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Big mouth strikes again

Filed: Monday, 14th May 2007
By: Matthew O'Greel

Rent-a-quote Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan has vowed to continue his fight against West Ham - despite his team avoiding relegation yesterday.

Wigan - who lost their manager Paul Jewell when he resigned this morning - won 2-1 at Sheffield United yesterday afternoon thanks to a penalty from ex-Hammer and Blade David Unsworth. However Whelan insists that the fight to have West Ham United's £5.5m punishment increased will go on - despite his previous appeals having been all but laughed off by the Premier League.

"Charlton, Sheff United, Wigan, Fulham and Middlesbrough are all determined that we should get justice," bleated Whelan last night. "West Ham should have been deducted points.

"It has to be done quickly because the longer this goes on the less likelihood of the league reviewing it at all. We are going to fight and support Sheffield United - and we will fight with them to the end."

Meanwhile Sheffield United Chairman Kevin McCabe - understandably perhaps given the fact that his club are some £40m worse off this morning - backed Whelan's latest call for a review into the adjudcating panel's decision.

"I think most of the Premier League clubs and other football clubs support us over this injustice that has come about this season," he said.

"Four years ago the Blades had just lost in the play-off final and I felt gutted. This time I feel cheated.

"I think there is a consensus most clubs support an injustice so I hope we will get the vast majority of clubs in the Premier League supporting our case."

And speaking to SkySports this morning, McCabe somewhat bizarrely suggested that he was considering taking the case to the Human Rights Commission:

If there is any justice we will be in the Premiership next season," he ranted, "but I can see the Premier League will try and hide behind the Commission's rule-making process.

"I am prepared to go as far as is needed to protect the interests of Sheffield United - probably even into Europe to the Human Right Commission."

* Dave Whelan's Wikipedia entry has been placed on the website's 'semi-protected' list following numerous recent cases of vandalism.

He shares the page with such luminaries as Adolf Hitler, James Blunt and Nick Griffin of the BNP.

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by Grahame Gardiner
03:26PM 14th May 2007
''I have had enough of Dave Whelan's 'holier than thou' whinging. Going forward I will not buy anything from JJB, I urge all West Ham fans to do the same and 'BOYCOTT JJB STORES!'.''

by Passback
01:48PM 14th May 2007
''Dave Whelan (Wigan Chairman). In 2003 JJB Sports were fined £8.3 million by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for fixing the price of England and Manchester United shirts in 2000 and 2001 Which Consumer magazine issued proceedings against JJB Sports to sue the high street retailer for damages on behalf of consumers who were affected by the price fixing.

Links with Burma. In 2003 JJB Sports were subject to a boycott by Human Rights group The Burma Campaign. Activists found items of Kappa sportswear in the groups flagship Oxford Street Store which had been manufactured by child slave labour within the military dictatorship of Burma. This was despite personal assurances from Dave Whelen that he did not source goods from the regime - one of the most brutal military dictatorships in the world; a dictatorship charged by the United Nations with a “crime against humanity” for its systematic abuses of human rights, and condemned internationally for refusing to transfer power to the legally elected Government of the country – the party led by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Having been caught out in this lie and subject to mounting media pressure as a result of the campaign Dave Whelen finally agreed to stop purchasing goods from Burma in September 2003. Sorry - remind me who is the cheating liar?''

by Dan
12:01PM 14th May 2007
''Its funny reading Josh's comment, Sheff Utd only really started to look to have some urgency when they realised they might actually be in trouble themselves. McCabe talking about European Court of Human Rights? It's a sport, not a criminal offence, genocide. He needs to look to the next season, and get over it ... makes my blood boil ...''

by m.k. P
11:31AM 14th May 2007
''Because these people (football club Chairmen) have big money they usually get their own way in life. But when they don't, and things go against them, they cry like little children because they are grown up children with money. They threaten court action (I'll get my big brother to sort you out). The bottom line is Sheffield United did not get enough points over the season to stay up ... so they go down.''

by Dave McBride
10:40AM 14th May 2007
''Wigan don't even deserve to be in the Premier League - they play with the wrong shaped ball for a start! Just look at the attendances they get at home games.

The only people in Wigan who give a sh*t if they stayed up was JJBig mouth Whelan and the Jewell in the clown! Well done West Ham United, a true Premier League club.''

by Hammer1980
10:28AM 14th May 2007
''Turn it in, no-one cares about Wigan. You will not get anywhere trying to overturn the PL's decision ... ''

by Keith
10:13AM 14th May 2007
''Whilst I have some sympathy re: the other clubs feeling that an injustice has been done, at the end of the day it is their own performances on the pitch that dictates where they have ended up in the League ...

It just confirms that Football today is no longer a sport but a business and and I suspect that it is the lose of revenue that is driving this - together with the national press ''

by Josh
10:05AM 14th May 2007
''If you want to talk about injustice you should ask for an enquiry to be set up to find out how Danny Webber managed to not score for the Blades yesterday ...''

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