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Articles by Rio Barlow

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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92 times the pain
Tuesday, 5th March 2019
by Rio Barlow
''The 92: Why I hate every club in the country, including my own.....''

Engineering works in progress
Tuesday, 27th November 2018
by Rio Barlow
''For longer than I care to recall, engineering works have been the bane of every West Ham fan's life. From the Boleyn to the murky world class transport links in E20, a diet of delays, diversions and rail replacement buses have caused strain on everybody determined to get to watch our beloved team...''

Friday, 1st September 2017
by Rio Barlow
''16 months ago I walked away from the Boleyn Ground, full of sadness that I was leaving my second - nah, sod that - my true home...''

The needle and the damage done
Tuesday, 21st March 2017
by Rio Barlow
''This hasn't been an easy season. ..''

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