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WHU Shirts: 1900-present day

The immaculate collection.

Mick's story begins in North London, where he lived before swapping the UK for Sweden several years ago. An avid Hammer since an early age, he has collected Hammers shirts for over 25 years - and now boasts undoubtedly the biggest collection you're ever likely to see.

The collection now weighs in at over 250 strong, and Mick has very kindly photographed each and every shirt in order that KUMB may keep a copy of the whole collection online for your viewing pleasure.

"The collection includes one of each replica, home, away or third shirts the club has ever sold," he says. "It started with a shirt made for the West Ham shop back in the late 60s by Umbro - although the team has never worn Umbro shirts*. At the time the Hammers wore Bukta shirts, but Bukta were reluctant to make a replica shirt as they thought the idea would never take off!

"I have all my shirts in adult sizes, and many are still unopened and in mint condition. What makes the collection even more special is the fact that I also have shirts worn by players, some of which are now priceless. These include items worn by many West Ham heroes, both past and present. I have various shirts from testamonial games,and even some players shirts which were never worn."

And Mick's personal favourites?

"A worn 1980 FA Cup final shirt, a 1975 FA Cup final shirt and a 1976 Cup Winners Cup final shirt," he says. "These last three items are to be displayed in the new club museum, soon to be opened in the new Dr Martens West Stand so other Hammers fans can enjoy these priceless gems as well."

Despite having such a large collection, there is still one shirt missing from the list. Over to Mick:

"I need only ONE shirt to complete my collection, this being the 1984/5 white adidas away shirt. If you look at the pics you will see I have the away shirt, this being the replica shirt which was sold in the club shop, and the one which the team wore in the 1983/4 season.

"They kept the kit for the next season but changed the club crest by taking out the castle and keeping the two crossed Hammers as the badge (just like in the home kit). Unfortunately this was never sold in the shop (being worn only by the team) so if any avid Irons would like to complete my collection Ii would be over the moon."

Mick, who is always looking to add to his impressive collection added: "I would like to hear from any Hammers fans who have shirts that they think I might be interested in. If they are not sure mail me anyway as I WILL BE INTERESTED!

You can contact Mick by clicking here. He has asked KUMB to point out that none of the shirts in the collection are for sale. Sorry!

* Interview from 2001 prior to Umbro winning the contract to produce West Ham United's kits from 2007-2010.

Click on any of the links below to see that shirt.


Australian academy shirt
Bobby Moore memorial shirt
Rio Ferdinand's spare England shirt on first cap


1920's home shirt


1930's away


Rarely used 1958 away shirt
Late 1950's home


1962 Umbro home
1960's home signed by Hurst, Peters, Martin and Redknapp
1960's away signed by Hurst, Peters, Martin and Redknapp
Early 1960's home number 6


1975 FA Cup quarter-final (Arsenal)
1975 FA Cup final
1976 Charity Shield
1976-80 admiral home and away
1976 Cup Winners Cup final match worn (by Paddon) number 8
1978 match worn (by Lampard and Holland) number 3 and 8 (back)
1978 match worn (by Lampard and Holland) number 3 and 8 (front)
1979 match worn (by Brooking) number 10


1980 FA Cup final match worn (by Cross) number 9 (front)
1980 FA Cup final match worn (by Cross) number 9 (rear)
1980-83 home
1980-83 away
1983-85 home
1983-85 away

1985-87 home (with and without sponsor)
1985-87 away (with and without sponsor)
1985-86 match worn (by MacAvennie) number 8
1985-86 match worn signed number 15
1987-89 home and away
1987-89 match worn (by Rosenior) number 11
1989 Scandinavian pre-season tour only
1989-90 home and away
1989-90 match worn (by MacAvennie) number 12 front
1989-90 match worn (by MacAvennie) number 12 rear


1990-91 home and away (different Bukta logo)
1990-91 Paul Hilton testimonial match worn (by Hughton) number 2
1991 home Bukta
1991 away Bukta
1991 third Bukta
1992 home Bukta
1992 away Bukta
1993-95 home and away Pony
1993-95 match worn (by Gale) number 12
1994-95 third signed
1995-97 home and away Pony centenary shirts
1995-97 match worn (by Dicks and Slater) long sleeved (front)
1995-97 match worn (by Dicks and Slater) long sleeved (rear)
1995-97 match worn (by Porfirio and Harkes) long sleeved (rear)
1996-97 match worn (by Cottee in his final game)(front)
1996-97 match worn (by Cottee in his final game)(rear)
1996-97 match worn (by Futre) number 10 (front)
1996-97 match worn (by Futre) number 10 (rear)
1996-97 never worn Hartson and Kitson
1998 home Pony
1998 away Pony
1998 third Pony
1998 away Dagenham Motors sponsor never used
1998 match worn (by Wright) number 14
1999-00 home Fila
1999-00 away Fila (signed)
1999-00 third Fila


2000-03 home Fila
2003-05 home Reebok
2003-05 away Reebok
2005-07 home Reebok
2005-07 away Reebok
2007-08 home Umbro
2007-08 away Umbro
2008-09 home Umbro
2008-09 away Umbro
2009-10 home Umbro
2009-10 away Umbro


2010-11 home Macron
2010-11 away Macron
2011-12 home Macron
2011-12 away Macron

* All kits post-2003 are standard stock images.

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