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Articles by Terry Land

Blogs, random musings and general thoughts submitted by our readers since 1997.

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Oh for Fisk's sake....
Monday, 26th December 2016
by Terry Land
''Apart from "Rock star dies", one of the most defining phrases of 2016 must surely be "Populist movement".

The Stadium of Fright
Sunday, 11th September 2016
by Terry Land
''Last November, a couple of days before my appointment at Westfield to arrange seats and purchase tickets for a group of six of to the “new” stadium, I received a phone call from our advisor with the idea of prepping us before our appointment. ..''

Window of opportunity
Sunday, 4th September 2016
by Terry Land
''At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, 31 August many West Ham fans might have breathed a sigh of relief with the close of the transfer window. Despite nagging rumours to the contrary Dimitri Payet stayed at the club, 10 new first-teamers had signed and only a couple of players departed. However, doubts remain – following successful summer business the previous two seasons this window felt less than spectacular with questions being raised regarding the overall strength of the squad...''

How the Premier League works – and why Man Utd’s flappy keeper could be bad news for West Ham
Wednesday, 24th April 2013
by Terry Land
''Manchester United are one of the top clubs in the world. They’ve won 19 league titles, 11 FA Cups, lifted the European Cup three times and are currently running away with this season’s Premier League title...''

Always believe in...
Monday, 7th January 2013
by Terry Land
''A year to the day before World Trade Centre bombings on September 11th, 2001 and most of Britain was queuing at petrol stations as fuel duty protests from a few north Wales farmers spread across the nation...''

Race to the bottom
Wednesday, 28th November 2012
by Terry Land
''A couple of seasons ago an altercation broke out a few rows in front of my seat in the Bobby Moore Lower Stand at West Ham. The cheapest section of the ground, it is largely populated by shaven-headed, overweight, middle-aged men not dissimilar to myself, but on this occasion a mother had forsaken the Family Enclosure at the other end of the ground, turned up with a young son and was railing against the language around her...''

Little boys, hard drugs and Sam Baldock
Thursday, 23rd August 2012
by Terry Land
''The received wisdom is many cocaine users spend their subsequent time (and money) attempting to recreate their first hit. That may or may not be true but I’m convinced nothing will ever match the excitement of my drug of choice – watching West Ham...''

It could be murder at the Vicarage
Monday, 9th July 2012
by Terry Land
''Watford fans are celebrating the appointment of Gianfranco Zola as manager and Gianluca Nani technical director following the sacking of previous boss Sean Dyche by new club owners the Pozzo family. ..''

Tell me mum me mum, don’t make me tea me tea, I’m going to Wemberley...
Sunday, 13th May 2012
by Terry Land
''To much excitement my ticket came through the post this morning and for the first time in 31 years I’m off to Wembley with West Ham. ..''

Don’t bring Harry... Redknapp
Tuesday, 1st May 2012
by Terry Land
''I was standing in the away end at the Valley, Charlton, and it was simply hosing it down as West Ham attempted to hold onto a 2-1 lead with a bit over a quarter-of-an-hour on the clock. ..''

We welcome passion, for the mind is briefly let off duty
Friday, 20th April 2012
by Terry Land
''Although well into middle-age I still receive a little childish thrill every time I receive an email...''

West Ham United: loud, proud and … wrong
Monday, 9th April 2012
by Terry Land
''An ex-colleague for whom I have the highest regard is a strongly active member of the Labour Party and I read her Tweets with great interest. Not so much for details of her personal life – as amusing as they often are – but for the clinical precision with which she will dissect the latest idiocy coming from either Parliamentary or grassroots members. ..''

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