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Friday, 3rd August 2001

Notts County 2
West Ham United 1

by Adrian Old


Late on the road, 3 pints only and then to the game. Chatted to a few County fans and they were more looking forward to seeing West Ham than we were. Puts our current plight into perspective really doesn't it.

Good turnout again by the Hammers faithful. Atmosphere was very subdued due mainly to the massive all seater stand we were given. Everyone was scattered around and the singing was pretty much non existant.

Notts County PA system was piss poor. No team announcement for us and without squad numbers the first 5 minutes were spent checking out who was playing. By that time we were already one down. Nobody really shone for us at all save for the No.4 in midfield. I'm trusting that it was Cisse and either he desperately needs somebody to sign him, or
he's the MAIN MAN. More on him later.

James 5/10: A bad game. He was at fault for at least their second goal and should have done better. Claimed most of the crosses again and made a good save low down in the second half.

Winterburn 7/10: Will always get at least 7 just for turning up. Need I say any more about him.

Foxe 5/10: Bettter than at Peterborough, but still way off the mark. Nothing good to say and I hope his knee gets better soon because at least three times the ball hit it and bounced away.

Song 6/10: Started off in the centre then went to right back later on. Nothing special, steady game and no real clangers. Could do a good job on that performance.

Schemmell 6/10: Getting better every game. This guy could turn out to be the bargain of the year. Out of position once or twice, but that's mainly due to him wanting the ball and wanting to play. I'm not going to criticise anyone for that.

Cisse 8/10: This guy looks the bizz. He looks like Song, plays like Moncur (without diving in) has great vision and massive potential. He needs testing against harder men in midfield, but on first viewing, definitely deserves another run out.

Carrick 6/10: Steady, graceful and efficient. Now is the time for this guy to step up and try to influence the game more. Had his customary one attempt at goal and went close.

Sinclair (no mark): He started, but by the time I'd worked out who was playing he'd gone off for Newton. Hopefully nothing too serious.

Courtois 6/10: Another steady game. Again given time to settle in he could be a good buy. Needs testing against better opposition.

Di Canio 6/10: Nothing special, but he always looks like unlocking defences.

Kitson 1/10: Period.

Too many substitutions. Not a good performance at all. Price of the beer in the ground (2.20 per CAN)

Best moment:
Finding out there was a bar in the ground - until we saw the prices.

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