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Articles by Paul Walker

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Hammers lost their bottle - but it's been a fantastic season
Tuesday, 17th May 2016
by Paul Walker
''Wow. We've been beaten twice, hailed as legends, fans branded as thugs and blown our chances of automatic European qualification…and it’s down to Manchester United to save us. All I can say is, don’t hold your breath folks...''

Robbed..and it hurts like hell
Wednesday, 20th April 2016
by Paul Walker
''We are being robbed, aren't we? Robbed of the best season of our lives. Systematically mugged off at every turn...''

Whoops! So happy to be wrong
Tuesday, 5th April 2016
by Paul Walker
''Well you could have knocked me down with a feather. ..''

Is this hypocrisy?
Monday, 4th April 2016
by Paul Walker
''Now I thought long and hard about this piece, because I know it goes right against the grain of the general West Ham opinion over the Cheikhou Kouyate situation...''

Just a perfect day... with Grant Holt nowhere to be seen
Tuesday, 29th March 2016
by Paul Walker
''It was just that, wasn't it? A perfect day for Mark Noble shared with the West Ham family, an emotional occasion that will live long in the memory...''

Why always us? Or am I just paranoid
Monday, 21st March 2016
by Paul Walker
''Consider, if you dare, what would happen if the disgraceful refereeing decisions that have overwhelmed West Ham these past two matches had happened to Manchester United...''

The best is yet to come, but let’s forget Premier League records
Wednesday, 9th March 2016
by Paul Walker
''It’s started already hasn't it? We are happily being told that Slaven’s outstanding team with their string of brilliant results are on the brink of the best season in our history...''

Seeing is believing
Monday, 7th March 2016
by Paul Walker
''I suppose I wanted to see it with my own eyes, the phenomenon that is Slaven Bilic, the manager who is turning West Ham into a Champions League club...''

Farewell to the Boleyn is for us, not Manchester United
Monday, 7th March 2016
by Paul Walker
''Right, isn’t it about time our club made a decision about our farewell to the Boleyn celebrations, and stuck to it come what may?..''

Thanks Jack and good luck…once a Hammer, always a Hammer
Saturday, 13th February 2016
by Paul Walker
''Jack Collison’s retirement announcement was not a shock, but it is extremely sad all the same. And West Ham should be eternally grateful to the 27 year-old...''

We think you understand now!
Tuesday, 26th January 2016
by Paul Walker
''It’s all happened in a bit of a rush, hasn’t it? You have to wonder whether the Davids and Karren write their own scripts these days!..''

Hard-to-beat flair team - the new West Ham way
Wednesday, 6th January 2016
by Paul Walker
''Damned with faint praise, but we eventually got there, even if it took a little time. Finally there has been some serious, considered views on our season in the wake of the momentous victory over an admittedly spineless Liverpool...''

Not just a lucky man
Thursday, 31st December 2015
by Paul Walker
''The remarkable recovery against Southampton may well have been the watershed moment, when Slaven Bilic felt that he had proved he could hack it in the Premier League...''

Vive la difference
Tuesday, 15th December 2015
by Paul Walker
''So exactly what is the difference now as West Ham struggle through their worst injury crisis since…well, last season…but do it with a smile on our faces?..''

Come on folks, do keep up!
Thursday, 12th November 2015
by Paul Walker
''James McCarthy should have been sent off. There you go, I've said it again. ..''

'Dirty' Everton - and the referee from Wigan
Tuesday, 10th November 2015
by Paul Walker
''The shocking tackle that has sidelined Dimitri Payet for three months is bad enough for any hint of a sympathetic hearing for Everton to be strangled at birth...''

More than OK so far, Slav - but now for the great unwashed
Thursday, 8th October 2015
by Paul Walker
''Yep, love this season so far. A bright, new young manager who 'gets' West Ham. Away wins to die for and a team who always look like they can get out of the mire however many daft mistakes cost us crucial goals...''

Moving on up
Wednesday, 2nd September 2015
by Paul Walker
''Before our very eyes in the amazing last hours of the transfer window, we watched ourselves moving to a different level...''

The best away win EVER…
Monday, 31st August 2015
by Paul Walker
''Right, I believe it. We have won at Anfield, frankly I never thought I would ever see the day. For those of us of a certain vintage and for yours truly who spent 20 years of his working life in Liverpool, it is something just a touch special...''

Are you watching, Allardyce?
Monday, 10th August 2015
by Paul Walker
''Sometimes you just have to take a step back, forget all the bickering about transfers, money, new stadiums and attention-seeking owners, and just soak up the very special feeling than comes from an amazing victory nobody thought possible...''

It’s a council house….don’t blame us for the Olympic financial cock-up
Monday, 22nd June 2015
by Paul Walker
''I don’t know about you lot out there, but I am getting sick to death of West Ham United being slaughtered every time someone mentions the conversion of the Olympic Stadium and the cost to the nation‘s taxpayers...''

Crazy Sundays and our brave new world
Friday, 19th June 2015
by Paul Walker
''I’ve been away. You can tell, can’t you? ..''

Thanks for the memories, which only my generation can remember
Friday, 1st May 2015
by Paul Walker
''Let's all take a break from the blood-letting and feuding over the future of Sam Allardyce just for a while and make sure we pay a fitting tribute to legends from our past who actually won things...''

Brady still calling the tune
Friday, 24th April 2015
by Paul Walker
''At last, someone from our beloved leadership has said something, anything, to ease some of the troubled waters...''

Frozen in time
Sunday, 12th April 2015
by Paul Walker
''West Ham are suffering from football inertia of the very worst kind… frozen in time just waiting, begging almost, for something to happen...''

When we were kings of Europe: a distant memory not forgotten
Friday, 20th March 2015
by Paul Walker
''It would have been very nice to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our greatest-ever achievement with a return to Europe...''

There are no winners here
Monday, 2nd March 2015
by Paul Walker
''Shuffling away from the Boleyn on Saturday and heading for a mid-afternoon livener--the best thing about lunchtime kick-offs because the results and performance always seem to be rubbish--surely everyone was left with the feeling that the current situation at the club is doing no one any good...''

Do you know the way to shame Jose?
Thursday, 26th February 2015
by Paul Walker
''That master manipulator Jose Mourinho is at our place next week, hope everyone gives him a rousing welcome!..''

The long goodbye
Friday, 20th February 2015
by Paul Walker
''If this is the beginning of the long goodbye, then we know it has already been painful, abusive, lacking in class and dignity and with a touch of mob rule. ..''

Was anyone reading the rules?
Friday, 6th February 2015
by Paul Walker
''So, here we are again, with our name tarnished by another brush with officialdom, this time world governing body, FIFA...''

Peace and goodwill? You must be joking!
Tuesday, 30th December 2014
by Paul Walker
''So we were expecting it to be all peace and light at Boleyn Towers amongst our bickering hierarchy, season of goodwill and all that. Yea, right, and pigs might fly...''

Reasons to be cheerful
Thursday, 11th December 2014
by Paul Walker
''Pretty good, that feeling when we were third in the Premier League. It may have lasted only for about 30 hours, but it was special all the same...''

Reasons to believe
Thursday, 4th December 2014
by Paul Walker
''I don’t know about you lot out there in the West Ham nation, but I am not really sure how to handle this current situation as an Irons fan...''

The truth - according to Big Sam
Monday, 1st December 2014
by Paul Walker
''It could not have been clearer, could it? When Gary Lineker confronted Big Sam with that question about style and money on Match of the Day...''

Not stuck on the Toffees
Saturday, 29th November 2014
by Paul Walker
''Whatever happens with the FA and their charge that followed the scenes at Everton last weekend, you sense that this is going to be something that rumbles on and on...''

Remember, remember Dean Ashton
Friday, 21st November 2014
by Paul Walker
''It has been a week to remember when internationals made my heart race, when England meant something to me and when the memory of Bobby Moore in his glorious pomp dominated the land. The James Bond of football, stirred but never shaken...''

Fact - or fiction?
Monday, 17th November 2014
by Paul Walker
''It’s all been going too well, hasn’t it? Our best start to a season in years, but problems are never far away. So what are we to do with our troubled players, the ones that may be sold, want to be sold, could leave or just cannot get into the side?..''

Barcelona, we’re coming for you: a learning curve to make you proud
Monday, 3rd November 2014
by Paul Walker
''They say you learn something ever day in life…well, we certainly do every weekend if you follow West Ham around the country...''

Red nose stuck in our business again
Sunday, 26th October 2014
by Paul Walker
''Blimey, I thought we had all heard the last from the red-nosed old scrote, but sadly Alex Ferguson continues to haunt us from the grave of his managerial career...''

United we stand, divided we fall
Monday, 20th October 2014
by Paul Walker
''Nothing disappointed me more of late than seeing how disunited our great club had become. We seem to have been at war with ourselves over everything from Big Sam to the Olympic Stadium move...''

Caught up in the friendly fire
Friday, 3rd October 2014
by Paul Walker
''Pet hate time…the amount of abuse our fans dish out to former West Ham players and managers...''

Call off the dogs
Monday, 22nd September 2014
by Paul Walker
''There are defining moments in every manager's career, and Saturday’s stunning victory over a Liverpool club that has become too cocky for their own good will go down as one such moment for Sam Allardyce...''

Home of the brave...
Wednesday, 17th September 2014
by Paul Walker
''Well, if this is the brave new world we have been craving, bring it on, even if I wonder whether my blood pressure can stand the strain. ..''

Everton haven’t won a pre-season game, we have
Tuesday, 12th August 2014
by Paul Walker
''New players, check. Youth being given a chance, check. More attacking approach and new systems, check. Big Sam smiles at us more…well, you can’t have everything can you?..''

Play nicely, everyone...
Friday, 1st August 2014
by Paul Walker
''Good grief, I’ve only been away for a few weeks, have I missed much down at the Boleyn? Too right I have. Some of it you just couldn’t make up!..''

Badge of convenience
Wednesday, 18th June 2014
by Paul Walker
''It’s getting serious now. We are going to get a new badge, somehow, some way, because that is clearly what our owners and board want...''

Tales of the expected
Saturday, 10th May 2014
by Paul Walker
''Nobody by now can have any doubt that the stories about Sam Allardyce’s likely exit from the club any time soon are as kosher as you can get in this crazy football industry...''

Days of Cups and glory
Friday, 2nd May 2014
by Paul Walker
''The boys of ‘64 were my team. Ever football fan has one, the players that first made them fall in love with their club, the team they idolised and whose pictures covered their bedroom wall...''

The real West Ham way - if you can remember
Tuesday, 22nd April 2014
by Paul Walker
''It’s becoming something of a cliché now - the West Ham way - as if it doesn’t, or didn‘t exist. As if it is some dream from our past...''

The boys of '64: true legends, they won things!
Friday, 18th April 2014
by Paul Walker
''West Ham’s history-making 1964 FA Cup winners will be honoured at the Boleyn on Saturday to mark the pending 50th anniversary of our club’s first major trophy triumph...''

Calm down, calm down Stevie G
Wednesday, 9th April 2014
by Paul Walker
''It felt like old times at the Boleyn on Sunday, I left the ground feeling proud of my team even though we had played well and still lost to one of the big boys...''

The forgotten legacy?
Wednesday, 2nd April 2014
by Paul Walker
''The fear is growing that West Ham are going to allow one of the most significant dates in our history to drift awy with barely a passing glance...''

The gulf that will never go away
Thursday, 27th March 2014
by Paul Walker
''Well, here we are again, right back at the beginning with the same unbridgeable divide with our manager seemingly as wide, if not wider, than ever...''

From negative to speechless - well, almost!
Monday, 24th March 2014
by Paul Walker
''Depressing, hideous, an abuse of our loyalty and support..and those are only the printable views on Saturday’s quit shocking display against Manchester United...''

Sleepwalking to disaster
Wednesday, 19th March 2014
by Paul Walker
''Is it just me who fears we are sleepwalking towards a disaster that will make a mockery of all the self-congratulation that we have had to endure after managing one decent month of results in a dreadfully disappointing season?..''

Ravel: rebel or just an innocent victim?
Monday, 17th February 2014
by Paul Walker
''Am I surprised that Ravel Morrison’s time at the Boleyn is going to end with him departing under a cloud? Not one bit. Am I gutted it is ending amid so much acrimony? You bet...''

Reality Finally Kicks In
Tuesday, 11th February 2014
by Paul Walker
''It all came as a bit of a shock in the end, something you always knew was going to happen but up until now it had been a rather remote, distant dream...''

Flores, we are all 'tired' of you and your disgusting cheating
Thursday, 6th February 2014
by Paul Walker
''So Cheating Chico Flores is “tired” of the abuse he has suffered from West Ham fans. Bless.....''

Carroll caught in the FA’s Webb
Wednesday, 5th February 2014
by Paul Walker
''You sensed it was only going to end one way, however much we all hoped and prayed that Andy Carroll was going to have his red card overturned...''

Us cheats, Jose, well you should know
Friday, 31st January 2014
by Paul Walker
''There cannot be many bigger hypocrites around in football than the ego-maniac manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho...''

Ravel to a rival? No chance
Friday, 17th January 2014
by Paul Walker
''How we handle the Ravel Morrison situation could define our season… and he most certainly should not be sold to any of our rivals in the relegation dogfight...''

There’s only one Mark Noble
Monday, 13th January 2014
by Paul Walker
''We haven’t had too many days to remember this season - apart from every time we play Spurs - so Saturday’s outstanding performance at Cardiff will live long in the memory...''

Strong leadership needed
Thursday, 2nd January 2014
by Paul Walker
''As the shocking aftermath of the shambles at Craven Cottage slowly sinks in, the need for strong, positive leadership was never needed more...''

Sam gives Sullivan reasons to believe
Thursday, 19th December 2013
by Paul Walker
''David Sullivan got the sort of result and performance he no doubt feels justify his claims that if West Ham were looking for a new manager, Sam Allardyce would be the sort of person they would want in a mounting relegation crisis...''

Brave or pig headed?
Tuesday, 17th December 2013
by Paul Walker
''Big Sam Allardyce finished another woeful Saturday knowing he was the last man standing in the sack race at the bottom of the Premier League...''

The smell of relegation
Wednesday, 4th December 2013
by Paul Walker
''That nasty stench of inevitability is enveloping our club. If we keep going the way we are we will be relegated and there will be a new manager in place before the start of next season, one way or another...''

Are you Tottenham in disguise?
Thursday, 21st November 2013
by Paul Walker
''Good Lord, not again. It’s about time we had some protection from our nobility, especially when they think they know something about football...''

What a difference a month makes
Wednesday, 20th November 2013
by Paul Walker
''Big Sam always knew it would come to this. One month ago he was being hailed a tactical genius, now the knives are out...''

Come home Defoe, (almost) all is forgiven
Wednesday, 6th November 2013
by Paul Walker
''Big Sam should be preparing for the worst and formulating plans for the rest of the season that assumes Andy Carroll will not be involved...''

Just like watching Barca and Bayern (well almost)…now play it again, Sam!
Tuesday, 8th October 2013
by Paul Walker
''Well Big Sam always said he was good enough to manage Barcelona, and now we have all got a first-hand look at just what the tough old grouch was on about!..''

Unravelling a prodigy
Friday, 27th September 2013
by Paul Walker
''Nothing would delight me more this season, apart that from us staying in the Premier League, than to see Ravel Morrison crack it at the very top level...''

At least we are not Sunderland
Monday, 23rd September 2013
by Paul Walker
''Five games into the Premier League campaign and we are struggling. No it’s not a crisis yet, and the time now is for calm, patience and strong nerve...''

Fair play? You must be joking, Michel!
Thursday, 5th September 2013
by Paul Walker
''Now the dust has settled on the transfer window, we can start looking for who to blame for the shambles of the final day of deals as far as West Ham are concerned...''

RIP Phil Woosnam: a unique player and teacher
Monday, 22nd July 2013
by Paul Walker
''Phil Woosnam passed away in the States this weekend at 80, a man who became a huge name in football after he left West Ham…but to those of a certain claret and blue vintage, he was a legend who had a massive impact on the transformation of our club in the 1960s...''

All calm on the West Ham front... for a change
Friday, 31st May 2013
by Paul Walker
''I don’t know about you lot, but I’ve had a brilliant couple of weeks, no tension, no high blood pressure, no sleepless nights. Not even a mild nervous breakdown...''

Stand up Sit down at the Olympic stadium
Sunday, 19th May 2013
by Paul Walker
''So the Olympic Stadium survey has been completed and shows vast support for West Ham’s move to Stratford. Surprised by the finding? No, neither was I...''

When the chips are down...
Wednesday, 24th April 2013
by Paul Walker
''Well, we are almost there. And no, I refuse to accept that we are totally safe from the drop until the mathematics really do add up...''

Are we just the new ‘bitters’?
Tuesday, 19th March 2013
by Paul Walker
''Recent events have left me wondering whether we have produced a generation of 30-something fans so deprived of success over the last three decades, that they have become bitter and twisted about everything and everybody...''

And we managed to upset Tony Pulis...
Monday, 4th March 2013
by Paul Walker
''Now that wasn’t too bad was it? A trip to the dreaded Britannia stadium and all it’s charms…and the best bit was upsetting one-eyed Tony Pulis...''

Fixtures shambles is driving me mad
Tuesday, 26th February 2013
by Paul Walker
''I don’t know about you, but I am getting pig sick with the continued chopping and changing to our fixture list...''

Viva Bobby Moore: Paul Walker
Sunday, 24th February 2013
by Paul Walker
''KUMB columnist Paul Walker was lucky enough to meet his hero, Bobby Moore, on three occasions.....''

Shooting ourselves in the foot
Monday, 18th February 2013
by Paul Walker
''So we have a pending relegation crisis, a managerial crisis and the return of the dark cloud that is the Sheffield United crisis. Forgive me, but haven’t we been this way before?..''

Shooting the messenger
Tuesday, 22nd January 2013
by Paul Walker
''So Big Sam has been ‘done’ by the FA for misconduct, isn’t that a surprise? And once again they have shot the messenger rather than tried to tackle the real problem...''

Away the lads... at a price
Wednesday, 9th January 2013
by Paul Walker
''Before I start this condemnation of Manchester United’s pricing policy for away fans... it is only fair to mention that it cost Manchester City fans £49 to watch their side draw 0-0 at the Boleyn in November...''

Welcome home, Joe, you have been missed
Friday, 4th January 2013
by Paul Walker
''Forgive me for being all misty-eyed for a moment, but one of the lost generation is coming home, and he couldn’t be more welcome in my eyes...''

2013 - We have a problem
Tuesday, 1st January 2013
by Paul Walker
''Way back in 1970, the Apollo 13 commander, James Lovell spawned the famous “Houston, we have a problem” when his spacecraft was hit by an explosion. Everybody got back to the States OK, but it was touch and go for a while...''

Wonders will never cease: Carlton is indestructable
Thursday, 27th December 2012
by Paul Walker
''Ok Carlton Cole, now is the time to go out and give Reading hell to justify all the fuss about your unjust red card against Everton last weekend...''

Consistency ruined
Thursday, 27th December 2012
by Paul Walker
''Anthony Taylor did his best to ruin my Christmas… Carlton Cole’s too… and the FA compounded the problem with their long-winded reaction to big Sam’s appeal against that shocking red card that probably cost us victory against Everton last weekend...''

Stamford Bridge to Upton Park…stick your blue flag!
Monday, 3rd December 2012
by Paul Walker
''The dust may have settled, all the talk is about Chelsea’s madhouse, but I implore you all to remember the day we stuffed the most arrogant of European champions out of sight. Remember, remember the first of December...''

Gives us a smile, Sam
Tuesday, 13th November 2012
by Paul Walker
''Well, it‘s fair to say I hadn‘t really seen this coming. And I bet that goes for a large amount of Irons fans...''

Dangers of perception
Monday, 29th October 2012
by Paul Walker
''"Perception" is one of Sam Allardyce’s favourite words. He reckons he has suffered from an unfair perception about his style of play, and he's probably right.....''

Work in process
Monday, 8th October 2012
by Paul Walker
''So now we know, at last we have an idea of just where we are and what level of improvement we are making under Sam Allardyce...''

Times they are a’changing
Friday, 14th September 2012
by Paul Walker
''The Olympics are gone, consigned to a vivid memory of a triumph, a London one and in particular an east London triumph, as we all knew they would be...''

Sympathy? You must be joking
Wednesday, 30th May 2012
by Paul Walker
''I must admit, I never thought there would come the day when I felt sorry for Sheffield United or Tottenham...''

Re-birth of the claret and blue... now get it right this time
Wednesday, 23rd May 2012
by Paul Walker
''It’s taken me a few days to get my fuzzy head around it all, I am sure you all understand(!) but the sheer joy, relief and elation of Wembley and promotion deserved to be savoured before thinking about next season’s relegation battle...''

Memories are made of this
Friday, 11th May 2012
by Paul Walker
''So it’s Blackpool we will face at Wembley in the Play-Off Final, and I suppose most of our fans will be happier with that than another collision with Birmingham, a side we have beaten only once in six meetings over the past two seasons...''

Crushed hope
Thursday, 19th April 2012
by Paul Walker
''They say it’s always the hope that gets you in the end, and that was exactly what happened at Ashton Gate this week when we blew yet another chance to hang onto a faint opportunity of automatic promotion...''

Right state of mind
Thursday, 12th April 2012
by Paul Walker
''OK, so it’s not absolutely certain yet, but it looks like we are going down the dreaded play-off route if we want to get back into the top flight...''

Surprise, surprise, here comes Two Phones!
Monday, 9th April 2012
by Paul Walker
''What surprises me as our seasons heads to it’s conclusion is that I am surprised that Sam Allardyce seems so surprised by his treatment by fans and the media...''

Just who are you insulting?
Thursday, 22nd March 2012
by Paul Walker
''So Tony Mowbray thinks we believe we are “insulted” by having to play in the Championship. I’ve got news for him, we only feel insulted by the people who have got us here in the first place...''

My faith restored
Tuesday, 20th March 2012
by Paul Walker
''Sometimes watching at the Boleyn this season, I have been left wondering whether we are all in this together, and fully understand the financial implications of failure to win promotion...''

So what do you really want?
Monday, 19th March 2012
by Paul Walker
''Ok, so let’s get things straight once and for all as we face the final ten games of this relentlessly demanding season...''

Boo sucks!
Monday, 27th February 2012
by Paul Walker
''Amazing, isn’t it, how things come back to bite you on the bum when you are least expecting it...''

Miracles do happen... In triplicate
Thursday, 23rd February 2012
by Paul Walker
''Never have I been a pint half full sort, it comes from following West Ham all my life. So I’m always the one urging folk not to get carried away...''

Questions, questions, questions
Friday, 17th February 2012
by Paul Walker
''The more this protracted, tiresome Olympic stadium debate continues, the more worrying questions it throws up...''

Ernie Gregory remembered
Sunday, 22nd January 2012
by Paul Walker
''They really don’t make them like Ernie Gregory any more. Gone are the days when a man stays with his first club for over 50 years...''

So we can stay at the Boleyn
Monday, 16th January 2012
by Paul Walker
''So now we know. If our owners do not go for the Olympic Stadium option, we won’t leave the Boleyn and will aim to redevelop our 108-year-old home...''

Let's just forget pointless awards
Wednesday, 21st December 2011
by Paul Walker
''Surely it’s about time that we abandoned the announcement of the Man of the Match award while the game is still in progress, and even consider dumping such futile nonsense all-together...''

Away day delight
Sunday, 20th November 2011
by Paul Walker
''Take a bow, West Ham’s travelling army, you were brilliant at Coventry on what was a great day out… all apart from that first 45 minutes, that is!..''

Some slack and less stick please
Tuesday, 8th November 2011
by Paul Walker
''I never thought it would come to this, but I find myself saying that we really really do need to cut Big Sam some slack and get off the backs of our team...''

Come on Lee, give it a rest!
Wednesday, 28th September 2011
by Paul Walker
''I suppose we always knew it would be Lee Bowyer who was going to score again…for a West Ham fan he has an unhealthy desire to make us look stupid...''

Our club has changed
Friday, 9th September 2011
by Paul Walker
''Sam Allardyce has been in control - and I mean real control - of our club for little over four months, and West Ham has changed dramatically and probably for ever...''

We're 'big fat Sam’s claret and blue army' - and we might win away games
Thursday, 2nd June 2011
by Paul Walker
''After two terrible seasons of incompetence on the pitch and misery for the fans, times just have to be a’ changing...''

The end - or a new beginning?
Tuesday, 24th May 2011
by Paul Walker
''The end of the world was supposed to be at the weekend. For West Ham fans it came a week earlier as Premier League football disappeared as quickly as Millwall’s daft plane stunt...''

Front up - and shut up
Tuesday, 3rd May 2011
by Paul Walker
''David Sullivan really should start doing his job. He should lead from the front at away games, front up when the going gets tough and learn to shut up...''

Well done Scott, you deserve it
Saturday, 23rd April 2011
by Paul Walker
''Anybody who has witnessed Scott Parker carrying West Ham this season, and the way he has forced himself back into the England side, knows the Footballer of the Year award is fully merited...''

Not getting any easier, is it?
Sunday, 17th April 2011
by Paul Walker
''So it’s come to this. Five games left, two that Avram Grant does not believe we can win and three more that the rest of us doubt we can win...''

Scott Parker: our sympathies
Wednesday, 23rd March 2011
by Paul Walker
''I heard someone say after the Spurs game that Scott Parker looked like he was crying at the end of the match... now we know why...''

Sour grapes, of course, and without a drink to numb the pain
Monday, 14th March 2011
by Paul Walker
''You know what’s coming, you are going to be mugged, but you know there’s nothing you can do to stop it...''

The performance we have been waiting for
Monday, 28th February 2011
by Paul Walker
''At last, West Ham produced the kind of display that could change a few minds about what division we will be playing in next season...''

The hope gets you...
Thursday, 10th February 2011
by Paul Walker
''They say that it’s the hope that kills you in the end, and supporting West Ham is beginning to feel like that...''

The wrong end of things (again)
Monday, 24th January 2011
by Paul Walker
''Ok, this is going to be a partisan, angry, twisted, bitter, frustrated rant - pretty much par for the course and sure to hit a raw nerve amongst Irons fans. But is it just me who feels we are getting the rough end of things from all levels of football authority since the Tevez saga?..''

Yet more of a circus
Tuesday, 18th January 2011
by Paul Walker
''You couldn’t make it up…sadly though at West Ham you don’t have to, because every day seems to bring more shambolic nonsense...''

Always a circus…
Saturday, 15th January 2011
by Paul Walker
''Is it just me who hates transfer windows? The uncertainty, the constant flicking onto Sky Sports News, the expectation and the constant disappointment...''

Thankful for small mercies
Sunday, 19th December 2010
by Paul Walker
''Those 2,000 hardy souls who did get to Blackburn at least saw spirit, effort and a point from a game few expected to survive the shocking weather...''

Grant... what improvement?
Tuesday, 14th December 2010
by Paul Walker
''Surely anyone who witnessed the predictable defeat by Manchester City now knows that nothing will improve the situation under the current management...''

Grant: a stay of execution?
Thursday, 2nd December 2010
by Paul Walker
''Two wins in four days and how the mood has changed, particularily with that stunning victory over Manchester United...''

Hillsborough and other stories
Wednesday, 24th November 2010
by Paul Walker
''KUMB welcomes Paul Walker to the team as he looks ahead to next week's Carling Cup quarter final clash with Manchester United.....''

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