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The opposition view: Manchester City

Filed: Monday, 21st September 2015
By: Staff Writer

Surprised and a bit stunned by their defeat, Man City fans took to the web to express their disappointment at losing to lowly West Ham. The best - and the worst - of their comments in this week's OV...

"I'm glad the bubble burst a little this weekend because we needed a taste of reality. This year isn't going to be easy at all and we need to forget walking away with this league, it won't happen. West Ham set up well and flooded midfield when they needed to. Other than that they did not control the game and their story was one great goal and another due to our own undoing. I'm not worried about our defence because apart from the odd counter attack, they barely threatened or had any control over the game. The only worrying thing was that when you rack up 20+ shots and 73 per cent possession, it means you aren't putting the ball in the net when you should. Without Silva it just never looked like happening and breaking these teams down is something we need to learn fast because they all know now how to beat us."
- inbetween

"Great second half in terms of effort and willingness. We battered West Ham for the whole half and barely allowed them a kick. Still can't believe we didn't score with all the pressure we put them under. Well done to West Ham. Ultimately they did what Juventus did and took their chances whereas we didn't and defended for their lives. Still top though and we are in a better position than everyone else, so can't be too downbeat."
- nottsblue

"We were excellent in the second half - it was the best we've played this season for me - but West Ham managed to deflect/block everything we threw at them. You can't legislate for that and on another day we could have won 5 or 6-2. The result was a disappointment, but shit happens. Not much Hart could do with the shot, I was right behind it and as soon as Moses hit it, it was in; a perfect hit. Haven't seen the second again, but that just looked like our normal wank defending of corners and something I've come to expect. We're still top, and the other results were mostly ok for us staying there. Not concerned, it wasn't a game like Burnley or Hull last year."
- cleavers

"Our problem appears to be a fundamental attitude problem, We have had this problem a few years. We won the league twice, then inexplicably regressed the following season. It is like we think we have achieved our objective and decide to take our foot off the gas. Two defeats on the bounce following five wins without conceeding and both in my opinion were avoidable. Yesterday was similar to many off the games the seasons after our title wins. Starting with lazy half arsed performances. Arrogance that we will win regardless. Losing 2-0 then waking up, and chasing the game for 60+ minutes. West Ham were not good. That defeat was yet another self inflicted. It is annoying."
- zabbadabbado

"After a night's sleep and a bit of reflection, I still feel sick to my stomach. Absolutely gutted and pissed off."
- Big Yaya Wilko 12

"This was a freak result, nothing else. On another day, Moses never scores that goal, even after a hundred attempts. Fernandinho should have cleared that corner, i don't know what he thought he was doing there. And once again, we have been awfully wasteful, or the Hammers were under the protection of the gods of football, dress it as you like.
As usual, we are on CL-hangover land: typical City."
- ZZmaestro

"I was absolutely disgusted with the behaviour of some of the West Ham players. I'm talking about the ones who went down holding their head and were then treated for a leg injury. I did notice that the ref, after the first occasion it happened, ignored it the next time, but as much as I thought his performance as regards the time-wasting was poor I do feel a certain sympathy for him, as I realise he can't continually ignore players who go down holding their head. Connected to this was the way the Hammers, after receiving lengthy treatment on the pitch, hobble off, jog along the touch line and come straight back on as if nothing had happened. I expected better from West Ham and I'm very disappointed at the way they wasted so much time yesterday."
- Vienna_70

"Once again after a disappointment in Europe our league form dips. For the first 30-40 minutes we were not very good at all. But after the break we really stepped up. I don't know how the Hell West Ham managed to keep a clean sheet in the second half. I doubt our defence would have survived under such sustained pressure. I hope the Hammers play like that against all the other title contenders because they were well organised and dangerous on the break. Thank goodness the sun is shining today as it's been a miserable few days results wise and wet cold weather would have just added to the gloom."
- Bluekiwi

"I have watched recordings of Sky's review, MotD and MotD2 Extra reviews of the match and I think Sky are a disgrace. The BBC rightly complimented the tenacity and defending of West Ham but balanced that against our enterprising attacking play whilst (again quite rightly) mentioning our lack of closing down. They then rightly concluded we were unlucky but West Ham played well. Sky focused on our two mistakes on the two goals let in the great defending of West Ham and that was it (Thierry Henry is not a good pundit, calling him boring would be being nice about him). Respect your paying audience Sky or you will lose them."
- Mancity1080

"I have wound myself up about this and I've emailed the EPL to request clarification re the rules on time wasting. 'I attended the game and I witnessed countless example of the away team players being allowed to time waste at will without so much as a warning from those officiating. This included players being allowed to virtually circumnavigate the stadium before leaving the field of play after feigning injury. Meanwhile, the away team's GK was allowed to hang on to the ball for exceedingly long periods of time without admonishment. None of this was reflected in the woefully inadequate four minutes injury that was called by the fourth official. Please could you clarify what the rules of the game are with respect to this?'"
- Pam

* Comments originally posted at twitter, bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk and mancityfans.net.

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