What Restaurant have you been in today ? Rate it out of 10

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Re: What Restaurant have you been in today ? Rate it out of 10

Postby BalaamBoy on Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:43 am

Francoisvander or else wrote:Gourmet Turk in Bishops Stortford Saturday night. Food was a bit pricey but the wine list was fair value which made up for it. Had Baba ganoush to start followed by a mixed shish. Only 3 cubes of chicken and 3 cubes of lamb (one of which was more fat than meat). Mrs FVE had Liver to start which she raved about follwed by Adana Kofte which she thought was okay.

Food 7/10
Drinks 8/10
Decor 8/10
Singer 11/10 nice tight dress with a cracking pair of Bristol City's :)

Wow!! That's the old Boar's Head - used to be one of the only pubs that served us U18's in the day, probably because it was next door to the Old Bill and they had special 'afters' sessions there.

I checked the restaurant's website. I like the fact that they serve deserts, and not desserts; much lower in calories!
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Re: What Restaurant have you been in today ? Rate it out of 10

Postby prophet:marginal on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:23 pm

It was our wedding anniversary last night, so treated us both to a meal at a new Italian place called Sorella in Clapham (locals of a certain vintage will remember the restaurant that used to be on the same plot, named El Rincon Latino).

The decor was apparently that trendy concept of 'unfinished', so they'd pulled off/down what had been on the walls and left exposed brick and plaster. Not to my taste, tbh, but, in fairness, they're probably hoping for a younger crowd anyway. The rest of the people in there, on a Weds night, were your common and garden shiny Clapham/Wandsworth crowd; merrily quaffing wine and cocktails.

The early nibbles were fairly normal, and the menu was divided into antipasti, primo, secondi, some other aspect of the menu which the septics would probably call 'sides', and dolci.

Only the missus was having a drink, and she limited it to a homemade vodka and tonic, which went down a treat.

I can't remember the names of all that we had, but the best dish by far was my secondi, which was half a dozen small-ish cuts of saddleback pork, served with roasted cauliflower and an absolutely perfect ragu sauce (njuda?). Every mouthful was perfect; the meat was puzzlingly pink (given that it was pork), but perfectly cooked and the sauce took the whole dish to another level.

We swerved the dolci, as it happens, but got brought a pair of (free) lemon and seed cakelets, given that there was a coffee ordered to finish the meal. Obviously, the coffee was also perfect (according to La Proph) and, given that she's half-Italian, I let her be the judge of it.

So, for the food itself, a fair 8/10, but have to say that, when you factor in that I only drank water, and we neither had any kind of sweet, a bill edging towards £95 (service pre-added, natch) was a touch toppy.
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