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The opposition view: Tottenham

Filed: Friday, 5th January 2018
By: Staff Writer

The sense of entitlement is strong in these ones, though on the bright side at least they weren't throwing bottles of urine at West Ham United's travelling supporters this time around.

Enjoy the somewhat salty, unwarranted whiff of superiority as Spurs fans reflect on failing to beat West Ham at home for a second successive occasion this season in your latest edition of the OV. Expect the strongest language throughout.

"Disappointing result. West Ham came to get a point and almost got three. Two great goals mind. Been here before though, no Moyes 'Masterplan' as West Bromwich, Swans and others have played the same way. Atmosphere was generally shit until the final 20 minutes or so. At the end I really did think we were going to win it but lacked composure and inventiveness when it really mattered."

"Bullshit result. But honestly, it's difficult to fault anyone for it - this is a pervasive problem for us, and no individuals can really blamed for it. The worst, most awfully shit sides come to our gaff, and set up like the utterly cretinous, League Two tinpot wastes-of-space they are. And they challenge us to break them down. And, more often than not, we fail to do so. We were told that moving to Wembley would help, because wider pitch = more space to exploit. Well, it hasn't been the case so far. And we need to come up with answers because the new Lane won't be any smaller and opponents won't change a single thing because it works for them. Sigh. Fuck this shit. The lads worked hard if utterly without the edge you need to turn that into goals. Poch set up....okay, I guess, even if the inclusion of Sissoko was puzzling given that we are playing a dog shit side that plays exactly like what they are - a nobody club with no ambitions whatsoever. Ultimately, we did what we could, and I don't think an individual can be blamed for this today. It's a pervasive problem, with no fix that we can see."
- DubaiSpur

"They came there to get a point and did it. Thought they defended very well. How Hart was first choice up to a while back is beyond me. Gutted with only a point, but there ya go."
- Tottenham Sean

"They did defend well, I'll give them that, but thats what almost every team does in Wembley against us. What really pisses me off is that teams like Arsenal, Chelsea and the Arabs, they score early in the game and then they destroy the opposition. We dont do that, whenever we get a defensive team wasting time for 90 mins we have no idea what to do. That's why I prefer to play attacking teams and hate these kind of games against shit teams."
- tongax

"Their 27% game possession was spent packing the penalty area and whacking the ball away, having one shot on goal - playing cringeworthy and pathetic football that was embarrassing to watch. And yet somehow Steve Claridge, for the BBC says Pochettino's tactics must be questioned. He put out a team that UTTERLY dominated their opponents and did their best to win, playing entertaining and skilful football - and that approach has to be questioned? Why are Moyes tactics not being ridiculed and his team not being vilified for their spineless, dull and boring negativity?"
- Mick Cooper

"I feel like I could burst from rage. The wife came down at 0-0 and I gave a brief summary of the game and I, with my big mouth, said they haven't had a shot on goal yet, I shall be so angry if they belt in a worldie now. And... It helps to have someone alongside me to squeeze in frustration and sympathise with my utter helpless wrath."
- JerusalemMan

"I think that if Poch had made subs around the 60th minute rather than the 74th, Spurs win this game. Poch is great but he is still relatively young for a manager at a top flight club and I think that this is one area where he needs to, and will, improve. Utterly dominated an inferior opponent and could only salvage a point - once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend, and this was the 4th time it's happened this season."
- BF3

"I say this grudgingly, but West Ham had a game plan and stuck to it. Call it boring (it was), unambitious (it was) but it nearly paid off. Two great goals, but otherwise a very frustrating evening. We really do need to find a way to crack these “park the bus” outfits because these are games that we ought to be winning."
- Boltonspur

"Really annoyed with this draw! We have lost too many points to bottom teams so far this season. For all our domination, our attack looked toothless and we didn't look like scoring apart from the wonder goal by Son. We were always going to struggle against West Ham in this match. We have only completed one 'double' (home and away wins) over West Ham in the last seven seasons and that was due to a wonder goal by Bale in 2013. It was always asking us too much to do the double over West Ham this season and so it was proved! Fortunately for us, we are no longer in the title race and Man City have virtually won the league title this season. Otherwise, it will be hard to accept dropping these points against West Ham. But still these dropped points will surely come back to affect our top four race later in the season."
- Spurs7891

"Had enough tonight. I don’t care what the stats say. It wasn’t Adrian that cost us the game. It was us and Mike Dean."
- El Guepardo

"What we failed to do last night, as we have a lot of the time at home against teams that refuse to leave their half, was move the ball quick enough. When we did catch them on the break the times they did push up we didnt get the ball forward anywhere near quick enough. I also agree that there was probably no need to start two holding midfielders in this fixture.If Poch has seen anything of Moyes's West Ham this year he should have known that they would be more pragmatic than that. Moyes has got a very average West Ham team with alot of injuries organised and disciplined and before last night they had already beaten Chelsea, drawn with Woolwich and very nearly got a result against City."
- mouse

"I don't think it's about us playing slow today, we created lots of chances, lots of good chances, and should've had at least two clear clear penalties, but got nothing. We were unlucky today, West Ham was lucky (one shot on target, for fuck's sake), and the ref did us no favours. Simple as that. I think the official shot stat ended up at 30-3."
- Daisuk

"You lot truly the academy of football last night, worse football than under fat Sam.
And Wembley is shit so don't blame people not wanting to go but nevermind it's only another 5 months and we'll be in a proper football stadium and you lot are stuck with London stadium and possibly back in the championship."
- Sean

"Taking some sort of pride in having 3 shots and being as interesting a derby match to the average fan as AFC Wimbledon is this coming weekend. Taking pride in not attacking and hanging on for anything possible. Fair enough, carry on remembering 1966. Reason the ground was empty (still 50k in there) was that we put this game in the same price bracket as Woolwich, United and Juventus. And we actually pay top dollar for seats not get them given to us with a copy of the Sunday Sport."
- SpursUltra

"Am I missing something? We took four points off West Ham, they got 1 point and are treating last night as a major success? Their fans seem happy that they have to put 11 men behind the ball and just hoof it as far as they can to get any kind of result. They were even singing that they only had one shot and seemed so proud of that. They’ve always been shit but in the past at least they played a decent brand of football. Their fans demanded it, now they play Pulis style football and seem proud. That next level is coming along nicely.
- SouthStand Billy

"If they played like that for every remaining game of the season they will go down on 38 points. David Moyes getting plaudits today but against a team that they have to pick up all three points in say like Newcastle they can’t and lose the game. This is because most managers in the World can get their sides to stick 10 men behind the ball. To get your team to defend whilst trying to win the game is the measure of a manager, something he hadn’t done yet."
- Guido

"As expected West Ham went full Moyes. Even back in his Everton days his team were always expert in the dark arts. Niggles, digs, pulls, pinches, 'accidentally just a touch late' challenges... West Ham were at it big time. A proper ref would have carded a couple early on to keep it in check. Dean just let them off with it. But had Son's goal happened in the first half it would have been a cricket score. That much is obvious. Typically it was one of those where the longer it went on 0-0/0-1 the less likely we were to score. While I'm fucking livid we didnt win (we REALLY should have) am also incredibly grateful we didnt lose as I thought that's where it was heading."
- nayimfromthehalfwayline

"A few players looked leggy, West Ham came for a draw and we still win that game nine times out of 10. Really really dissapointed but nothing too concerning. All in all a good Christmas period rounded off by a dissapointing draw in a London derby. (Sidenote: besides their centre backs who fought hard, West Ham were absolutely dreadful.)"
- GG1882

"West Ham came with one aim, and that was to not lose. When they did have an opportunity to start an attack themselves, they looked clueless - or it may just have been a reluctance to venture out of their own half and leave space for us. Either way it was effective, wholly served its purpose for them, and they got the flukey goal that we deserved that almost won it for them. They'll be ecstatic with the draw. But at the end of the season, we will still be in or around the top 4 (firmly in it, imo). They will be in or around the bottom 4 (relegation possible but I think they will just scrape clear). I now have to grit my teeth and pay a bet to a Spam fan for us not taking all 6 points. If I'm honest, that's probably what's irking me the most!"
- Glenda's Legs

"Two points dropped. Everything else is history. The reasons for point drop that were under our control, was our continued inability to breakdown a packed defence. We must have dropped between 10-12 points in a similar fashion this season. West Ham are much improved under Moyes, I didn't see that coming when he was put in charge."
- StephenH

Credit where none is due. A great, fortunate goal from Pedro Obiang. Overall, we failed to win rather than West Ham getting a well deserved draw - they were awful and praise should never be given for a performance like that, it's the worse side of football. It's easy to spoil a game, it's much more difficult to be creative. Enjoy your relegation battle - there will be a cup final, the final game when it's not mathematically possible for you not to go down."
- Mr S Pippo

"For all that money spent by West Ham they come to Wembley and have one fluke shot on target and go home happy. Wonder if anyone will call them out on putting 10 men behind the ball. Moyes will be hailed a genius but surely they aspire to more than this."
- Robspur12

"The game changed when West Ham decided to put on Ayew and stop playing with just 10 men. Hernandez managed to be less useful than Sissoko."
- Jordinho

"West Ham have more striker options than us yet every game they play ultra defensive. They spend far more money than their relegation rivals and that's the best Moyes can produce?"
- Robspur12

"Those p*key clams dont deserve a point. Fucking shameful how they set up and played today."
- Anon

"Fuck West Ham, the sooner these c*nts are relegated the better. Sick of us being their cup final and their arsehole thug support."
- the dza

*Comments originally posted at glory-glory.co.uk and thefightingcock.co.uk.

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