Did anyone on here see Hurst, Peters and Moore play for WH?

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Re: Did anyone on here see Hurst, Peters and Moore play for WH?

Postby Zippycat57 on Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:01 am

I hope this is ok to post as it is another website but for all of us with failing memories then http://www.westhamstats.info/ lists every West Ham game with line-ups, scores and all the stats you could possibly want.
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Re: Did anyone on here see Hurst, Peters and Moore play for WH?

Postby BrownFatwa on Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:35 pm

i saw them play quite a few times but to be honest I was pretty young and really had no idea how good they were plus they certainly weren't fautless and in some games werer not stand out performers. But aside form age you also have to remmenber -

there was NO media hype on those days, so you formed a view on what you saw not what you read. likewise, very little on TV either so supporters were not subjected to endless re-runs and repeated video cameos of their best bits.
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Re: Did anyone on here see Hurst, Peters and Moore play for WH?

Postby Canadianhammer on Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:59 pm

ludo22 wrote:So there are probably people on here who saw a WHU team with Moore,Hurst and Peters play a Man Utd team with Best,Charlton and Law.That is worth the entrance money.

Yes I did. And I have a story...... I was working in Manchester the week before Man u were playing the Hammers at the Bolyn. I got on the train with the whole team. they were playing cards in the first class carriage. I got the autographs of George best, bobby Charlton, paddy crerand, Matt busby, Dennis law... I didn't tell me I was a Hammers fan tho... I wanted their autographs. :D They beat us that weekend but that's nothing new.....
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Re: Did anyone on here see Hurst, Peters and Moore play for WH?

Postby Useless Eustace on Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:08 am

Yep, had the priviledge of watching Mooro ( from his debut against Man U to his final game, Hereford?). The man in all honestly was an immaculate footballer, no sobriquet would be sufficient. His trademark sliding tackle, taking the ball away and then looking up for a long diagonal ball a la World Cup ( hoofball) was all down to timing and skill.
Geoff Hurst ( Donkey) was a right-half converted to centre-forward by R.G. There was a general surprise when he made the England squad because at the time Hunt and Greaves were well in front of him. He had a decent shot in both feet and a good header of the ball, but he stood out as a very intelligent footballer, always making runs and making himself available for the ball. I think he blossomed after the W.C.
Martin Peters ( 20 years ahead of his time) had a difficult start, he took over from Bovington, a no nonsense footballer who could make Stiles look somewhat effette. But Ron had obviously seen something in him. He had a good engine and was always making late runs into the box. Two decent feet and a very good header of the ball, near-post headers became a West Ham way.
But however my own personal favourites were Johnny (Budgie) Byrne and Peter Brabrook.
Budgie couldn't run tackle or head but boy did he have fast feet. I believe he made Hurst the player he was, always setting him up. He could turn a centre-half into a tearful jelly, he would tear Jack Charlton a new one every time they met. He only got one England cap which was a travesty.
Brabrook was a tall right winger who was the most infuriating player you could wish for. He would beat the left back once, then go back and beat him again and if there was nothing on beat him for a third time. He suddenly discovered the ability to head the ball and became a secret weapon for a couple of seasons standing innocently at the near-post for corners.
Honorable mentions also to John Smith, Malcom Musgrave and Phil Woosnam.
How on earth we never won the league I will never know but I suppose it is the West Ham way :crest:
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