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The opposition view: Manchester City

Filed: Monday, 29th August 2016
By: Staff Writer

The game ended 3-1 but Manchester City were always in command during yesterda's Premier League clash at The Etihad. How did the City fans see it? Find out in this week's OV...

"A sublime first 45. It really was. Second half not so much, but still lots of chances created and but for the finishing and some wrong choices it could have been much more comfortable. Credit to West Ham, they came out strong second half but we deserved the 3 points. You can see what we are trying to do and when it comes off for 90 minutes its going to be incredible to watch."
- blueinsa

"Re-watched the match on Sky last night. The first half was amazing and we continued playing really well for the first ten minutes of the second half. We then conceded the goal, but then conceded only ONE more half chance, in the rest of the match, and that was at 3-1! Yes, we lost a little control, and West Ham played slightly better, but we still dominated and continued to look slick for the majority of the time, and created about five clear cut chances. If it wasn't for the almost flawless first half, the second half would have appeared excellent."
- Gaudino's Perm

"A brilliant first half, we could and should have been more than two up. We weren't quite as good second half but West Ham couldn't be so poor again and they were always going to have a little spell. It's almost impossible to completely nullify a team as good as them for a whole 90 minutes. The nerves in the second half say more about the fans than the team, its not like Willy was getting peppered, I felt we were always in control and in the final 15 it was only a matter of time until we wrapped it up."
- Paul Lake's Left Knee

"Good result, should have been out of sight in the first half. 3 or 4-0 would not have flattered us. We showed enough fight in the second half to limit West Ham to a couple of corners and a free kick and you can guarantee Pep will not be happy with the second half performance, he is a perfectionist. I'm not sure what is driving NIall Quinn with his negativity towards our club, perhaps a nice fat monthly paycheck from Murdoch has something to do with it? He had a pair of bollocks when he played the game, now he's just a yes man and a f8cking coward. Aguero's straight arm (not an elbow) was never a sending off , Reid pushed him off balance in the first place and according to Bilic, Reid was coming off anyway . No doubt the Trafford eye gouger, Sky and the Rag media will be all over this, for the next few days, trying to get Sergio banned for the derby."
- jimmygrimblesboots

"We don't know Sergio's intent but we do know the ref was perfectly positioned to see what happened and, in fact, it was not a lot. He shouldn't get banned, because the ref has no excuse for not seeing the incident but that won't him getting a retrospective ban. I think it is debatable whether it was a red card offence but there could have been few complaints if the ref had sent him off on one viewing; he didn't and that should be an end to it but..."
- OB1

"Honestly, it looks nasty to me. We've certainly seen players red-carded and suspended for less. However, unlike the Balotelli foul against Spurs (if you remember that) I'm finding it difficult to understand how the ref could have not spotted this one. And if he saw it, and didn't act on it, then retroactive action can't be taken, right?"
- jimharri

"Ageuro idn't fucking touch Reid, but those Sky ****s are determined to hang Sergio! Fuck off Quinn, fuck off Redknapp! Bog Brush and Costa get away with cheap shots week in, week out, I'll be outraged if the FA even look at it (but not surprised)."
- homerdog

"A definite red card, irrespective of contact or the play acting. Aguero is an aggressive player and he has a nasty side, as this and a couple of other incidents in the past have proved. My issue is that incidents of a similar nature go unpunished and most definitely aren't subject to the same level exposure and scrutiny - it stinks of inconsistency and an obvious agenda."
- FantasyIreland

"A great performance, we should really have scored more, West Ham are a band of long balls thugs, I don't know if their fans enjoy this kind of football but whatever, we played brilliant football, happy for Nasri, it looks like he has a future in this club."
- CityForever45

"I can't stand Mark Noble. The epitome of everything wrong with English football, in my opinion. No tactical nouse, just lots of effort and a dirty bastard. Basicaly a pub footballer with a much better higher level of basic skill and fitness. Compare and contrast him to silva - one is a thug, one is a footballer."
- simon23

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