How much to charge for housekeeping??

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Re: How much to charge for housekeeping??

Postby Pop Robson on Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:42 pm

The Old Man of Storr wrote:If he's earning 250 a week then perhaps 50 per week wouldn't be unreasonable then introduce him to Mr Hoover , Mr Dishwasher and Mr Washing Machine and teach him how to use them .

I'll show the wife this one, keep saying show them how to use the washing machine and hang it out to dry !!

and they don't pay enough been on £200 a month for a couple of years now
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Re: How much to charge for housekeeping??

Postby Roby on Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:05 pm

£200 per month sounds fair.

From memory I was giving my Mum and Dad close to that 20 years and was only working probably 25 hours a week in a shop before I went off to Uni.

If he gets meals and access to Sky TV etc then it won't bankrupt him but is enough for him to realise that if he moves out its not easy.
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Re: How much to charge for housekeeping??

Postby Briggsy on Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:48 pm

Monkeybubbles wrote:
Thanks mate, not interpreted as preachy at all

Regarding the housework thing, it's more about giving him something to do that also kind of helps him feel part of the family. His default is to sit in his room in his pyjamas on the PlayStation all day, and we've found that leads to him getting quite depressed and detached. We're hoping that doing some very light chores will sort of break the cycle and give him a sense of purpose, or something.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. More power to you.

Fair play mate. I'd say give him some housework to do but don't put him under pressure to get it done.

Food shopping is a good one. Get's him out the house, but if he's too sick then can order it all online. Job still gets done & he can chill out on the PC getting it done, it's what I have to do sometimes :thup:
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