Everton 1-3 West Ham Utd (16/09/18)

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Re: ⚽ Everton vs West Ham Utd: match thread (16/9)

Postby Cuenca 'ammer on Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:06 pm

Great win....

couldn't watch live, saw Yarmo's 1st and Arnie's 1st and not much in between.

Watched on a delay..

we got battered down the wings in the first half. If Calvert Lewin had a better touch and Toscun was more clinical things might have been harder.

However we took our chances well, Arnie's goal was excellent and if Obiang had done more, that would have been the goal of the game.......

Good away win, but we HAVE to tighten up the help for the full backs though....were I Sarri, that's where I would be looking to attack us and chuffing hell, Eden Hazard is the man to do that...

not trying to detract from 3 points, must give the boys a lift for sure. as with every loss there are things to be taken to work on, so there are with every win.

as busy as the players were up top, Rice, Noble and Obiang stifled the middle well enough. the help for the full backs MUST be addressed.

I feel cautiously optimistic here...(having said that I felt the same about the Wolves game).

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Re: ⚽ Everton vs West Ham Utd: match thread (16/9)

Postby carnage on Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:01 pm

Up the Junction wrote:
It's often been asked when the PL bubble will burst - I wonder if this might be the beginning of the end. Who, outside of the fans of the three or four clubs involved, wants to watch a league that's non-competitive and unwinnable for most participants?

I reckon that's where our Everton fan is coming from, and not simply throwing his toys of of the pram.

Has it ever been different for the last 30 years other than the 3/4 teams who can win the league changing slightly? Let’s not forget Leicester won the league 3 years ago. I reckon something similar is more likely now than it was 15 years ago IF a club is prepared to push the boat out a bit and get some luck with injuries.
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Re: ⚽ Everton vs West Ham Utd: match thread (16/9)

Postby OohAahButler on Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:56 pm

I disagree. There were always big clubs and smaller clubs, but at the start of each season we could always dream and think ‘maybe, just maybe’ this could be our year. Now it’s all about using the cups to rotate the squad, and hoping for mid table obscurity.
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Re: ⚽ Everton vs West Ham Utd: match thread (16/9)

Postby Hammer.CA on Thu Sep 20, 2018 11:51 am

After getting a puncture in the morning just before I was about to leave and nearly binning the idea of going that was the most enjoyable game I've seen for a long time. A proper ground in a football environment, great away support, as ever and the first time I've seen us win at Goodison.
Despite the horror that is the M6 southbound the journey home was made better by the Spurs fan on Radio 5 saying that they would finish in the top 2 this season. :lol:
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