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The opposition view: Swansea City

Filed: Monday, 2nd October 2017
By: Staff Writer

On an afternoon where we welcomed our friends from across the border, neither set of fans left east London particularly happy.

Although at least (most of) us Hammers didn't have a 3 hour+ journey home to look forward to, so that we may comtemplate another miserable away defeat. The thoughts of the Jacks, in this week's OV...

"Met with some ardent West Ham fans today who reckon that they were 'there for the taking' if we had shown some proper attacking intent on Saturday. They can't believe how docile we were - only one shot on target. Also news from the East London terraces is Andy Carroll to Everton in the January transfer window!"
- Sheffieldjack

"It was as inevitable as rain on a bank holiday in Mumbles that West Ham would score in the last minute today. As a club we have gone so far backward in four years that goals by us in consecutive matches are now but distant memories. We must have appointed some of the worst managers in Premier League history since Laudrup, and the present one is no better than the last three. All due to the ego and greed of one man, Huw Jenkins. Why should we continue to put up with the crap any longer. Until Jenkins disappears from the scene I have decided I have had enough. Bollocks to it all. It is an insult to intelligence."
- notrac

"West Ham had pretty much settled for a point and Clement brings on a utility player who falls asleep at the far post when he is supposed to be playing full back. If we come out of the next two home games with less than two points, I think PC may be picking up his P45."
- AnotherJohn

"For the best part of 89 minutes, West Ham had no answer for us. Granted we couldn't creat anything but what else is new these days. We owned possession and made the Hammers look shot at home. Then we lose our discipline on the touchline, make a stupid substitution and the rest is history. Does PC not have the measure of the players at his disposal yet? Has he never seen Clucas at left back? Wouldn't you want to see that before you have him play there? I mean, it's not like we had no other choice..."
- Yankee_Jack

"I kept telling myself that West Ham were going to score late today - I just had that gut feeling. To be honest I don't even fucking care they scored; I'm with you all in saying that I've had enough right now as well as it's so fucking pathetic - who wants to watch football where we score once every month?"
- IanABS94

"Clement is losing us more games with questionable decisions than any other manager I can remember in recent years. Puts Clueless [Clucas] on for Olson. Why? Wasn't it his responsibility to sign cover at left back? Instead he signed the most expensive utility player in history who can't play any defensive position. And if it was Huw who wouldn't sign a full back or signed Clueless, not Clement then our manager should've said so in the media or resigned. We looked steady. An improvement on last week but that ain't saying much, it's a relegation battle ahead. With no idea how to score goals it's a battle we'll struggle to win this time."
- icecoldjack

"Some won't admit it and some will have rose-tinted glasses on, but we are shiite and will be only going one way as it stands - DOWN! It's been the same cack for us now going into our third year and it will catch us up, we have no quality at all at our disposal and our only hope is that come January, we are still within touching distance (a la last season). The Board have tried to be clever and make money, hoping that come January that we will be comfortable enough that no money will be needed to be spent. This is an unforgiving league and you have to be going into the season fully prepared but now, the Board will have to spend more money to try and keep us in this league - that's if they are willing to spend."
- Flashberryjack

"We are no longer entertaining to watch. Clement kept us up last season by playing non-entertaining football but I accepted that as a necessity. Unfortunately he has carried the same boring aporoach into this season and actually gone backwards. No width in the team. No wingers. Wingbacks who can't or won't attack. Shocking supply to strikers. Few shots at goal. Personally I cant see it improving. Don't want to go down playing this negative football. Who is available to replace Clement, I don't know. But let the search begin."
- Bony

"Swans lose to West Ham - Laudrup sacked. Swans lose to West Ham - Bradley sacked. Swans lose to West Ham - is history repeating itself?"
- theloneranger

"1979 FA Cup loss (0-2), no segregation, no police assistance, golf balls, bricks and arseholes galore mixing in our end. Still hate the tossers!"
- Blobby

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