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The opposition view: David Moyes

Filed: Tuesday, 7th November 2017
By: Staff Writer

David Moyes' most successful period in management was spent on Merseyside with Everton.

During a period that spanned more than a decade, Moyes' Everton side were regularly challenging for European qualification via the Premiership - even though he failed to win any notable silverware during that time.

So we thought we'd find out what the members of Everton's equivalent of KUMB, grandoldteam.com thought about the appointment of Moyes at West Ham - at the same time the Everton Board are considering appointing former West Ham boss Sam Allardyce...

"I think Moyes knows he has to do well at West Ham or nobody will touch him again in club football. And as for Sam Allardyce, he can just stick to KFC and not come near us."
- matty1878

"I liked David Moyes and appreciated everything he did for us as a manager. But his mentality I despised. His own negativity is what made him fail at Man United, and then he was negativity on steroids at Sunderland - and look where they are now."
- Debunkology

"I think Moyes failed at Man Utd as they wanted him to run the club on the cheap. Sociedad he did OK, but was ultimately a failure - did well the first season and had a bad start the second. Sunderland would have failed if they had Fergie, Ancelotti or Big Sam for that matter in charge. The squad had a terrible attitude and the money was not made available to improve the team."
- JobForTheMoyes

"In fairness to Fat Sam, he kept a crap Sunderland squad in the Premier League. A year later, Moyes relegated them."
- Gareth Gibson

"It has always been a myth to me that Moyes could sort out a defence. Yeah he got a lot of clean sheets here but when it really mattered, his defence always crumbled. Always. It is why he has never won anything in a pretty long career."
- Papa Shango

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"I would welcome the Moyessiah home with open arms. One of our best managers... Would sort it all out and get us back where we belong. He would do a better job than Allardyce, for sure. He has more passion and knows and cares about this club. Dyche is unknown territory., so it's Moyes for me. it's an obvious choice."
- marcus

"Out of the two, Sam is less of a broken man. I think Man United, Socediad and Sunderland have broken Moyes to the point he's like Reek from Game of Thrones now..."
- overkill

"Can't believe this man has found himself a new job in the Premier League. He must be bloody good at interviews, that's all I can say."
- Safc-mark-91

"Good luck David Moyes. West Ham have a great manager to steer them out of trouble."
- marcus

"He's finished. He has been for years. As for getting the defence working again? Arsenal 7-0 Everton; Aston Villa 4-0 Everton; Everton 0-4 Bolton Wanderers; Manchester City 5-1 Everton; Benfica 5-0 Everton; Dynamo Bucharest 5-0 Everton; Everton 1-4 West Bromwich Albion; Everton 1-4 Blackburn Rovers; West Bromwich Albion 4-0 Everton... Dont start me!"
- Papa Shango

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"Good luck Moyes, I have confidence that you can do well at West Ham."
- Francis

"West Ham have taken the bullet for us, hopefully."
- Naiskill

"Had a panic attack and nearly crashed this morning. Listening to Talksport and heard Alan Brazil say 'well, it looks like Moyes and Phil Neville for your club. Everton fans, do you think David can do it for you this season?' I'd only just tuned in and missed the whole conversation. He was talking about West Ham - then Unsworth. Panic over. He's their problem now. Just one less thing for me to worry about. Been listening to their fans, they're not happy to say the least. Shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it."
- Gladystweet

"'West Ham United confirm the appointment of David Moyes as the club’s manager'. We miss a good manager..."
- srobins

"Like Martinez, the man got the club and still does. It's best that we don't revisit it though, he's going to have a terrible time at West Ham under those owners."
- Sweeneytoad

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