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Welcome to April!

Filed: Saturday, 1st April 2017
By: Staff Writer

Just in case you were under the illusion that the Olympic Stadium pitch was set to rotate 90 degrees at the end of the season, we have a confession to make.

This morning's story entitled 'More changes at the Olympic Stadium' - in which KUMB reported that the pitch at the OS was set to be rotated by 90 degrees was an April Fool (in case you hadn't guessed).

You may see our previous efforts to hoodwink you below...

April Fooled?

How many of these have caught you out in the past? Here's a comprehensive list of previous April Fools posted here on KUMB.com over the years...

13 YEARS AGO: West Ham annouunce plans to convert the Chicken Run into luxury flats: http://po.st/K0Vv6R

12 YEARS AGO: West Ham announce plans to leave Upton Park for 8,000-capacity stadium: http://po.st/CHuUAk

11 YEARS AGO: Newham Council to rename Green St 'Brown St' in honour of West Ham Terry Brown : http://po.st/6FmI1p

10 YEARS AGO: West Ham announce sponsorship deal with Nestle's Aero for club anthem Bubbles: http://po.st/hzjurh

9 YEARS AGO: West Ham set to ground share with Millwall at the Den whilst new stadium is built: http://po.st/5A2z9Y

8 YEARS AGO: The Boleyn Ground surface is to be replaced by a plastic pitch to curtail number of injuries: http://po.st/U4TW4l

7 YEARS AGO: Sheffield United's match day mascots announce plans to sue West Ham over Tevez affair: http://po.st/Ze0IGZ

6 YEARS AGO: Kieron Dyer set to undergo revolutionary treatment at the Large Hadron Collider facility in Geneva: http://po.st/1U52NK

5 YEARS AGO: The owner of the Boleyn Tavern announces plan to move the pub brick by brick to Straftord: http://po.st/PmHLld

4 YEARS AGO: Sam Allardyce set for appearance on TV's Mastermind. Not many passes expected: http://po.st/QPilPA

3 YEARS AGO: Barry Hean reveals plans to re-release 'Snooker Loopy' in order to fund Olympic Stadium fight: http://po.st/8J9d6l

2 YEARS AGO: West Ham to offer financial incentives to supporters who BACK rather than BOO the team. http://www.kumb.com/story.php?id=127441

1 YEAR AGO: West Ham to wear letters instead of numbers for the final games at the Boleyn. http://www.kumb.com/story.php?id=129662

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