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Season ticket deposit receives cool reception

Filed: Tuesday, 13th January 2015
By: Staff Writer

News that supporters will be asked to pay a 25 per cent deposit to secure a seat at the Olympic Stadium has been met with a degree of disappointment from Hammers fans.

It was confirmed on Sunday evening that any supporter wishing to purchase a season ticket at the new stadium will have to pay a fairly sizeable chunk of their 2016/17 fee as early as this April.

And that has caused a certain degree of anger from some fans - especially those with families, who have to fund several season tickets per season.

The aptly named westhamfamily, posting on the KUMB Forum said: "We have a family of four who sit in the Chicken Run near the halfway line and I've got to fork out for the season tickets this year and 25 per cent of next years to secure my seats. Let's hope that they still do concessions in Band 1!

"Actually I am a little disappointed with the attitude of buy it now or lose it. We should have a 10 day hiatus where we can discuss it."

And fellow member Pop Robson added: "The family next to me have to find around 3750 before the end of the season to carry on going after donkeys' years. I can't think of many things that you expected to pay a 25 per cent over a year in advance for."

But it isn't just family members who have expressed dissatisfaction over the club's plans, which have been likened by some to the Bond Scheme of the early 1990s.

Many single season ticket holders have also complained about the club's insistence on a deposit being demanded so far in advance. "The 25 per cent deposit so far in advance is a blatant rip-off and unfair on so many levels," raged DD.

"Why would anyone fall for this GCSE-type marketing type trick? Don't pay it and force the Clubs' hand; the spirit of the Bond Scheme would be quality."

News of the deposit has also upset a number of long-term season ticket holders; KUMB member Oldun, who has been attending the Boleyn for more than 50 years said: "Me and my son have both said we will sit and wait and just take a couple of seats together from what's left. They are getting nothing out of me until I have to."

However some supporters backed the club's stance; hammerdivone insisted that the club would be damned by fans whichever migration method they chose to employ, adding: "Quite rightly the club needs to know how many seats it has available, to allow those on the waiting list to take up their option.

"If they left it until Spring 2016 so every season ticket holder knew what they were up to it would cause chaos, and probably a bigger outrage than now. They can't really win whatever they do."

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