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Articles by Paul Turner

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Standing up to scrutiny
Wednesday, 24th August 2016
by Paul Turner
''Having read Paul Walker's latest article for KUMB, I feel resigned to the fact that I will quite possibly be facing a ban from the Olympic Stadium due to what's being called "persistent standing". ..''

There won't be a dry eye in the house
Monday, 9th May 2016
by Paul Turner
''As far as football seasons go, this one has been quite eventful for WHUFC. Besides the inescapable fact that West Ham United are leaving the Boleyn Ground after 112 years for pastures new (and publically owned), results on the football pitch have not been too bad. ..''

Boleyn memories: through the eyes of a child
Wednesday, 16th December 2015
by Paul Turner
''As each game comes and goes (mostly in draws these days), time ticks down to the day the Hammers can no longer call the area of Upton Park home. ..''

Slaven in tune with the supporters
Friday, 2nd October 2015
by Paul Turner
''At the pre-match press conference on Thursday, 1 October for the game away to Sunderland, a question was put to Slaven Bilic regarding the cost of match day tickets as can be seen within the KUMB article here. ..''

Monday, 24th August 2015
by Paul Turner
''The first half in particular of the AFC Bournemouth game this past weekend will live long in the memory, along with other modern day successes like Chesterfield away in the league cup, Stockport County or Savio Nsereko. ..''

What's the point of European qualification?
Tuesday, 4th August 2015
by Paul Turner
''My first European experience was the Intertoto Cup as I was not alive for any European campaign that came before (bar the Anglo-Italian Cup, but as a six-year-old I donít think my parents would have let me travel) and the last before this season was travelling to Palermo for our ill-fated 2006-07 UEFA Cup campaign. ..''

Bilic, the sensible choice
Wednesday, 10th June 2015
by Paul Turner
''West Ham United, through its unofficial press officer Dave Sullivan earlier today (Tuesday 9th) announced Slaven Bilic as the 15th permanent manager of the Hammers. Of all the options out there and names in the frame for the position, the sensible choice has been made. ..''

A new manager? The only certainly is uncertainly
Saturday, 16th May 2015
by Paul Turner
''I am half expecting to walk past my local newsagents and see one of those adverts in the windows advertising services or rooms to let reading something along the lines of:..''

Mental Health Awareness week
Thursday, 16th April 2015
by Paul Turner
''The charity, Mental Health Foundation is holding its annual mental health awareness week starting Monday 11th May where the theme of the week is ďbe mindfulĒ...''

The Olympic Stadium: making dreams or scheming schemes?
Monday, 12th January 2015
by Paul Turner
''When it has come to West Ham United's move to the Olympic stadium, I guess I have been a fence-sitter for most of the process. I could see the pros and cons but never felt totally one way or another on the issue to start with. ..''

A practical approach to professionalism
Monday, 3rd November 2014
by Paul Turner
''Presenting this topic for discussion does not make me an expert in any shape or form regarding coaching, I must say before I carry on. This comes from watching a talented Athletic Bilbao side play West Ham Unitedís Development Squad in the newly created Premier League international cup competition and just talking about the topic...''

A way of life
Saturday, 20th September 2014
by Paul Turner
''There is currently a thread on the KUMB forums at the moment, asking forum members to post a picture they feel sums up the club the best. It contains the usual self depreciating humour that seemingly you need to possess if you are a fan of the Hammers. ..''

A new rivalry
Tuesday, 19th August 2014
by Paul Turner
''There can be discord and ill feeling between sets of fans. Perceived slights and insults can fester and over the course of time become bigger and more disproportionate then the original incident or initial intent. ..''

The peril of signing World Cup stars
Saturday, 28th June 2014
by Paul Turner
''When a major international tournament is receiving wall-to-wall television, internet and print press coverage, the eyes of football fans descend upon players you may have heard of, signed on football manager, or just plain donít know. ..''

Support the supporters
Friday, 25th April 2014
by Paul Turner
''According to the Collins English Dictionary, a supporter is:..''

Looking ahead
Sunday, 6th April 2014
by Paul Turner
''The win against Sunderland has everyone in the media and on the KUMB forums talking about WHUFC being safe for another season due to being on 37 points. ..''

Mud sticks
Wednesday, 28th November 2012
by Paul Turner
''I have supported West Ham United all my life and can safely say I owe that fact to my Granddad, Toby. Born to a Jewish father and Irish mother in Whitechapel in 1916, he grew up in the east end for many years in what can broadly be described as not the best living conditions. ..''

The Allardyce way
Tuesday, 7th June 2011
by Paul Turner
''I have to admit to sending an email to West Ham United before we made Avram Grant our 13th full time manager. That email was about Sam Allardyce...''

Bring the noise
Saturday, 12th February 2011
by Paul Turner
''The decision has been made and West Ham United has been given the nod as the preferred bidder for the Olympic Stadium by the OPLC...''

And now, the end is near
Tuesday, 19th May 2009
by Paul Turner
''The song My Way starts with the line ďand now, the end is nearĒ and with one game left this season fans of all football clubs have a good chance to take a step back and assess how their team's campaign has gone and what could have been for those who fell at the last hurdle, or never even got to the hurdle in the first place...''

Monday, 16th March 2009
by Paul Turner
''On Newsnow this morning, sandwiched inbetween numerous news sources reporting on the Sheffield United and West Ham United settlement over Carlos Tevez was the following headline: "Zola sets his sights on the future as West Ham launch their mission to Europe (Daily Mail)."..''

A settled striker is a happy striker
Tuesday, 24th February 2009
by Paul Turner
''Carlton Cole can now be described by the press as ďEngland Striker Carlton ColeĒ. His good form of late December to January earned Cole his chance and England manager Fabio Capello decided to try him out against Spain. After all the back slapping and congratulations over Coleís call up has ended we can now take a closer look at our number 12 and evaluate properly...''

The transfer window post mortem
Tuesday, 3rd February 2009
by Paul Turner
''If there is anything to be learnt from the summer transfer window is that we should all give West Ham 24 hours after the window closes to announce any done deals. That time it was the deals for David Di Michele and Illunga that were announced late, the excuse being put down to waiting for clearance from the pro per authorities. ..''

Where do we go from here?
Tuesday, 30th December 2008
by Paul Turner
''Supporting West Ham at times is like being on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. When under attack everyone goes one way and the captain goes the other way as you get thrown. You feel under siege and that danger lurks around most corners. ..''

If ...
Sunday, 23rd November 2008
by Paul Turner
''If its and buts were candy and nuts then this article would be a sugar coated almond. What I type below is under two assumptions:..''

Time to trim?
Thursday, 6th November 2008
by Paul Turner
''Samson lost his strength when his hair was cut. Has our owner and chairman, Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson lost his financial strength with Samson Holdings filing for bankruptcy?..''

Wishful thinking
Wednesday, 8th October 2008
by Paul Turner
''The course of true love never did run smooth and the same can be said for West Hamís recent history. If itís not a claim for £30 million without admitting your part in your own failure itís a shirt sponsor going belly up. Today the news is Landisbank, Icelandís second biggest bank has been privatised. Why should that matter? Well our chairman owns a group that controlled 41% of the bank and was its chairman until being kicked off the board. ..''

The dawning of a new era
Tuesday, 9th September 2008
by Paul Turner
''I had just finished my third article. I checked it over a couple of times and sent it off to the powers that be so they could check what I had typed and put it online if they deemed fit. Then Curbishley walked two and a half hours later. In that article that never saw the light of day I ended with the following:..''

In Curbs we trust?
Wednesday, 3rd September 2008
by Paul Turner
''The KUMB.com forums were like Mutiny on the Bounty for a while with all the talk of protests and 'sack the board' (can the board sack themselves with no one to replace them or is there an even higher up board that sacks them? I never quite understood that chant). ..''

Dark forces at work
Sunday, 24th August 2008
by Paul Turner
''I'd like to begin by thanking everyone that commented on my first article. One or two would have been great but thank you for the volume! Some points raised were very interesting and without turning the comments sections into a conversation between myself and others if you drop me a PM on the forum (my user name is Sanchoz) we can discuss further there...''

Talk to me, Bjorgolfur
Monday, 18th August 2008
by Paul Turner
''Reading the article by Dutchman earlier on it got me thinking about the days of when Kia Joorabchian was found out as not having the readies to buy the club and the Icelandic consortium was ready to pounce after being granted permission to look at the books. ..''

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