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Ask David Sullivan

Filed: Sunday, 21st July 2013
By: Staff Writer

This afternoon, West Ham United's co-owner David Sullivan dropped in on Twitter to answer questions put to him by supporters.

Sullivan, posting via his son Jack's account, spent more than an hour talking to the fans in his first ever social media-based Q&A session. You may read all the questions and answers via Jack Sullivan's Twitter feed, or read on below in order to save you having to constantly scroll...

@HammerRaven: Do you think we need more pace? Moses or Sinclair on loan would be perfect. Tom Ince ideal, but obviously pricey...

DS: We need more pace with one or two extra players.

@jordanwray16: How much money is left to spend?

DS: The problem is the wages, not the money. Under PPL we are capped.

@ahmet_tempz: David do you think the atmosphere in the Olympic Stadium will be the same as Upton Park? And are we close to any signings ?

DS: Yes. It will be different but just as good.

@HammerRaven: What do you think of our style of play? Admittedly we no Swansea but it's pragmatic, gets results. Are you happy with it?

DS: I thought in some games we played some good and exciting football. We don't play like Wigan - but they got relegated.

@EllisWarrenUK: Where do you expect us to finish next season?

DS: Higher than last season with a Cup run.

@TaylorWild12: Why didn't we sign Wilfried Bony?

DS: Bony wouldn't have come as backup to Andy Carroll.

@30SECONDSTOGLEN: Would Loic Remy be an option? Very good forward with pace.

DS: He is facing a serious criminal charge and therefore is a high risk signing.

@bbyrne7: Why go for Zapata (unproven)? Demba Ba and Darren Bent are both available...

DS: We look to sign a younger player who could be a superstar.

@H18Dalton: If money were no object, which Premier League player would you most like to sign?

DS: Robin Van Persie from the Premier League but I would also sign Ronaldo from Spain. Pace, what we need!

@JohnBundock: Who is our most exciting young player and will youth get a chance still?

DS: Elliot Lee or Ravel Morrison in my opinion, but others may disagree.

@Jamie_Seagrave: Why did you buy more shares?

DS: Because I wanted to get rid of the bank and show my commitment to the club.

@RichMaher93: Have there been any further investigation into the Savio signing?

DS: There is no hard evidence at this time.

@themooks: Have you made a decision not to bid on Birmingham's young players and exploit their demise?

DS: We only bid on players Sam Allardyce asks us to bid on.

@MarcOfAsgard: Are we going to eye up any full backs during this transfer window? Demel is past his prime.

DS: We need goalscorers, not defenders.

@RichMaher9: Any chance of a Scott Parker loan return?

DS: We have to focus wages on strikers due to the wage cap, but would love Scott back if there was room.

@TheRobTaylor: You've done a great job with David Gold and Karren Brady with the club, are we ready to win a Cup?

DS: Hopefully, but you need a lot of luck with the draw. But the League comes first!

@ConnorwilsonLFC: What's your favourite away stadium?

DS: Cardiff, because that is where I am from originally.

@Vansbm: By upping your stake in the club do you believe we can clear the debt ahead of schedule?

DS: I hope we are debt free by the time we go in to the Olympic Stadium.

@SeanioF87: Have you enquired about Lukaku?

DS: We would love him but I don't think Chelsea would loan or sell him.

@Sponge_lloyd: You referred to the wage cap. Man City must have an enormous wage bill, surely there's no point to the FFP rules?

DS: Even they can't go up by 4million next season unless they generate extra non-TV income.

@MattPois: What strikers are we looking at? And can you stop wearing that ridiculous Russian hat and coat next season?

DS: It's a lucky hat and coat, very warm!

@Bishy613: How pleased are you with the new Adidas kits? I think they look fantastic.

DS: Fantastic. I particularly like the away and training kit.

@dannnnt: I played at Upton Park in a tournament this year, will I be able to do the same when we get the Olympic Stadium?

DS: We are only tenants so I don't think so, but I am sure there will be a deal to strike.

@LewD7: Was there anyone big you tried and failed to sign?

DS: Neymar and Lukaku three years ago, at the same time.

@WHUFCGeezer: What's been your favourite on-pitch moment since taking over at West Ham?

DS: Beating Manchester United 4-0 in the Carling Cup and Chelsea in the league.

@whusmudge: Do you think we are running out of time to conduct our transfer business? We can't afford to start slowly in the Premier League.

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DS: No. We still have four weeks until the start of season and hope to sign a striker within 10 days.

@JoshTucker__: Is there still any chance of Zapata becoming a West Ham player?

DS: No; unfortunately he cannot get a work permit.

@harris_whu: Adrian or Jussi Jaaskelainen as first choice goalkeeper?

DS: They're both very good 'keepers but I don't pick the team.

@CameronBroome97: How long until West Ham get European football?

DS: I would love to be in Europe this time next year!

@Johnsie31: Do we still owe Sheffield Utd any money for the Carlos Tevez saga?

DS: Yes; the last payment is next month.

@Teguhrama: Would West Ham United tour to an Asian country?

DS: If we got the right offer, of course.

@KillianYnw: Are you interested in getting Sterling on loan?

DS: We don't think he is available but I like him. Very tricky and fast!

@SanderNyland: Will there be an athletics running track around the Olympic Stadium?

DS: No; it will be covered with seats.

@liambarwick27: What's the best goal you've seen whilst being part of West Ham?

DS: Every goal we score is a good one for me!

@ludowhufc: Would you consider Kenwyne Jones as our number two striker, or are we aiming higher?

DS: He doesn't score enough for me, therefore we are aiming higher.

@Hammer_Balkan: Is Tomkins going to be first choice instead of Ginge?

DS: Ask Sam, not me. I rate them both highly.

@Jamie_Seagrave: How can you call 77 affordable football ?

DS: We have many kids for a quid games and half price games, such as Cardiff and Stoke.

@Jamie_Seagrave: Why are we playing a crap, boring team for our home pre-season fixture?

DS: pre-season is about getting players fit, results are irrelevant.

@af_ben: Will the club name the Olympic Stadium after one of the club's great players, ie Bobby Moore or Sir Geoff Hurst? Or Paul Ince, maybe!?

DS: Yes we are!

@nickcollier1: Do you think West Ham can achieve a top 10 finish again this year?

DS: Yes; hopefully higher.

@johnnyfkay: Can we copy Stoke and offer free travel to away games? We have five games in London so it wouldn't be as expensive.

DS: We are 70million in debt, maybe in the future.

@desouza1994: Would you consider signing players from the Turkish football league? I think there is a lot of hidden talent there.

DS: Most of them cannot get work permits.

@desouza1994: How about Yilmaz?

DS: We tried to get him this time last year but he wanted to stay in Turkey.

@iGeekApple: Do you think we need some younger players in the team?

DS: Yes and no. I love experience as do I love young talent.

@MattWebby4: Did anyone activate Mo Diame's release clause last summer?

DS: No.

@Brownpants99: Why don't you get a Twitter account, then you can stop all the stupid rumours?

DS: I would say things I should not! Also I think Jack does a good job.

@gower82: How come the smallest kit you can buy is aged two years? What about baby Hammers?

DS: We do have lots of outfits for babies. Have a look in the West Ham store.

@SanderNyland22: Why is it so hard to get work permits for Zapata or Turkish players?

DS: There are strict rules for non-EU players and they have to play 75 per cent of internationals in the last two years to qualify.

@thegibbins: Can we please give Carlton Cole some form of a role at West Ham? Lifetme President? We miss him.

DS: Carlton is a lovely man, we offered him a fantastic long-term deal this time last year and he turned it down. I miss him too.

@themooks: Is there any chance of getting the live updates on the official site improved, especially for mobiles?

DS: There are updates on Twitter.

@PambouE: Have you considered Samaras as back up to Andy Carroll? Celtic captain and can play on the wing?

DS: It is a big jump from Scotland to the EPL. Many have failed, eg Boyd.

@MitchellClark__: Don't you think Darren Bent would be a good signing?

DS: He's very injury prone, but a good player on his day.

@JayJWillo: Except for strikers, who else are we looking to buy?

DS: We are happy with the rest of the team. All we need now is pace and goals.

@ZachRV: Can we get some sleeveless training tops so I can look buff when I train?

DS: The training gear is fantastic. Get some scissors and a needle and thread!

@pepeDaina: Why have we heard no news about new investors, is the 70m debt putting them off?

DS: Probably. It would have put me and DG off if we weren't local and didn't love the club.

@jack_fleming8: Is there any chance you can make West Ham TV free?

DS: We will look into it. The problem is we have a deal with the people who run the website.

@RossH1983: What do you want to be when you grow up?

DS: I want to be taller, but I am 64 so I doubt that is going to happen!

@ConnorG23: I have watched many games of Norwegian football and it should really be looked into!

DS: Not many players have come from Norway, it is a big jump.

@WHUFCTALK1: Can we improve our scouting like Porto? They bring in the best talent in the world.

DS: They don't need work permits in Portugal for players from South America so it is so much easier for them.

@Ben_WHU: Any chance of getting West Ham TV on Sky and showing pre-season games, like Liverpool TV?

DS: It's not viable at the moment but is in the pipeline.

@krisbell77: Is there going to be just the one more new signing or are we strengthening throughout the squad?

DS: Maybe more.

@harrywhu: Do you ever see West Ham winning the Premier League?

DS: One day.

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