who to see for a bad back

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Re: who to see for a bad back

Postby DasNutNock on Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:20 pm

hammer etc wrote:My advise if you have not had an MRI (not very pleasant if you are claustrophobic) is to get refered. Amongst other things brought on by age and the work I have done I have a pars defect. My spine has slipped forward at the base and if it gets any worse I will have to have a plate fitted. Generally I don't get too much pain as my back goes in to spasm as my muscules tend to stiffen up my back. So you may have a more serious condition than you think. So while other professions can help I think it is best to get all the information first.

Good luck

I had an MRI on my buggered shoulder a couple years back. Even with an anaesthetic, the pain I felt as they injected the dye into my shoulder was so savage I actually passed out. The MRI itself was no biggie, just a boring 30 minutes or so listening to the din the machine makes.
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Re: who to see for a bad back

Postby ironworkersgrandson on Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:38 pm

thanks all, seeing my chiropractor again tonight will maybe ask for another xray havnt had one in yrs, also booked in for the body alignment clinic in Basildon !
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Re: who to see for a bad back

Postby r99c on Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:02 pm

ironworkersgrandson wrote:thanks all, seeing my chiropractor again tonight will maybe ask for another xray havnt had one in yrs, also booked in for the body alignment clinic in Basildon !

Good man - two pro bodybuilders at my gym in Bas advertise their services and all the reviews for it on Facebook are top rated, let me know how it goes
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Re: who to see for a bad back

Postby The Gibbins on Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:28 am

I have suffered from a bulging, herniated disk for some years now. I used to be in excruciating pain and could hardly bend down as far as my knees.

I did a lot of physio which did help loosen me up a bit, tight hamstrings are definitely an issue and i worked on that a lot. So everyday, numerous times a day i would be stretching my hamstrings. I did a lot of yoga, and this has probably been the biggest help for me though admittedly i don't do it as much nowadays. I think my obsession with running was a big factor, being able to move more freely and since becoming a lot more active it has been so much better.

I have bad days still, it will never be perfect. I have been offered an operation previously if i wanted to, but being under 30 i just didn't think it was neccessary if i am able to keep on top of it and manage it day to day instead. I can always come back to that scenario if it gets worse. I have to make sure i don't sleep in too late on weekends, i find the more rest i have the the worse it gets. In the week my back feels better than it does on weekends as i am up early and walking to work.

I also went to the osteopath, and they clicked all areas of my back. This also helped quite a bit, it relieved the tension and made excercise more bearable..

I see in your original post you are already active so its tough really what to suggest. What i mentioned above has helped me but my back is still in no way perfect, everyday i have to be conscious of how i sit, sleep, excercise and stretch etc. Its horrible as its always on your mind and i enjoy playing football, which for me is just a struggle nowadays with sharp turns and complete loss of pace :)

MRI scan is definitely a good way to go just to identify the issue at hand and see where you can go from there. Just make sure you moan a lot to your doctor at how unbearable it is until they refer you.
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