Heart Broken

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Re: Heart Broken

Postby AnthraxDave on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:46 pm

Oh Estuary, mate, I am nearly welling up :( reading that cos I can relate. I was away for a week when my folks had to have our 12 year old Golden Retriever put down in 2001 and I never got the chance to say goodbye. Make sure you spend as much time with him, talking crap if need be, before you leave.

Mr Noble, regarding the adoption of another dog....Go for it if you and your family are ready. We took on our Pickles as a rescue dog aged 10 months back in 2010. It took a while for him to settle in, but he soon became part of the family. I think he loves us even more because we rescued him. I am not sure as to the Siblings side of things, so will leave others to advise.
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Re: Heart Broken

Postby Noble Man on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:58 pm

Estuary wrote:We are going through the last days with our beloved dog as I write.
A beautiful Golden Retriever,10yrs and 7mnths he has been ill for a while with ear problems and during the search for a diagnosis as to why the condition remained persistent a brain tumor was discovered which given it's location and the big guys age is inoperable. He has been having palliative care since the summer and being strong and determined he has lasted way longer than we anticipated. He now only has good periods where the tumor doesn't effect his ability to stand and walk in short bursts, he shows no sign of pain at all, but he never has even when he had a seriously large cancer removed from his leg or when he knocked his own teeth out arsing about in the garden, we think he ran into one of the concrete benches but as he was just out chasing our daughters dog about on their own we don't really know what happened, just that his lower front left side teeth were ****ed, and he was leaking claret like a good 'un.
His life has become very small now, and he has reached the the point where we have to send him on the long walk.
To that end Mrs Estuary has booked the vet to come to our house on Monday as our boy doesn't like the vets, the cancer treatment as a very young dog left a lasting impression, and to her credit she didn't want his last moments to be unhappy ones.

Now here is the thing, I have to leave the country on Sunday for work so will not be there when our boy passes, I will be at work when the moment comes, our family will be with him but I am pretty cut up about this to be honest, and dreading saying our goodbyes, it's natural I know, we outlive our dogs, but jesus it's hard to bare even when I try and content myself that we are acting in his best interests I cannot shake the overwhelming sadness at what we are about to do, and think of all the joy he has brought to our lives, and we his, I still am left with the feeling that life can be very cruel sometimes.

So sorry to hear this - not going to lie its ****ing hard!!
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