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Saturday, 18th August 2001

Liverpool 2
West Ham United 1

by Ian Ray

Got back late Saturday night so didn't have a chance to send through my thoughts on the game. But here they are.

Overall, a good performance. West Ham looked well organised, playing a very solid 4-4-2. However we lacked fire power up front and I think we could haveplayed for a couple of weeks and not scored (apart from the penalty that is).

Must admit that Liverpool (apart from Owen who was electric) were poor and a better side could have given us a bit of a tonking we are definitely a couple of defenders and a midfield player short of a Premiership side right now.

Player thoughts and ratings:

Hislop (6) - Has improved a bit from last season under the influence of James; came and caught a couple of balls and kicking slightly improved. Couldn't fault him for either of the goals.

Schemmel (7) - Had a good game. Has got pace and linked up well with
Sinclair. Prone to the odd bit of loose passing but I think overall a good buy.

Dailly (6) - Again thought he did ok but overall the defence is TWO players short of Premiership standard.

Song (6) - Same thoughts as for Daily.

Winterburn (4) - Had a nightmare first half; at fault for their first goal and could have given away a couple more.

Sinclair (7) - Welcome back Trev. A lively and consistent outlet on the right (our only point of attack), linked up well with Schemmel and was our main attacking threat. Again a couple of wayward cross field balls but for me West Ham's Man of the Match. Got booked for kicking the ball away after being given offside but Winter was sh*t.

Moncur (6) - Steady until he went off with a knock. Played the anchor
midfield man but didn't kick everybody (just some).

Carrick (6) - A class above the rest of the team and I hope this season is when he starts to turn this class into match winning performances. Tidy and neat but no killer plays from him.

Cole (6) - Strangely subdued and it is obvious that Roeder is trying to change his style of play - no dribbling with the ball and a lot of passing. Not convinced about this left midfield position, without a left foot
constantly came inside (just like England). Came off the wing to get a chance from a Di Canio pass but shot too early.

Todorov (6) - Improving. Not a natural in this lone running up front role but gave it a go. Roeder spent a lot of time geeing him up trying to get him to close down. Again had a reasonable chance in first half but shot too early.

Di Canio (6) - The talisman and heart of the team but can he beat defenders now - I don't think he can. Took his penalty well.

Chants of the day:

"And now you're going to believe us we're going to win the league" - after we had equalised.

"You're going down with the Tottenham" - well Liverpool were poor, but not that bad.

"Are you Lampard in disguise?" - when McAllister kept hitting his free kicks into the wall.

"Stick your Lampard up your a**e" - early preparation for the return of
Prince Nepotism in October.

Final thought - we were meant to have practised corners and free kicks.

It didn't show - they were awful.

KUMB Stats

West Ham United: Hislop, Schemmel, Winterburn, Dailly, Song, Carrick, Moncur, Cole, Sinclair, Di Canio, Todorov

Subs: McCann (Moncur 70), Defoe (Todorov 72), Courtios (Cole 79)

Liverpool: Arphexad, Babbel, Henchoz, Hyppia, Carragher, Biscan, Hamann, McAllister, Murphy, Littmanen, Owen

Subs: Risse (Babbel 46), Barmby (Biscan 56), Redknapp (Murphy 72)

Goals: Owen (18, 78), Di Canio (pen 29)

Booked: Dailly (dissent 37), Moncur (cynical foul 45), Todorov (foul 50), Sinclair (throwing ball away 53), Carragher (foul 73), Di Canio (kicking ball away 84)

Referee: J.Winter

Att: 43,935

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