Man City could face Champions League ban

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Re: Man City could face Champions League ban

Postby Cuenca 'ammer on Thu May 16, 2019 3:15 pm

but that wasn't for going over the FFP and it was a bogus fine. in fact FFP probably wasn't in play at that time.

the original fine should have been where it stopped. SheffU lost their appeals and finally found a sympathetic ear and we had no right of appeal whereas they had 3 iirc.

but that's a whole other thread (again)
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Re: Man City could face Champions League ban

Postby Bitter 'n' Twisted on Thu May 16, 2019 8:01 pm

^^^ Case in point…
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Re: Man City could face Champions League ban

Postby Albie Beck on Fri May 17, 2019 1:48 pm

It'll be interesting to see the difference in the treatment of Man City (new money) as against any misdemeanours by Juve, AC Milan, Man U, Liverpool or B Munich (old money) should it ever come up (which it won't). Even the treatment of City vs PSG (new money but with some powerful support like Platini in their back pocket) might be worth watching.
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Re: Man City could face Champions League ban

Postby Hampshire Hammer on Sun May 19, 2019 11:46 am

Bitter 'n' Twisted wrote:I was referring to '"money buying a way around the rules" Rich.

We were getting a 3pt deduction and it was being announced at 12:30 effectively relegating us but Eggy and his lawyers threatened to bring it to the European Courts. The FA said if you do that we will have to stop the league fixtures for weeks before it can be settled. Eggy said "try months… we'll keep this in court until at least Christmas…." That would mean delaying there start of the following season for two divisions!

The announcement was delayed until 2 or 3pm and we received a world record fine of £5million with the previous highest fine being something like 150K… Eggy wrote the cheque keeping us in the race to stay up.

We stayed up, other teams got the hump, and we paid multiple millions the Sheffield United. And rightly so.

Since that day, being a West Ham fan has meant something different to me. The romance was gone for me long before the move.

I know a few people won't like me saying that. Because the truth hurts like a bitch.

I have never heard or read that story before, where does it come from? I know Sheffield United pushed for a 3 point deduction but that is not the same as possibly being applied.
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Re: Man City could face Champions League ban

Postby prophet:marginal on Sun May 19, 2019 12:10 pm

I might be completely wrong here - the reality is that its long ago and I've lost my copy of the judgment - but I think the order of events was that

1. We were found to be in breach of the registration requirements, with days, perhaps only hours, before the vital away fixture we had at Wigan (which we won, comprehensively, to undiluted joy, from what seemed to be half the crowd in the ground). So, the breach led to a fine

2. However, linked in with the punishment was some form of undertaking that offending clauses in Tevez's contract had been amended with the agreement of the beneficiary (didn't Joorabchian hold the two players' registrations through two separate companies each, both solely dealing with the player as a single company 'asset'?).

3. The rest of the season, is, of course, footballing history, but £25M compo package comes into focus, and then fact, because it was revealed, by Joorabchian, who was threatened as a Blades' witness, iirc, that the clause had not as a matter of fact undergone any amendment.

In other words, we may have been accused of misleading conduct around Tevez's contract immediately before that Wigan match, and the compensation reflected that the accusation was correct.
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