the Stadiums being used

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the Stadiums being used

Postby sicknote on Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:19 am

some nice looking gaffs there

Volgograd is being reduced down in capacity after but looks very tidy currently as does Saransk, i guess the dutch would have prefered to play here if they were there as its orange

so too is Kaliningrad

St petersburg looks the dogs danglies and how a new football stadium can look correctly built for its purpose

Samara and Ekaterinburg look odd, one looks round like our bowl of doom, and Samara looks square meaning the side stands are a distance from the action, , Ekateringburg looks a bit like the impressive marseille stadium until you look at the round roof, Samara in roof and stand design though other than being square looks good

Kazan looks good, a bit red for my liking but close to the pitch

Novgorod looks a little like the Etihad ,seems close to the pitch though

Spartaks gaff looks like its got a lived in feel to it and probably a bit lively, hopefully the atmosphere here will be heard as it seems that type of ground, from the outside it looks like it just landed from outer space

Luzhniki , 'look at what you could have won'

an athletic stadium, that friends of mine did at the CFC MUFC final, and hated it in its old style, extensively improved, but its a bugger to get to and expensive as well, or it was back then, but these days its looks the b*llocks, even if it was an athletic stadium

good luck and be safe to anyone going out there
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Re: the Stadiums being used

Postby Rays Rock on Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:06 pm

And remember, Rubber up !
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