Speed awareness course

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Re: Speed awareness course

Postby EugeneSpeed on Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:58 pm

Got caught along the A127 where there was a variable speed bit. Screaming kid in the back, wasn't concentrating, my own fault. Know a few people been caught in the same place.

Did it in Angel. Course started at 5:00 so ducked out of work early and didn't need to take a day off or waste a Saturday. The guy was keen to wrap it up on time so we were done by 8:30. It was possibly the most boring 3.5 hours of my life. Remember looking at my watch and seeing we weren't even an hour in - painful.
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Re: Speed awareness course

Postby mumbles87 on Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:59 pm

I attended one Monday just gone

I was driving to my friends wedding in Yorkshire and overtaking some cars when the country lanes went to dual carriageway

Up hill, didn’t look at my speedo until I saw a police van when I went over brow of hill .. 81 damn but fair cop

Cheaper than the fine. Actually enjoyed it.. lady who ran it was funny, was on her own so was keen to wrap up early as she had to do another one that afternoon ironically we sped through. 3 hours I’d say

Refreshed a few points

Being in Essex I thought would be a lot boy racers but I guess their too fast to be offered a course! At 31 I think I was the youngest of the 20 there

Got this in writing (email) afters

“Please note: When applying for car insurance, insurers may ask if you have any motoring convictions or prosecutions. As neither of these apply to drivers who have attended a driver awareness course, the Financial Ombudsman has confirmed that drivers attending a course can honestly answer ‘No’ to this question. However, if an insurer asks specifically about attendance of a driver awareness course, then drivers must provide this information on the application form or at any other time during the lifetime of the insurance policy, typically at renewal. Failure to do so may invalidate the insurance. Please read your insurer’s terms and conditions.”
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