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A Bluenose wrote...

Filed: Saturday, 1st April 2017
By: Staff Writer

Back in 2009, shortly before David Sullivan and David Gold purchased a controlling share of West Ham United a Birmingham City fan wrote to KUMB.

The supporter, who posted under the pseudonym mickey07 wrote to West Ham supporters on several occasions to offer his views on Sullivan and Gold, who sold Birmingham to convicted fraudster Carson Yeung in 2009, during the first few months of their regime.

Earlier this week his posts were exhumed from the Forum archives by KUMB member southendmadhammer, who was struck by how prescient the City fan had been with his predictions seven years ago.

"Welcome to the world of very average players being signed from the fizzy pop leagues!" he wrote back in October 2009, shortly before the sale of West Ham was confirmed. "To find out what approach Sullivan, Gold and Brady will take towards West Ham just look back in the archives for their time at Birmingham.

"Firstly, they'll tell the fans that you are in debt (their figures, not necessarily substantiated) and the fear created justifies the inevitable increase in ticket prices in the summer (Birmingham were more expensive to watch than Man Utd).

"Secondly, they'll blame high wages for the club's problems, but then make out that you will spend a huge sum of money on a 'star' player's wages (conveniently unnamed) - there was never any realistic chance that the player would sign, but gives the supporters the false impression that these guys are prepared to back big transfers.

"Thirdly, they'll avoid spending any money on facilities by trying to move the club to a new ground that someone else has paid for - ie the 2012 Olympic Stadium. Witness the failed campaign aimed at getting the City Council to pay for a new stadium in Birmingham which the club would move to but not contribute towards.

"Birmingham's fans, like those of any club, can certainly be accused of periods of unrealistic expectation but then it was Sullivan himself that made comments about Champions League qualification, not the supporters."

And when asked if he was simply being a little ungrateful, mickey replied: "On occasions, for sure, but being regularly reminded for 15 years of how our club was 'saved' eventually wears a little thin.

"Sully loves a gamble on mickey mouse, no mark players that he thinks he's going to sell for 20million in a few years. And before every transfer window, he will promise you the world and deliver little/nothing.

"If you think [former CEO Scott] Duxbury is bad with spin, just wait until Sullivan starts! He will definitely surpass Duxbury, and within two or three years time you will definitely be doing this."

You can read more of mickey's predictions, made between 2009 and 2010 here.

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