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The opposition view: Everton

Filed: Thursday, 30th November 2017
By: Staff Writer

It's to the Blue side of Stanley Park that we turn our attention for the latest instalment of the OV...

"I wish we could threaten our players with Allardyce coming in every week. I saw players playing differently tonight. They reverted back to form for a brief period until Rooney’s quick thinking, confidence, and audacity settled things with a third goal. Tonight I’m feeling good because I saw some belief in the players, some desire. Pickford saved a penalty, what a guy! At least we’ve been doing our stats homework. Well done Everton, a great fantastic important win tonight and an actual clean sheet. Where were West Ham tonight? or was it because we could actually be arsed and showed a little bit of quality?"
- Muggins

"Wow - how bad were West Ham? I can't understand why Hart wasn't sent off for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity. Zabaleta was fortunate to stay on as well. All of the players put in an effort tonight, though we didn't play particularly well as a unit. Williams is so poor. Sigurdsson had a decent game. Rooney will deservedly take the plaudits for his hat trick and performance from most. Important win tonight."
- NewRadical

"Two utterly garbage teams smearing a football pitch with shite tonight. We were just less crap and had a class player on the pitch. Happy for Unsworth to go out on a high note, though. Came into a really difficult situation. Devastated that Fat Sam's our manager, but just got to accept it and get behind him now."
- Furey1878

"Second half WHU pressed us mightly and nearly got back into the game. At two down they had nothing to lose and pushed us back. Their play though at that time was better, good passing compared to us, we gave the ball away too easily with our bad passing. A win is a win and three points, helped by other results this week."
- Toffeelover

"Not getting carried away.....West Ham were dreadful. BUT....much improved performance bar that 10 minute spell at the start of the second half when they pinned us back. Absolute worldy from Rooney who had a cracking game. Nobody really had a bad game, it's amazing what a bit of confidence can do."
- everton2004

"Without doubt the turning point of the game was Pickford’s penalty save. They were in the ascendancy at that point, 2-1 who knows what it could have ended up. Rooney take a bow, fantastic goal. If nothing else, it will hopefully give the lads confidence going into Saturday, in an equally important game."
- rochdaleblue

"That's what confidence can do for you, turns a player we were saying was washed up and giving the ball away into a commanding midfielder who dictated the play and sprayed passes everywhere, not to mention a world class goal and a hat-trick. West Ham's heads went down apart from the spell in the second half where Moyes blasted them during the break."
- Fletch

"In the 72nd minute there were two passages of play where we strung together 10+ passes uninterrupted. Granted, West Ham heads were down at that stage but that is the first time we have seen that this season. From little acorns etc, yes, apart from the first 10-15 of the second half West Ham were dross but that was encouraging. Mr Allardyce, over to you.
And it felt good to stick it to Moyes."
- Dublin blue 75

"Some thoughts: West Ham are utterly dreadful. Moyes shown he should never be near our managerial position ever again. Pickford was commanding, confident and made a great pen save. Well deserved clean sheet."
- Zezti

"Don't know if anyone else noticed but at the end of game, Moyes came on the pitch
and walked over to the West Ham fans, applauding them. The reaction he received was pure gold, he received every obscene gesture under the sun from the West Ham fans,
funny to see."
- royalblue66

"12-0 in goal difference in our five games vs Moyes after he left."
- SuperTimCahill

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