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The opposition view: Tottenham

Filed: Thursday, 26th October 2017
By: Staff Writer

This week's (extended) Opposition View is brough to you in association with the terms 'your Cup Final' and 'it's happening again'.

With strong language throughout - enjoy...

Pre-match optimism

"Fired up for this one. I won't be there, but think we should get through. It will depend how much the players want to win the League Cup. As West Ham will treat it like a Cup Final as it's the nearest that they'll get to one, against us at Wembley."
- El Guepardo

"I think it's hilarious how they are treating this as the biggest game in the clubs history. Let's face it, it's not often they get to play in a competitive game at Wembley that isn't a play off final. This highlights how small and desperate they are. To us it's a game that is a hinderance in between some massive Champions league matches against Real Madrid and to them its new suits and pre final rituals."
- SouthStand Billy

"This truly is West Hams cup final, it's at Wembley, it's a cup match, and it's the final game they will play in this cup this season."
- Briddo1882

"The only interest to me is abusing there [sic] shit fans and cheap tickets to take dad as if this was against a non-rival i would definitly not be attending and watch it indoors on internet"

"It's their world cup final!!!"
- markysimmo

"West Ham are trying so hard to make this an event. But it isnít. It really isnít. THFC have far bigger fish to fry. It is their biggest cup final in years and the lack of interest on our side is
understandable looking at our fixture list and hilariously disrespectful of a club who have decided that we are their rivals."
- Boltonspur

"It is now 10 years since we last won the League Cup in 2008. Remember, we have never went more than 10 years without winning a trophy since the 1921-1951 period. We badly need to win a trophy this season to continue that proud record. West Ham are sure to make it tough for us again. We need to take them seriously this time to get revenge for that 2013 defeat."
- Spurs7891

The First Half

"Looks empty."
- StephenH

"1-0 to the Moussa Sissoko team!"
- John Thomas

"Excellent start. Will calm a few nerves. Need to build on a great start."
- paxtonwolf

"Our squad is so bloody handy, Davies just slots in at LCB, looks so calm.. We're a young versatile lot, it will see us go far."
- nayenezgani

"Watching the replay, Hart would never have saved that header from Alli."
- Kandi1977

"Seeing it again, Alli probably should have scored. Hope we dont end up regretting it."
- paxtonwolf

"West Ham are so fucking shit, we're barely in the first gear and we still control the game."
- theromanianjackass

"What a finish! We needed that, game had gone a bit scrappy. Nice to see the celebration back too."
- paxtonwolf

"Another masterful performance, we have to win trophies with this squad and Poch. It would be a travesty if we donít! West Ham are clueless!"
- slickz

"Bilic looks like he knows he's gone."
- Kandi1977

"Only us getting too complacent can stop us from winning this game, but we should win this by four or five without hitting top gear. So easy. We've been decent but West Ham are rubbish."
- the dza

"Another goal (for us) and this is over as a contest, if it ever was one."
- Rorschach

"Good, comfortable half, didn't feel my heart flutter once. Which is unusual. Get Sissoko his hat-trick, and let's move on. No sense expending more energy than we have to beating this lot."
- DubaiSpur

"In a season with no utter brick house team, West Ham could go down. They are useless. This is a walk in the park, whilst they are struggling to keep up. Mark Noble is a Championship player."
- Legohamster

"Easy first half, never got out of first gear, keep it up lads."
- East Mid Yid

The Second Half: 2-1

"Really poor attitude from our team this second half, that goal a good wake up call for them to not take things for granted."
- the dza

"That should give us a little reminder that this is an actual game of football."
- Furball man

The Second Half: 2-2

"Haha. Typical Spurs from two years ago. Two attacks, two goals, and we've thrown away a two-goal lead. 60 minutes of dominance wasted. I think Foyth played Ayew onside for both goals. Ah, well."
- DubaiSpur

"Losing a two-goal lead to a bunch of cloggers is utterly, utterly embarrassing no matter what the circumstances. And if Son and Llorente can look as irredeemably atrocious as that against West Ham... well, it doesn't paint either of them in a great light."
- DubaiSpur

"To let this joke of a team back in is beyond annoying! Complacency personified! Bloody embarrassment!"
- StephenH

"Fucking hell... why DO we give them such enjoyment at our expense? "Well this is embarrassing."
- Denmark Spur

"Chill lads. This game is a free hit for us. Win, weíre through, lose and itís a comp we donít want anyway. Just not extra time thanks."
- Boltonspur

"Last thing we want here is extra time. Iíve got the last episode of Gunpowder to watch before bed."
- Mikey10

The Second Half: 2-3

"Oh come on now, is this for fucking real?"
- theromanianjackass

"This is a fucking disgrace."
- Maccer

"We absolutely have to save this match. If West Ham go on to win then we'll never hear the fucking end of it."
- Thin Lilywhite Duke

"We were 2-0 up and it was a training game. To be 2-3 down, whatever our priorities are, is a shambles, especially in the manor that itís happened. Dog shit."
- Hashegotthesackyet?

"Pathetic -- and nobody try and play it down because it's the league cup, this 2nd half has been a fudging embarrassment from numbers 1 to 11."
- the dza

"I don't really care about the League Cup but you know that if they win this, they'll be banging on about it for decades given that this is this season's cup final, and would be their biggest result for decades."
- AdamB

"The word complacency springs to mind. We're giving West Ham the helping hand they need to turn their season around. Just like we always seem to do against them. Could have put the nail in their coffin, now we've given them the kiss of life. What happened to our ruthless streak? Playing into their, and the fucking commentators hands. Fucking Cup Final cunts!"
- 1882

"What a piss-poor second half from us. And against that lot. So, so embarrassing. At least it was the least important game/competition, but still. How we capitulated in that second half is unforgivable, second string team or not."
- Robbo

"Heading out of one of the two cups we have a realistic chance of winning this season. Itís not good."
- Legohamster

"*closes KUMB*"
- Chucklevision82

Post-Match Denial

"We won't even remember the name of the league cup in a few seasons."
- scaramanga

"Haha. If this was a real game iíd be furious. The new lane will get loads of CL finals."
- galeforce

"Chill lads. It was always going to happen at Wembley in literally their cup final. Gives Slaven hope and they will lose their next Premier League game. Mind you, could mind fudge us for Saturday too."
- GinolaGinolaGinola

"It's the fucking Crab Cup, or whatever, and we started with a bunch of reserves. It's a bit sad to see us not give a fuck, but in their minds our players are focused on the PL and the CL. It's no tragedy that we lose here. It sucks a bit that the West Ham fans gets to win their Cup final though."
- Daisuk

"Strange game. Almost like we gave up. Can't say I care about this competition, but lets win just for pride!"
- elyid

"It's the same problem as the early UEFA problems we have. It's a nothing contest against a nothing team. It's understandable that players hyped up and focused on trying to win the league can't put all their effort in."
- scaramanga


"A team of Alderweireld, Davies, Rose, Trippier, Dier, Dele and Son is NOT a team of reserves. Stop trying to play it down because it's West Ham, it was a shocking display."
- harr1984

"It's not the defeat, it's the manner of the defeat that hurts. They were rubbish, 2-0 down with less than 45 mins to go and we fucked it up. Dele and Son should stop practising handshakes and start practising passing to each other."
- glasgowspur

"What's worse is the manner in which we went out. Playing like we literally couldn't give a fuck against one of our most bitter rivals. Gifting the cunts three goals. It's the humiliation that hurts. I thought we were past this shit."
- John Thomas

"There is no excuse for such a capitulation and I still can't quite fathom what I saw in front of me. West Ham were awful. Their fans booed them at half time. No way should we have lost that. It will all come into perspective tomorrow but right now I'm pissed off."
- Glenda's Legs

"A cup is a cup. I don't care if it's Carabao Cup, the Wife Beaters Cup or the Mickey Mouse Cup - it's about winning trophies and Poch hasn't won any with us yet! Juande Ramos had a shorter stint managing Spurs and has won more cups than Poch! Tonight's capitulation was an embarrassment. We had Mr. Fucking Bean in charge."
- The Portugeezer

"I hate to say it, but fair play to that lot - they didn't give up. Devil's advocate: hopefully a good lesson for our team that you can never be complacent if you want to win."
- elyid

"Well, that was embarrassing. It's another cup thrown away, and I'll never be okay with that - ever. It's one of my biggest disagreements with Poch, and always will be - a man who has won absolutely nothing cannot afford to be choosy, and neither can a club that has won two league cups in 25 years. Same old Tottenham, always let you down - we are the Spurs of old, limply losing to everyone with a bit of spine and effort. We cannot let our guard down like this ever again. If you want to throw competitions, Poch, that's your prerogative - you've earned it, despite my disagreement. But this is the risk - the Spurs you built will fade away, and the true Tottenham will return. It's always fucking there. And although we can suppress it for entire seasons, across multiple competitions - somewhere, somehow, this sort of thing will happen the instant our effort wavers. And it will fucking return."
- DubaiSpur

* Comments originally posted at glory-glory.co.uk and thefightingcock.co.uk

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