make a winning combination
Sunday, 12th August 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''While Sven Goran Eriksson vehemently denied that his new signings had come from putting his feet up with a bucket of popcorn and some video tape performances, the football worldís version of speed dating seemed to have some merit by 4.45pm on Saturday afternoon. ..''

Never let the truth ruin a good story
Monday, 16th July 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''Fashions generally come and go. However the current trend of West Ham hating is still in full swing. In fact, powered by the ability to reach millions of people a day, the media is making sure that this hate campaign shows no sign of reaching a conclusion. ..''

If I had a poundÖ
Monday, 15th January 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''For every time that my emotions have been tossed into the air, thrown around like juggling balls and then left to drop to the floor, by West Ham United, Iíd be a rich man...''

How to make vultures look good
Sunday, 7th January 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''ďVultures seldom attack a healthy living animal, but may kill the wounded or sick. Vast numbers have been seen upon battlefields. They gorge themselves when prey is abundant, till their crop forms a projection, and sit, sleepy or half torpid, to digest their food.Ē Ė Wikipedia..''

The unprofessional professionals
Monday, 1st January 2007
by Paul Scanlan
''I work two jobs to survive and provide my family with all the things that they need to live a healthy and safe life...''

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