Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

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Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

Postby njmacleod on Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:30 pm

Like many I recently received an email from the club pushing the Claret Memberships so I thought i'd take a look and see if it's worth signing my kids up to. Clicking through to the article on the official site i saw that Claret Members receive the following benefits and compared it to what we get as season ticket holders. I came to the conclusion that STHs are a bit short changed compared to Claret Members. Here's a brief comparison of 'benefits'

Ticket priority on Premier League and Cup fixtures (STH get priority on Cup tickets)
£5 discount on all Premier League fixture general sale prices (obviously not applicable to STHs)
£5 discount on official away coach travel (Never used so not sure if STH get this)
Exclusive Claret Member access card
Additional merchandise discounts and offers (STH get 10% off Umbro gear only)
Exclusive competitions – prize draws for signed shirts, memorabilia and money-can’t-buy experiences (Never seen any exclusive competitions for STH's)
Invite to Junior Hammers party for Claret Kids (Do Junior STH's get this?)
Attend PL2 matches at London Stadium for free (same as STHs)
Discount on Match Tickets for West Ham Ladies home matches (STH get free entry).
Adult Members will also receive an exclusive scarf, personalised with their initials (STH don't even get a Season Ticket wallet!)
Claret Kids get a West Ham branded washbag, notebook and bedroom poster (not sure what Junior STH get...)

Having looked around a few other clubs and sports, both here and overseas, it seems like STHs are being sold a little short despite committing a lot upfront to the club.
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Re: Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

Postby Benny the Ball on Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:23 am

Because I live so far from London, I now only manage a couple of games a season so have no option but to join the Claret system.

The main issue I have is the cost (£40 per person I think) is another money extraction scheme, but also that you have to be sharp in getting your match tickets.

If you delay the choice of seat will be limited and my experience with the OS is that the matchday experience is a direct product of a) how the team plays and b) where you sit.

For some games I have had awful upper tier seats, one behind the goal (never again) and once edge of the penalty area. The atmosphere in the upper tier is poor and you are often surrounded by day trippers or tourists.

However if you get in when the matches are released you can get a better choice and seats in choice locations make the experience completely different. To me its less a question of the gimmee's they give out but more a question of whether you want good seats or take the pot luck route.

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Re: Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

Postby Denzil on Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:00 am

I have had a claret membership for two years. The first season was mainly entering a ballot for a ticket however last season the tickets seemed to be more readily available on first-come-first-served basis.

The fiver off per game is not a bad feature if you can make 8 games a season it pays for the membership, albeit you'll still get slapped with a £2 booking fee per game which reduces that saving as it only becomes a £3 a game saving.

The gift sounds half decent this year. Last year I received a portable phone charger which I have never used. Not even sure where it is. The year before was a card holder which I use for my two building passes for work.

I don't think you can really compare the membership to a ST, they're two different products and you will get different benefits. The reason ST holders do not get priority for an additional ticket for a league game is purely down to the fact that if 50,000 people had that option, the membership then becomes redundant and fair weather fans like myself would not have the opportunity to get over there.

I won't renew but not because the product is bad but more because whilst I went to around half our games last season I only used my membership once. I found I was either being offered tickets by family or friends or one of our clients has corporate that I used 2 or 3 times. It's kind of got to the point where there is always a spare going for pretty much any fixture, which is a sad state to see the club in. I'll hold my hands up and say I am fair weather, had a season ticket when I was younger but won't commit to 19 games a season these days. Just seems that people in my position are now buying ST's and using them when they can be bothered. Affordable football has its pro's but also its cons.
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Re: Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

Postby Het-Field on Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:25 am

I was a Claret Member (or Academy member, as I think it was called at the time between 2009-2016), and had been between 2000-2005. During our last season at the BG it was very useful, as I managed to get into 14 games across all competitions, with roughly 11 of those being PL games. It was always behind the goals amongst the supporters who liked to sing and make some noise, so I really saw the value of it that term. Ditto 2014-2015 where i attended less games but got Palace away, Spurs at home, and City at home.

Given the major competition for away fixtures, and the general availability of tickets at the OS, I dont see the membership as having the same benefits as it did when you were likely to be able to get away tickets for a lot of fixtures, and could possibly get into our bigger fixtures at the BG.

However, the Season Ticket is so cost effective that I dont mind losing the perks that I once had as a member. But I would probably say that Club membership is a good insurance policy for tickets.
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Re: Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

Postby James P on Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:34 am

I suppose the difference is that STHs are purchasing match tickets and any additional benefits are basically bonus perks. Claret Members are literally paying solely for the benefits that come with membership. When you think of it like that there’s no reason why STH benefits have to be equal to member benefits.
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Re: Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

Postby wizzo_66 on Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:05 pm

A membership has been worthless since we moved to Stratford.

It's been desperately easy to get tickets for any home game without paying for the privilege to be on a list.
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Re: Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

Postby col on Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:09 pm

wizzo_66 wrote:A membership has been worthless since we moved to Stratford.

It's been desperately easy to get tickets for any home game without paying for the privilege to be on a list.

I don't think it is easier to get a bunch of seats together.

I have been a member for over 20 years (except for a brief spell when I owned a season ticket). For the last few years I have had 2 adult and 2 child memberships. However, getting seats together at Stratford is almost impossible whereas at the Boleyn it seemed so much easier.

I feel they oversell the season tickets and don't leave enough for members / general sale.

Having said that you are likely to see single seats being available for general sale in most games.
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Re: Claret membership benefits vs Season Ticket benefits

Postby The Old Man of Storr on Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:10 am

My wife turned round to me the other day and asked me ' Why have I received an email asking me if I want to pay £40 for a West Ham membership scheme ? ' . :)

I'd been using her little Chromebook .

Thankfully she hasn't read the emails from Big Busty Russian Beauties yet . :)
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