Retrospective diving bans from next season?

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Re: Retrospective diving bans from next season?

Postby scottyboy71 on Fri May 19, 2017 9:05 am

Fundamentally this will change nothing. It will still be subjective as to what constitutes a penalty.

Look at the Son penalty in FA Cup semi with Chelsea. He slid in with a very ill-advised tackle and Moses duly went to ground. Looked a stonewall pen until you saw a replay where no contact was made.
Some would argue that Son should never have made the tackle and therefore the end result was justified but I think if Moses went flying over thin air then he's cheating.
Also what about matches where the only goal was a penalty and it was deemed to be a dive retrospectively? Shouldn't the result be nullified? Replay the game?
This is a massive can-of-worms.

Diving is a blight on the game, and in my mind will only be resolved by referees being instructed to red card any suspected attempt to decieve through "simulation", and also told to lean in that direction if there's any doubt. There will undoubtedly be some casulaties but if it's consistently enforced I don't think players will run the risk.
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Re: Retrospective diving bans from next season?

Postby hammerleroy on Fri May 19, 2017 9:27 am

Frannie Lee, the world's worst ever diver, must be laughing his head off! Won Citeh the title in the late sixties with his antics and got around 15 penalties if I remember right!!! :lol:
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Re: Retrospective diving bans from next season?

Postby Colours never run on Fri May 19, 2017 7:33 pm

Coops wrote:
I want to stop cheating as much as everybody else but this is something that will not benefit the team the player has cheated again but will benefit the next team played. If your team misses out on a CL spot or gets relegated because somebody cheated it isn't going to be much of a consolation to know that they will miss games against your rivals in the weeks to come.

I don't agree in the sense that this is more a preventionist tactic, rather than one which has instant justice. Sure, some will get away with it at the time, but what people ain't taking into account is all the times leading up to that one unsuccessful is countless of times players have thought twice about diving for fear of being punished. The thing is though you won't notice it during games as no dive has happened But that's kind of the point, not seeing incidents as regularly is evidence itself it's working. But not only that, even those moments where they do con a ref, they will still suffer after by not playing as well as carry a stigma if they are a repeat offender.

The only thing that may need tinkering with is a more lengthier punishment for offences if it's not quite having an effect. Maybe a 3 or 5 game ban for a dive might have more of an effect if players continue to take the piss but let's see how this ruling pans out first before meddling of it doesn't need it.
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Re: Retrospective diving bans from next season?

Postby Vicboy1960 on Fri May 19, 2017 9:25 pm

I do not understand this. Surely, surely, surely, someone is going to realise the massive flaw with the idea, or is it just me?

Yes, it's good that diving to gain unfair advantage is going to be penalised.

BUT, BUT, BUT. It is only through the multi cameras whixh Sky or BT employ that we can spot the 'dives'.

Hence, is the Monday morning panel only going to review the games covered by multi cameras at the weekend - in other words, the big time matches?

There is no way on earth that one or two cameras will do what the multi camera setup does so who wil be paying for all the extra cameras required at the vast majority of games outside of the Premier League?

Ok, you could argue that the threat of bans might stop players in lower leagues diving as well but that threat already exists in the shape of yellow cards for simulation. But it doesn't work now and it won't just because a big Premier League game has shown up players diving.

This constant call for video tehnology is now going to see the game played under two sets of rules. One set of rules only enforceable by TV replays and another set having to be enforced by the naked eye of the match officials. Not a satisfactory state of affairs.

It is typical of our knee jerk country that nobody has yet to ask how diving can be reviewed when the majority of games outside the Premier League will not have the technology to enable retrospective reviews.

Believe me, when the reality kicks in that to enforce retrospective reviews and bans will cost too much for all of the professional leagues to be included, the idea will die a death. Sad that it will but I cannot see why this point has not yet been raised.
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Re: Retrospective diving bans from next season?

Postby kayahammer on Sat May 20, 2017 8:43 am

With so much money in the game and so much financially at stake, they could easily have a panel study each PL game and call out blatant cheating, including the dragging the leg unnaturally 'to make contact' where none would have been.

Big punishments and it will all but be eradicated in months.

The key is to stamp out all cheating. Not selective ''if it leads to a penalty' or special stuff like that.

While they're at it have the game continue if a player stays down and needs treatment. There'd be a lot less of the namby pamby staying down to waste time or because it stops the game so an advantage is nullified in the play.
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Re: Retrospective diving bans from next season?

Postby Johnny Byrne's Boots on Mon May 29, 2017 12:40 pm

From this week's Catholic Times

At least one Premier League football club has been learning simulation, the Chaplain for Sport has revealed.
Mgr Vladimir Felzmann confirmed at least one club in England’s top flight, which he refused to name, has been teaching its youth team how to dive or feign injury without getting caught.
“Recently I heard from a Premier club chaplain that when he asked the 16 year old boys at the academy coming in for lunch what they had been doing that morning the answer ‘simulation’ sent shivers down his spine,” he said.
“A whole morning learning the magic of cheating without being caught! The vast majority of those lads will not end up playing professional football,” he added.
“The thought that they will be taking these cheating skills into commerce and business…sends shivers down my spine.”


I had always suspected this was going on, now we know it is.
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Re: Retrospective diving bans from next season?

Postby Exiledin cardiff on Mon May 29, 2017 1:37 pm

Penalize the player, good idea but lets penalize club as well a points deduction irrespective of the result a 1pt deduction might just persuade clubs to take this matter seriously
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Re: Retrospective diving bans from next season?

Postby warp on Mon May 29, 2017 4:59 pm

Exiledin cardiff wrote:Penalize the player, good idea but lets penalize club as well a points deduction irrespective of the result a 1pt deduction might just persuade clubs to take this matter seriously

i'd be more for massive fines and transfer embargoes, i don't fancy the idea of the table been fiddled with behind closed doors.
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