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The opposition view: Bournemouth

Filed: Wednesday, 27th December 2017
By: Staff Writer

It's all about the ref in your latest edition of the OV, as Cherries fans have their say over some of Bobby Madley's 'unusual' decisions during yesterday's 3-3 draw at The Vitality Stadium...

"I know there have been cases [ Mane for example ] where it's been a red card, other times it hasn't. I don't think any player should be shown a red in cases such as yesterday when it was clearly an accidental clash, he had his eyes on the ball all the way. I think it was laughable that the Josh King incident was even shown, let alone be discussed as a possible red card! He clearly throws his arm up in frustration about something and has no idea their player is that close. Maybe a little painful for him but 100% accidental. As for the third goal, having now seen the replays, I can only assume the ref allowed it as he wasn't totally sure Callum had touched it. But we can all now see, his right boot was offside and it did brush the top of his arm. So we got away with that for sure. If I was a Hammer, I would be fuming but they would also know they should have been well beaten on the day if not for some missed chances and good goalkeeper from Adrian."
- davygravy

"Match Of The Day went through the incident very clearly. Firstly Calum Wilson was offside. Only just but nonetheless offside. Secondly the header wasn't going in. It was clearly going the wrong side of the post. Finally Wilson touched the ball over the line with his arm. Expect Bobby Madley to be 'rested' next week and don't be surprised to see Calum up in front of the FA on a charge of deceiving the ref."
- capfits

"Oh well, despite all the discussion it'll say 3-3 in the record books. Personally I didn't think Franno's was a red, no intention. Thought we deserved a penalty from at least one of the three good shouts we had."
- Red_till_im_ded

"I think a yellow is probably the correct decision for the Francis high foot. He is always looking at the ball, wins the ball and then the West Ham player's head come into the equation. If they want player safety to be a priority, which I agree with, they need a rule where the foot is not allowed to be above shoulder height ever. This will also stop the overhead kick goal, which is a shame, but easier for the players and refs to police. Look at Benteke's goal for Liverpool against Man United. That was even more dangerous then Francis' one yesterday, the United player is scared of getting a kick in the head and Benteke is rewarded with a goal."
- Coobster

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"I can't see Callum's right boot as offside. Either way, I don't see how the linesman can be sure its offside, so with benefit of the attack going to the striker he shouldn't flag for offside. As for the handball, I can only assume the officials missed it. To be honest, I thought it went straight in in real time too so assumed the debate was over interfering with play. Not easy being an official, but having not awarded the goal, I can't believe it was overturned in our favour."
- Tinpot Club

"The King example was a nothing incident, he's having a tantrum reminiscent of a toddler when his new Christmas toy gets put away for bath time. He just rather comically hits him on the head as he throws his arms about. The West Ham player then makes the most of it."
- DJ

"Yellow was perfect for Franno. Ball was there and two commited players went for it. Sometimes someone gets hurt. Franno wasn't overly high with his boot. Nasty whack for the Hammers lad but you're not telling me, roles reversed, one of theirs pulls out of that to save a whack to one of ours. Foul sure, give a yellow, but straight reds are for when malice is involved."
- northstandmark

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"Having seen it replayed many times from different angles I do not believe Wilson was offside and I think the ball may have brushed first his head then his upper arm on its way in. Finally, it is frankly laughable to think that Wilson be disciplined for allegedly saying he didn't touch it. Ridiculous doesn't come close."
- redharry

"I'm confused what the lino flagged for and why speaking to the ref changed his mind. I assumed they spoke and agreed that Wilson didnt touch it so it wasn't offside, but the goal has been given to him. And he wasnt offside and if that's hand ball, then we should have had two penalties in the match so they cannot moan about it."
- Druss_the_Legend

"Francis shouldn't have been sent off, it's not his fault the West Ham player stuck his head there."
- NWCherries98

"The Francis head kick was a red and King, with his off the ball incident, was a close call as well. And if anyone thinks Wilson's goal was pucker, then you really should go and watch another sport that you understand... like conkers."
- AlGard

* Comments originally posted at bournemouth.vitalfootball.co.uk.

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