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The opposition view: Chelsea

Filed: Monday, 21st March 2016
By: Staff Writer

Chelsea forums became the latest to go into meltdown following thier inability to beat West Ham United at the weekend. Enjoy a smorgasbord of views from the West side, served this week alongside a platter of self-entitlement and casual racism...

"We had about 20 efforts on goal, about twice as many as them. Fabregas nearly scored two more, and on another day JT and RLC would have scored. West Ham also hit the bar and had a header cleared off the line. A draw was a fair result. MotD's edited version gave a different impression, to back up Jenas' view that they 'completely dominated'. They didn't, but they were very threatening on the break, bypassing our midfield at will."
- Backbiter

"I don't think we played too bad against a very in-form West Ham. We conceded a fantastic strike which was impossible to save, and maybe could have done better on the second goal but was a great ball from Payet; Cahill should have stayed with Carroll though. I also dunno how Courtois can be at fault for that second goal as it was hit at mid height, with force to the side of him. The stats show we had more attempts than them so not so bad. Obviously we should have done better but West Ham are a very good side and our defence and midfield are sub-par at the moment to say the least. "
- enigma

"We were far from the better team here. They had chances to kill us, and we were lucky to get away with a point. Underside of crossbar, Traore saving on the line etc. We had our moments, but West Ham were miles better going forward than us. We showed grit to get back, though, and I thought RLC and Traore came in and did very well; Kennedy did very well too. Fabregas was immense too. I am very happy to see him playing like a guy who wants to stay and win things with us. In the end, given where we are in the season. I am happy to see some of the youngsters getting to show what they're made of."
- Thrives

"By the way, anyway hear West Ham fans having the temerity to sing the 'you've got no history' chant? It's a crap thing to aim at any club, but even more laughable coming from them."
- The Brit

"Sakho, then Carroll spent the whole game barging into our CBs (and Azpi) in order to win the ball in the air, and a semi-competent ref or first half lino would have changed the game and given us a lot more possession. Their first goal starts with a foul on Azpi if I recall. Stoke football by West Ham. Still WHU, like Leicester, have found that pretty much all the talent in Europe wants to come to the Prem. They have a bunch of good players and gave us a good game which we were fortunate to draw. The ref lost it a lot. Several second yellows should have been given to WHU in the last few minutes - not that they would have changed the score. The penalty was probably outside, but the yellow was probably a red. The only reason that RLC does not have a clear shot on goal being that the guy who fouled him catches up after the trip. Disappointing performance - fantastic game. 35 shots in it. And this is mid-table Prem. Who would watch another league?"
- Droy was my hero

"Couldn't get to this one but managed to check the team sheet an hour before kick-off, saw the same lack of ambition that we've seen Guus go in for before and thought with our track record it was bound to be a draw. Not surprised to hear the atmosphere was flat because the club aren't doing anything to fire the imaginations of the supporters. We're a mid-table team with mid-table aspirations right now, and people want to pretend that because we're Chelsea it's going to turn around overnight. It's not. The league's changed. All we've got as fans right now is the future. The present is sh*t and the past is full of recriminations and 'what ifs?', but the future has potential. Give the fans the future, give them a glimpse of what could be rather than trying to restart the stuff that didn't work."
- ShedEnder91

"West Ham are a good side, in good form, playing good football, and we matched them by playing good football in what was an exciting attacking game which would have been fun to watch for a neutral. Yes Chelsea of last season would not be happy with this draw but we aren't playing well with a lot of players off form so a draw is not a bad result especially as we showed passion playing good attacking football which is all I can currently ask for. If we could only learn how to defend against the counter attack we would be well up there."
- PedroMendez

"That was a good game between two finely balanced sides. Fair play to West Ham for coming and having a go. Credit goes to Bilic for the job he has done there, hope our new man can similarly inject a new philosophy into the club. Defensively we just aren't there now, a rebuild of the backline is in order as is the cover afforded them. Going forward in the second half we looked far better when playing with pace and prepared to have a real go at them. I thought Fabregas made a good play today for the captains armband, he showed the passion that we all crave. Good minutes for all the young lads, each did their cause no harm."
- charierre

"The narrative that West Ham were robbed seems a tad odd. It wasn't a penalty, but the balance of play was absolutely not skewed towards them. Not that I'm crowing about Chelsea-West Ham ebbing and flowing, just seems odd that anyone would be pro-West Ham. Fans were absolute animals, even by derby away day standards. Came out of the East Upper and there were dozens of them attacking coppers. Not a word anywhere I've seen. Very different story, I've no doubt, if it had been our lot."
- thevelourfog

"Another below-par performance. In all honesty I'm getting fed up with the dross we have been served up for years. The truth of the matter is West Ham are a better team than us. Roman has spent a billion pounds to get us to the pinnacle of world football but we are a club broken. There is a huge black hole in midfield that is dragging us down. Mikel, Oscar and Matic should be shipped out. I really think a couple of top-class midfielders will fire up Hazard, Willian and Pedro. The problem is do they exist?"
- kev61

"Tony Gale seems to commentate on every game I watch on a stream. He usually spends the whole game slagging us off, but today he only had eyes for his former team. Nothing to say about us all game. At the end he claimed they had controlled the game and had the best chances. I'd quite like to show him the match stats to prove to him he wasn't actually watching. He didn't seem to notice Kenedy getting smacked in the face, but spent quite a while appealing for a yellow card for RLC after Willian booted the ball upfield after that bullsh*t call for handball against Fabregas. You just knew the carthorse would score when he came on. Horribly scuffed shot but that's all it takes to beat Courtois in a one on one these days."
- Backbiter

"Some positives. Cesc brace. Still unbeaten in the Prem w Guus. Stopped the losing streak. Stopped pikeys getting in top four."
- General

* Comments originally posted at forums.cfcnet.co.uk and theshedend.com

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