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Wednesday, 31st January 2001

West Ham United 0
Tottenham 0

by Amanda Lake

Well the atmosphere inside Upton Park for our home game against Tottenham was much as I expected. Everyone still buzzing from the effects of the 1-0 win against Manchester United (which I am still going on about to Manchester United fans..well enjoy our glory I say).

However I must confess that I was very uneasy about the match. I had this gut wrenching feeling that it was either going to be one of the most uninspiring, boring matches or we would get completely whitewashed by Spurs and I would get emails from Manchester United fans, gleefully pointing out that we had been beaten by Spurs. I was spared the latter but not the first.

Oh dear, what was happening boys? I have never been so bored in my life. I am not one for clock watching but at one stage I was fighting sleep. I confess, that due to personal reasons my mind wasn't really on the game as it should have been but I was hoping that for 90 minutes I could transport myself elsewhere. All I wished for was my bed and a hot drink. We just didn't seem to be firing on all cylinders and Paolo looked out of sorts.

They were all hungover (in a mental and physical sense of course) from the game at Old Trafford they looked a different team. Almost like they could have done without the game. It was probably true in some respects.

Unfortunately the quality of the match was not helped by Spurs. Never have I ever watched such a bad team, they just, well, they were boring. That is not a quality team. I also wondered why Darren Anderton actually bothered playing because he didn't seem to do anything. He shirks a tackle in order to avoid injury and when he gets tackled he has a tantrum and throws all his toys out of his cot. Rebrov....well all that money spent and he's useless.

Andy Booth, should not have been on the pitch. Stefan Freund, well the man is a thug and the rest of them, well they were pretty anonymous really. I found their style of play uninspired and bland. Boring, boring Arsenal in White shirts.

We had chances and they had chances. I did spark into life when Frank headed that ball and it hit the crossbar. Heaven only knows what would
have happened if he had scored. I think I would have deafened a few people and the "gentleman" (using that word with caution) would not have spent the rest of the match calling Frank a tosser.

Mind you this gentleman was giving Paolo grief, actually worse than anyone else. It just wasn't happening and maybe we should thank our lucky stars that we didn't lose.

All in all the worst match I have seen this season.

Match Facts

West Ham United: Hislop, Winterburn, Schemmel, Dailly, S.Pearce, Tihinen, Cole, Carrick, Lampard, Di Canio, Kanoute

Tottenham: Walker, Clemence, Campbell, Docherty, King, Perry, Freund, Leonhardsen, Anderton, Rebrov, Booth


15 mins - (Spurs) Booth strike ruled offside
29 mins - (West Ham) Cole strike ruled offside
33 mins - (West Ham) Kanoute shot well saved by Walker
40 mins - (Spurs) Rebrov misses golden opportunity
44 mins - (West Ham) Lampard header hits bar - should have scored
45 mins - Half time; 0-0
61 mins - (Spurs) Carrick clears spectacularly off the line
68 mins - (West Ham) Tihinen booked
73 mins - (Spurs) Perry booked for foul on Di Canio
74 mins - (West Ham) Walker tips away Pearce free kick
77 mins - (West Ham) Di Canio hits side netting from quick free kick
81 mins - (West Ham) Cole shot fizzes over the bar
83 mins - (Spurs) McEwan and Young on for Rebrov and Clemence

Attendance: 26,048

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