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80 per cent are UNHAPPY in Stratford, say fans

Filed: Tuesday, 24th October 2017
By: Staff Writer

David Sullivan's claim that 95 per cent of supporters are happy at the Olympic Stadium couldn't be further from the truth, according to the results of a new KUMB poll.

Sullivan, speaking with Sky Sports on Friday night insisted that only one in 20 West Ham supporters were disenchanted with the Stratford stadium - without providing any basis for his assertion.

However a poll of registered KUMB.com members paints a rather different picture - with an astonishing 80 per cent claiming that rather than being content, they are distinctly unhappy in Stratford.

Indeed, only 12 per cent of voters registered as being happy with life at the OS - some 83 per cent less than Sullivan had claimed.

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The reasons behind the general air of dissatisfaction are many and varied, although a recurring theme is the suggestion that the Board may have raised expectations unnecessarily prior to the migration process - a process hailed by many as a catastrophic failure.

"I don't mind the stadium and have always said I like my seat and view," wrote KUMB Forum stalwart Kialos. " I go to from Stratford via Carpenters Estate so avoid the Westfield area and stop/go signs.

"However what annoys me is seeing how the Board negotiated the whole thing, based solely on spending as little as possible rather than doing what needed doing. Signing away any kind of say in matters that any club with regard to fans or even the team would sign over is unforgivable."

Thoughts echoed by Big George, who added: "The club sold us a fake vision. The executive team failed to do even the most basic of work to prepare the stadium, then shifted blame for the horrendous problems. They were so blinded by the cash, they ignored their customers."

And ChikinRub added: "I bought the 'founder' season ticket at the new stadium with an open mind but, I have to say, people who expressed concerns have been proved right. I've given it a go, but it's not us.

"To say it never will be is wrong, because I think this massive compromise of a football stadium will be 'us', the new us. I strongly believe that most of what - if not all - we loved about our wonderfully charismatic, unique club is quickly being destroyed. The stadium is a big part of that destruction; it's ironic, really."

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Equally concerning - if not more so - would appear to be the number of long term supporters who either have, or intend to refrain from renewing their season ticket/s as a result of the many issues surrounding the stadium.

"I can't stand the place so I haven't been this season," said Pop Robson. "After missing only two home league games over 15 seasons, I've missed all four home games this season."

Meanwhile BrownFatwa and RichieRiv find themselves in a similar position. "I didnít renew this year after over 40 years full commitment," commented the former. "I hate the place and actually was mildly in favour of the move. It's simply not a fit place to watch football."

Whilst the latter added: "This is my 17th year - and I am seriously doubting whether I'll reach 18."

Hundreds of KUMB readers have joined the above in commented on the poll, offering a series of reasons why they are either content or disappointed at Stratford. You may read those on the KUMB Forum.

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Poll Standings (as of Tuesday, 24 October)

Question: Are you "happy with the move" to Stratford?

Yes: 12%
No: 80%
Unsure: 8%

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