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The opposition view: Stoke City

Filed: Sunday, 17th December 2017
By: Staff Writer

Without a hint of irony or nod to years of Pulis-inspired dirty tricks inside the penalty box, Stoke fans gave both barrels to Manuel Lanzini for his part in yesterday's comfortable win at the bet365 Stadium.

Revel in the anger and vitriol spewing from the 'Delilahs' in your latest edition of the OV; expect very strong language throughout.

On the match...

"We hit the post then seconds later a blatant dive wins a pen and instead of a goal up, we're a goal down. That's the rub sometimes. And first half the ref might as well have been wearing a West Ham shirt. Thing is, we're so brittle when things go against us you can't see us turning it around. I thought we played some decent footie at times today, but never really looked like scoring. And once the second went in we were a joke at the back."
- ohbottom

"You could've drove a lorry with two trailers attached at the back though our midfield and not been touched, we conceded so much space to WHU of all teams with Mark f*cking Noble and some f*cking 18-year-old kiddie. I'm glad we did. It's going to get Hughes the sack finally (PLEASE!) and hopefully a new RB, a new CM and move Diouf up top perm and potentially three midfielders in the centre which we haven't persisted with since Bojan was here. 4-5-1 please."
- TexasPotter

"It was quite strange. I didn't hear anyone moaning about the hour delay and there were some amusing cheers when it was announced that the turnstiles were finally working. No trouble whatsoever at the Boothen End and supporters were orderly in the massive queues. In all my long years as a Stokie, never quite known anything like it before."
- OldStokie

"At home against this shower of sh*te and we created absolutely nothing again. Itís not even through lack of effort, itís through lack of quality and utter mismanagement from top to bottom. If Coates canít see what the fuss is about then maybe itís time he enjoyed his retirement and passed it on to someone with a bit more ambition."
- stoke365

"We are the shower of sh*te not West Ham. They are a million times better than us. Off goes Arnie (our best player for the last two seasons) to be replaced by Chicharito, a world class player. And we didnt even test their goalie once in a whole match. We Are not a shower but a waterfall of sh*te."
- malteser68

"Not sure whether it was the hour wait outside before the game or the Return of The Snake but yesterdays atmosphere was the best I've heard for a very long time. Made me proud to be a Stokie. The drowning out of 'Bubbles' after they'd scored the first by 'Oh when the Reds' was particularly impressive. The constant 'Go on Stoke' throughout the game was the best for a long time. Anybody who thinks we've lost our famous atmosphere is wrong. Yesterday it came back. Never forget, win, lose or draw. It's our club."
- wizzardofdribble

"We huffed and puffed, which is more than we have seen often recently, but there was little teamwork and no tactical nous. My comment on the substitutions when they were made was that it looked like the last throw of a desperate manager."
- reddipotter

"You don't get anything for finishing second in football. While there is some merit in the refs giving soft first goals to open up the games this does not excuse another defensive masterclass. 3/10: One because it was never a pen, another for having a go at Arnie and a third for staying 'til the end when everyone wanted him to go early."
- rivival

"We were f*cking awful again, his substitutions were worse than ever, Hughes could not manage to F*CK off in an organised way. You need to witness his incompetence first hand to appreciate just how incompetent the man is."
- crapslinger

"Thank you to the lads with inflatable snakes around their necks back of the Booothen.
Raised a smile in otherwise fraught circumstances. That fucking Arnie 'Hammer' crossed arm gesture and badge pat is seared in me head. Haunting me, anner slept. We should have given a few more 'shove your f*cking dildos up your arse' though. And I'm against wanton profanity as a rule. Justified yesterday. C*nt."
- cheeesfreeex

On the penalty...

"Absolutely disgusting performance by Graham Scott first half, i can't believe no one has mentioned it yet. Missed the most blatant of fouls on Shaqiri then goes up the other end and gives a penalty for the most blatant dive with a clear, unobstructed view from just 10 yards away. The amount of times Shaqiri got fouled and they got away with it for the full 90 minutes. As for time wasting, at one stage they switched the 'thrower' three f*cking times. At this occasion he decided to show a yellow card when West Ham must have taken over a full minute to take a throw in. One of the worst displays in 45 minutes I've witnessed in a long time. Way out of his depth, needs to f*ck off to League 2 and learn his trade, another inept tosspot. Not taking away from Stoke's shambolic performance though, and not blaming the referee for the loss either."
- thegift

"F*ck me backwards. My mate said at the game Pieters never touched him but I didn't really see it at the time. It's one of the worst decisions I've ever seen and the referee should be struck off the list for falling for that as he was right behind it with a perfect view. Who was the bent bastard of a ref anyway? Never seen him before."
- vincentvega

"David Moyes' defence of Lanzini was interesting in the post match. He said he hoped/thought Lanzini had fallen over with exhaustion having run 70 yards to get there. Clearly he knows the video shows no contact and is getting West Ham's defence in ahead of the panel. You'd rather he just said something like 'West Ham players don't do that and I'll be having a chat without coffee with him in my office on Monday morning'. It was a shameful episode. I'd love to know how Lanzini feels tonight, shown to be a cheat but is he triumphant or shamed? It sounds ridiculous when you have lost 3-0 but I can't escape the thought it may well have cost us the game."
- Gods

"Watching the replay is unbelievable. Lanzini got the angle right to con the ref beautifully but what a cheating c*nt. As someone else has said that doesn't change the fact their keeper had zero saves to make but also it's about time we had sone luck with sh*t like this, challenges where the ball then drops to opponent. Suppose I could just be biased but nothing seems to be going our way."
- stokiekm

"This twat had one thing in his mind today and one thing only.....give West Ham everything, give Stoke nothing. Penalty to West Ham when he dived. Free kick to West Ham on two occasions for fouls against Antonio first half when they were two of the most blatant dives you will see in a game ever. Bookings for Wimmer and Shawcross for fouling players as they looked to break clear (right decision) yet no yellow card at all for Obiang despite doing exactly that to Shaq. Free kicks or decisions all in West Ham's favour throughout the game. Finally on the point of Lanzini's ban - what a f*cking w*nk rule that is. Well do nothing to assist the team he cheated against but we'll help out the next two teams he faces! Persoanlly I think he should be banned from playing the next three games against the side he cheated against."
- theloony1

On Arnautovic...

"If I was Hughes I'd be more worried about myself then trying to get in a fight with Arnie, who by the way had every right to give it back both barrels, some of you on here sitting on your high horse. He got booed and called a twat since the first minute, what's he supposed to do, clap you? Talking of which, it made me angry and embarrassed when the little lad who sits near me got up and shouted 'break his legs' when Arnie got the ball. That's the sort of behaviour some Stoke fans seem to find funny but I just found it disgusting, sadly that's what happens when you are surrounded by that sort of childish atmosphere."
- rambler

"He was total quality all game. That's what you get when you have £50million-worth of quality footballers pulling the strings for you. Him and Lanzini were class."
- Pugsley

"Let's be honest, Arnie was a class apart yesterday. Could any of us have seen Crouch, Diouf, or Berahino creating for themselves the chances he did yesterday? Whilst he missed most of them, none of ours would have even gotten themselves into those positions in the first place. Thinking back to our stellar 2-0 victories over both Manchester clubs of a couple of years back, both were Arnie-inspired and results would have been very different without him. We have missed him badly, and our anger at his departure would have been replaced by grateful indifference if it was good old Muni or someone of that ilk, who we knew we were going to miss far less. When we played him down the middle for a few games, I always felt he was a bigger threat than anything else we had, but he never looked as threatening as he did yesterday, which is I think more of a sad reflection on the state of our defence than any improvement in his game."
- oslostokie1

"Certainly the player had a good game - but he will never be anything other than a greedy snake, who has an equally distasteful agent brother. He was given a platform, he was persevered with, and he repaid good treatment and reward with the attitude of a twat. He looked good in our team, he is only now looking good for West Ham. He will never look good in a decent squad because he only has a limited capability. He has no intelligence football wise, which is why he has failed at higher levels."
- Nemesis Cuckoo

"If I was playing football in a foreign country for a mid-table team and another mid-table team offered me more money to do the same would I take it? Yes. If at the same time could I make my brother, who is family (nothing more important), some money in agents fees would I move? Yes, if the club had told me I could leave when I wanted to anyway would I move? Yes surely this means there will be no issues... if supporters of this club then booed and swore at me and called me and my family horrible things would I give it some back? Yes. Anyone who says different to all of the above is a liar. In life you have to look after yourself and your family and that's it, end of story."
- rambler

"I loved Arnie when he played for us and his departure was disappointing to say the least. He didn't handle it well either, but let's face it, he's not the brightest bulb is he? Yesterday proved what we all already knew, he is strong and quick and needs about six chances to get a goal. If he could finish he would be in a top six side...but he can't! Lanzini MUST get a ban but that doesn't help us at all. Overall we are clueless, toothless and have too many players who just aren't good enough. "
- leicspotter

"Arnie's 'crossed arms' thing hurt for sure but we deserved it - and him scoring the 'nail in the coffin' goal was a foregone conclusion - we all knew it.....unfortunately he has been canny enough to see the writing on the wall with Hughes and secured himself what will be his last big money move before being tarnished with relegation fodder. If I were him I'd have done exactly the same if I could. His performance yesterday demonstrated in spades what we are now lacking; the club have not used the massive profit we made on him wisely - it's a clusterfuck beyond my Hughes-doubting expectation....."
- kidcrewbob

"The Ďgriefí Arnie was supposedly getting before the goal was very tame really. Given that I find it really odd that he did not just run back to his own half without milking our demise for all it was worth. In two years time heíll be almost as hated as Payet at that club when heís 31, disinterested and still has a three-year contract left that means no other club would dream of paying his wages on loan, never mind buying him. West Hamís reactions to the supposed bad reception he got are hilarious. Personally I think Arnie, Ayew and Hernandez are all going to be getting booed by their own fans before too long, and I canít wait to see it. I did feel a little bad for being impatient to see Arnie fall victim to the deluded Cockney hate mob when they are still mad table in a year or two, but now I hope it happens ASAP."
- dreamingof72

"What I saw from Arnie was exactly what I saw when he was at Stoke. His body language is always like that. OK he reacted to the crowd, but he had a brilliant game. Was influential in everything West Ham did. The dopey captain should have sorted him out but couldn't get near him. He even bounced off Arnie at one point. Everything he has said about the club is bang on the money - that's the truth that really hurts Stoke fans."
- Pugsley

"To us, Arnie is a c*nt for the manner he left us. It was a bitter pill to take. At the time I was absolutely livid but not so much anymore. As much as it pains us all to admit it, yesterday, Arnautovic was absolutely fantastic. He may have been unlucky with four or five chances before eventually finding the back of the net but letís face it, we donít even have any players that would come close to taking up the positions he did to get those opportunities or make runs incisive enough to get those chances. As for his taunting of the crowd, itís nothing less than Iíd expect with the poisonous abuse he was getting, totally justified abuse but you canít expect him to start blowing kisses to the fans can you? Mark Hughes says he is ungrateful, but we may turn out to be the ungrateful ones for not paying him what he wanted, he was our best player that carried us for a large portion to the top half finishes. Arnie youíve always been a c*nt but we loved you when you were our c*nt and now weíre the ones with egg on our faces."
- Block 22

On reflection...

"I've never been so down after a defeat, i feel hopeless. im actually a bit emotional. might be the drink but feck me, we've thrown it all away and it makes me so so sad."
- djduncanjames

"The problem is the so called sh*t teams are getting better, and we are going the opposite way. Up until yesterday I couldn't quite get myself to believe we are going down, but the display yesterday against a pretty sh*t West Ham side has changed my mind. We are doomed I tell you, doomed."
- fca47

"We have to get Pulis in, and fast. Not a joke, not 'fishing' - it's the only way we'll stay up."
- Lost in Translation

"At least Hughes can't get away with the penalty excuse. Everton, Palace and West Ham all brought in fresh faces and all three have improved. Just f*ck off Coates, you deluded f*cker and take that granny-haired twat with you."
- stokie1954

"F*ck off Butland. F*ck off Tymon. F*ck off Shawcross. Especially f*ck off Wimmer. F*ck off Cameron. F*ck off Shaqiri. F*ck off Adam. F*ck off Allen. F*ck off Sobhi. F*ck off Crouch. F*ck off Berahino. F*ck off Pieters. F*ck off NíGoy. F*ck off Edwards. F*ck off Fletcher. F*ck off Diouf. F*ck off Grant. F*ck off Hughes. F*ck off Scholes. F*ck off Cartwright. And f*ck off Coates. In fact, just f*ck right off entirely Stoke."
- Bojan Mackey

* With thanks to the Oatcake Fanzine and Twitter for supplying the above comments.

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