How to play Sopcast, TV Ants & PPMate on a Mac

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How to play Sopcast, TV Ants & PPMate on a Mac

Postby Up the Junction on Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:52 pm

by mrmoonhasleftthestadium

I am viewing football games on my Intel Mac via the Parallels Virtual Machine.
This is how I got it working. Note: I am not a programmer just a hammers fan annoyed at being punished for owning a Mac anything you try is at course at your own risk. Also depending on the software you need and connection speeds this process will vary and I will estimate you will need at least a minimum of 3-4 hrs for everything to be set up.

1) You will need a version of windows XP at least SP3 Disc OR have downloaded a Windows XP ISO found via sites such as

(Please don’t waste hours and a countless number of hairs trying to use windows vista as I had no luck running sopcast or tvants)

2) A running copy of Parallels 3.0 or a via other sources like

Note: for P2P downloading ISO/ torrent files I would recommend Azureus.

Once this files are downloaded place them on your OSX desktop

Assuming you have obtained the necessary Software and Serials firstly open up parallels for the first time.
Follow the Instructions found here ... top_1.html

It is essential when setting up your Mac with Parallels that you configured you’re your Internet connection is setup up properly in the Configuration

Also when you are prompted to INSERT DISC but you have obtained an .ISO select more options and locate the file and select.

Windows XP should be running inside OSX for the first time and your nearly there!
Make sure the windows firewall is set to off as this will conflict with your Apple Firewall.
Download Sopcast TV Ants PPmate etc

Once Installed follow the links via the free sites such as Sit back and enjoy the footy!

Any problems fee free to Pm me and I will try to help the best I can.
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Re: How to play Sopcast, TV Ants & PPMate on a Mac

Postby Up the Junction on Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:56 am

Some additional notes courtesy of LennieHammer ...

I watch West Ham via a Mac and have been using this setup for over a year. If you're using XP, you only need XP with Service pack 2, not 3 as it states above. I don't even think there is a SP3, but it might confuse people if they think they need to search for SP3.

Also, it states that you need to download torrents. But really it might be better to just tell people they need a copy of Parallels and let them either pay for it, or get it via their own means. It's basically telling people how to download pirate software, and I'm fine with that but maybe not everyone is who reads these forums. So if it just said, get a copy of Parallels then install it that would say the same thing without directing people to torrent sites.

Also, the best way to run Parallels is via Boot Camp. As Parallels can only run via an Intel Mac, then it's worth installing Boot Camp and partitioning the drive first. Then install XP/Vista on the partition and then either a) boot Windows via Boot Camp or b) install Parallels and run Windows. Remembering though, that Parallels runs alongside Mac OSX, which means you're running two operating systems parallel with each other, plus Parallels, plus any software you have running on either system and as this isn't even installing XP, but just using a disc image, it means it's using even more processor power.

So the best way to watch West Ham on a Mac is to grab a copy of XP with SP2, or Vista and install Boot Camp, partition your drive, install Windows and Boot Directly into Windows. This way you'll have all your memory working with your football, you won't have to worry about the firewall conflicting or installing paying/downloading Parallels.


All the best,
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