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Saturday, 13th January 2001

West Ham United 0
Sunderland 2

by Amanda Lake

A gloriously sunny day in the East end of London and expectations are high that the Hammers will do us proud and pull out all the stops to halt the rise and rise of Sunderland. Not forgetting the little matter of the visit of Sven Goran Ericksson, putting our players under more than the usual scrutiny.

We started brightly, no, we started as we meant to go on, or should have gone on. The way we were playing I was expecting us to pick up a few goals but how wrong was I? There were so many near misses that I was almost hoarse from the shouting I was doing.

Then Sunderland scored. At the time I didn't think they deserved it as we were the ones doing all the pushing and in one attack they go 1-0 up. The highlights on MOTD show that our defending was shocking to say the least. From there on we just seemed to give up, well I thought we did.

Second half and that free kick. Personally I don't think it warranted a free kick. Yes, I know it was Frank that gave it away but from where I was stood it looked like six of one, half a dozen of the other, decisions were not going our way during the match and this was one of many. They were holding onto each others shirts. As for the free kick. I still say now that they were not 10 yards back and Craig Forrest was caught out totally unawares whilst trying to get the wall arranged. I still maintain that view after viewing the highlights and until I get the full match on video that opinion will remain.

I did find the offsides and the referees decisions in general really pushing it. He just seemed to have it in for the Hammers, maybe that is a biased opinion. If we had maintained the momentum when we began the match we could have pulled this one off, but it was not to be.

Not the greatest of matches ever and I really do not understand how the Sky site rated Don Hutchison Man Of the Match....I am still working out how. He seemed to spend more time on the grass than on his feet. Oh well each to their own.

I wonder what Seen and Trod thought of the game, at least they had some kind of atmosphere to start with, its such a shame that people were disappearing 10 to 15 minutes before the final whistle.......hope you all got your Man United tickets (that is assuming you all went to queue for them after the match).

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