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The opposition view: Brighton & Hove Albion

Filed: Sunday, 22nd October 2017
By: Staff Writer

Well that didn't quite go as planned. Unless you're Chris Hughton, of course.

See what the Brighton fans think of their unexpected victory on London in this week'd OV...

"A good team show. CH knows how to get his tactics spot on. Nullify West Ham, pull all 11 back when we are defending then hit them hard and fast on the break. We may have been lucky that Andy Carroll was suspended... Hernandez, up top on his own, struggled."
- level42

"Went with an Irons fan, so in with the home fans. Had to hold on to my shit desperately every time we scored or had a chance so I didn't get chucked out or twatted. With the second goal it got so bad I had to go to the shitter for a few silent fist pumps! Then went out on the piss in town, eventually falling out of an Uber at 6am this morning absolutely gatted, knowing that I had to be at work for 12:00, just in time for the Chelsea hoards. Just finished work and I feel shit! And you know what? I'd do it all again! What a night."
- SeagullinExile

"The surprising part of the game was when they were trailing 2-0 at half time, Billic didn't try changing Antonio to the left to run at Bruno - who is 37 years old - and had Arnautovic, who was poor, in his pocket. It mnakes us realise how good CH is, as I am sure that he would have seen that and tried it."
- BensGrandad

2Just woke up, with a sore head, what a result, brilliant. All the press is about West Ham and plucky Brighton don't really get a mention. All about what a bad result is was for them, no comments on how well we did - more about how unlucky they were. Pisses me off a bit, I like it that we are under the radar but credit where credit is due."
- OzMike

"This on the Beeb live text feed: 'Brighton and Hove Albion won their first away match in the top-flight since March 1983, ending a winless run of 11 matches. They also recorded their joint-biggest away top-flight win, equalling their 3-0 victory at Crystal Palace in April 1981.'"
- PTC Gull

"Deep, deep joy! Wish I could have been there, what a night! What support, what performances! What a testimony to CH's genius! I feel sorry for Bilic, I think he's a good manager and a good man - but he's just run out of momentum, perhaps. Deep joy!!!"
- exKT17

"I was sitting with the West Ham fans (a mate of mine from work is a season ticket holder and had a spare ticket) so I had the full experience - travelling with them to and from the game. The overriding sentiment throughout, and even before the game, was that the team just aren't playing for the manager anymore and, even with the expensive signings they've made (e.g. Arnautovic), there's just absolutely no game plan. Most feel that Bilic has to go, but they can't think of a single manager who would probably want the job, so there's not many other options out there.Most feel that this is the worst that they've seen WH play for years and Brighton were nothing special, which just adds to their disgust at their own poor performance."
- Razi

"Result aside, it's a dreadful place to watch football. Sound doesn't carry at all, strange atmosphere. Didn't feel like a football stadium at all. But I don't care cos that was one of the greatest evenings of my Albion supporting life."
- Deadly Danson

"It feels like the client base has changed at West Ham. 30,000+ passionate fans at Upton Park is a lot different to a 52k combination of fans and tourists."
- One Teddy Maybank

"I have to say I really fear for West Ham if they ever go down. That stadium will be shockingly bad with 30,000 or less in it in the Championship and its very unhealthy to find yourself in a position like when you don't own your own ground. Could be a very slippery slope."
- Albion Dan

"The stadium Reminded me of Withdean - an athletics stadium, stands a long way from the pitch and about 6k to 8k fans in the ground (well after our third goal anyway)..."
- Guy Fawkes

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