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Green with envy?

Filed: Friday, 18th July 2008
By: Staff Writer

Rob Green has slammed the club after they rejected his request for a new, extended contract.

The 28-year-old number one, rated by many Hammers fans as the best goalkeeper to have played for the club since Phil Parkes has three years left on his current deal but requested a new long-term contract after being named Hammer of the Year last season.

Yet despite handing Dean Ashton a five-year deal recently the club refused Green's request, leaving him on the verge of joininig any one of a number of potential suitors happy to offer him a satisfactory deal.

Talking in The Sun this morning, Green said:

"After asking for a long-term contract, the club turned around and said 'no' without a real explanation.

"No matter what the figures are in the workplace in terms of wages, you either feel a valued member of your staff or you don't. At the moment, I don't and clearly West Ham don't care about me.

"If you put the strongest West Ham XI out I'd be the lowest earner by a long, long way. I do not even want to be close to the top earner at the club - I don't care about that. I would just like some parity.

"Other guys are getting rewarded but I'm not. Dean (Ashton) signed a new contract this summer. Good luck to him. He's a great player and I have no doubts he will become an England regular.

"Obviously, West Ham value him a hell of a lot more than they value me. In fact, I feel completely under-valued. The situation here leaves a question mark whether the club are rewarding success and you end up questioning yourself and questioning your future."

Green added that whilst he had not yet spoken to Alan Curbishley about the situation he was aware of the interest shown in him by a number of other Premier league clubs - a clear indication that should he not be offered a satisfactory deal, he will be looking to move on.

"I know there are clubs interested in me," he confirmed. "If it turns out they value me more, then I will have to make a decision.

"It is strange because if it was the other way round, and I was holding fire after being offered a new contract from West Ham, the club would be making sure I was getting hammered by the fans. Surely, it works both ways."

We're doomed ... the KUMB Player of the Year curse

2001/02 Sebastien Schemmel: major personal problems prematurely ended his career in East London

2002/03 Joe Cole: joined Chelsea weeks after taking the crown

2003/04 Matthew Etherington: experienced personal problems that greatly affected his game for some time after

2004/05 Teddy Sheringham: retired a year later

2005/06 Danny Gabbidon: suffered injury after injury since winning the PotY award; yet to play a competitive match in 2008.

2006/07 Carlos Tevez: the striker joined Manchester United weeks after claiming the crown

2007/08 Rob Green: threatening to leave the club should he not be offered a new deal

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by Emma Smith
09:58AM 20th Jul 2008
''I agree, The Sun cannot be trusted, I too read the articles in the Independant and thought they were brilliant. I don't think there is any doubt that he spoke to them otherwise surely he would have responded, but I think he should be on more money and although I can see it from the board point of view at the time of signing it was a good deal but a lot has happened since.

I hope if he does love us fans that he will hang on in there, I am sure that the board will eventually see sense, just hope it's not too late. I also agree that he has been ill-advised by his agent, who obviously is not interested in his client only his money. He is the greedy one.

If he is still with us for the friendly against Villareal I hope all the fans will give him a standing ovation and support him as he is our no1 and we should not forget what he has done for us.''

by chris radford
01:58PM 18th Jul 2008
''How much of his interview was prompted by his agent, I wonder? Telling him that if he played for a 'bigger' club he would definitely get so much more per week.

He could end up getting the same treatment as Defoe did when he listened to his agent and handed in a transfer request the day after we got relegated.

I hope that Green has a bit of a think next time before he opens his mouth - although I for one would be gutted if he left.''

by ExPat_Iron
01:12PM 18th Jul 2008
''I don't know how true this story is coming from The Sun, but Greeny has been known to talk to the press quite a bit. If it is true please dear lord give that man a contract, he's a crowd favourite, plays his heart out, and deserves every penny he earns (and probably should be on more). Not only that but he's a great ambassador for the club - at all costs we need to keep him.''

by bobbymoorelower
01:10PM 18th Jul 2008
''No acknowledgement as to how his game has improved immensly under the coaching of Ludo. No recognition of the fact that West Ham rescued him from a life of munching on Delia's puds. This smacks of yet another greed-mongering agent winding up his cash cow to try and get some more shekels out of hard suffering fans. Sack your parasitic agent Greeny and get back to work!''

by gareth rees
10:50AM 18th Jul 2008
''It's a disgrace if he's not offered a new, improved contract. What are West Ham thinking? Rob Green has saved us quite a few times in the last two seasons. The club is being run by a joker, obviously. ''

by Kev
10:11AM 18th Jul 2008
''Seriously, if there's anyone we should be keeping sweet it's Greeney. The bloke's been immense since he's been here. Give him a fair deal!''

by alkie chris
09:45AM 18th Jul 2008
''If we dont hold on to him and make him feel wanted it's a disgrace. He is one of our most important players so don't push him out by making him feel undervalued ...''

by barney
09:16AM 18th Jul 2008
''I'm suprised by Rob Green. He has a three-year contract and want to exstended it to five years. I for one would give him a six year contract. But we all know things are tougher than they were at WHUFC and in the real world. We have a banker in charge and we know banks are going tits up all over the place.

Dean Ashton was offered a new contract because he only had less than two years left. So now he starts talking to the press and giving the hard luck story. This is the same man who said he cried about the poverty of the African in Kenya. Why could he just not wait another year(on his huge wages to most working class people)? See how things pan out then ask for new contract.

I smell a rat. I would take bets on him being an Arsenal player by the start of the season ...''

by whambam
09:04AM 18th Jul 2008
''Well that's it, I'm voting LBM or Quashie for Hammer of the Year this season ...''

by aaron
09:01AM 18th Jul 2008
''Typical West Ham again.This fella seems to be no better than Terrance Brown.
How can you not give Rob Green a better deal? Green is vital at West Ham and he is saying he doesnīt want to leave because he loves the fans, but might have to if the board donīt get their finger out. What kind of manager is Curbs - he should be demanding a new contract For Greeno.''

by PrinceH
08:47AM 18th Jul 2008
''So all of a sudden we shall trust The Sun, shall we? Green wrote two great articles in The Independent last week, and now he talks to The Sun. I doubt it very much!

What I don't doubt is that Green is our hero number one and should be able to negotiate his contract if too bad, compared to others. Green is very, very important for us! (And The Sun knows that, and after all they do take care of rumours - don't they? - hopefully the West Ham board as well).''

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