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The opposition view: Sunderland

Filed: Monday, 17th April 2017
By: Staff Writer

Goal-shy Sunderland shocked their fans by scoring not just once but twice agianst a charitable West Ham at the weekend. But are they happy? Read on in this week's OV (please note some language is NSFW)...

"Moyes is clueless. No other Sunderland player was in the same postcode as Defoe. AJ comes on but Anichebe is still down the wing. We were crying out for two up front but he's too negative for that. I hate him and hope he fucks off."
- RossTheNinja

"An entertaining sideshow but we're still fucking shit and we're still down."
- Barnacle Boy

"James Collins is not supposed to score headed goals, so maybe our top notch management team, who advise and prepare the players for the game advised them all wrong? it was a set piece/corner and IMO the players AND the people who train them game to game are responsible. Sometimes, instinctual players (and I would count Pickford in that ) have their natural abilities wing clipped by their coaches. I feel that something like that is happening at Sunderland at the moment, and the sooner it stops the better."
- hauntedfulwell

"Might be my inner goalkeeper, but I reckon thats a foul on Randolph. Buzzing it werent given like."
- MrLarson

"I am sure some of the decisions I was shouting at Marriner were probably correct - in the heat of the moment you're claiming everything. Having said that I am also certain he made some howlers. Looked a yellow to me for Snodgrass late tackle on Cattermole - no, just a chat. Was it not a potential yellow for preventing us taking a throw in when their lad held on to the ball, refused to give it back and walked away with it? On the flip side I am sure he never saw the 'foul' on Anichebe leading to Byram's first yellow. He wasn't even looking and gave it based on Anichebe falling over. Fucking hopeless, the cheating twat!"
- Shack

"West Ham's first goal. How jammy was that? Carroll's fluffed shot turns out to be the perfect pass. Can you remember a luckier goal against us this season?"
- Smartie

"Snodgrass used to be ok when he was playing as a pacy winger at Leeds. Either his injury has slowed him down or he's been coached into one of these wingers who has lost the ability to get past a full back and whip in a cross. For a left-footed player, he hardly spent a second on the left hand side yesterday."
- martin_s_buckley

"Andre Marriner. Horrific ref. Up there with the worst there has ever been. Today's performance was so bad it was laughable. How the fuck he maintains his place on the elite list is baffling. He either has photos of Mike Riley riding Kevin Friend or is paying to be kept in his job."
- radjee gadjee

"Moyes and Bilic. Two managers who are both under fire. One can barely walk but spent yesterday kicking every ball from his technical area, it took 20 fucking minutes for the other one to get off his arse. Said yesterday was my last game under Moyes and Short but now the chants have started against the dour twat I ll be plonking my fat arse on a pink seat a couple more times."
- BucketBiff

"To quote Jasper Carrot - I thought our name was Sunderland nil..."
- JL1985

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