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The opposition view: Chelsea

Filed: Monday, 9th April 2018
By: Staff Writer

A blue hat for a blue day? Fans of reigning Premier League champs Chelsea fans bemoan another missed opportunity - and wonder why they didn't sign Javier Hernandez.

Enjoy all this and much more in the latest edition of the OV....

"Firstly, well played to the club. A lovely tribute to Ray Wilkins. Tough result to take on a tough day. Plenty of chances squandered and once again we are punished for that. Microcosm of our season. Hart played a blinder which didn't help. Whatever hope Conte had of staying on next year is gone. We're in free-fall now and neither he nor the players look up for it. Sad end to what was something special last season."
- The Dude Abides

"Same old story, 1-0 up and throw it away. I've accepted that we are now the 5th or 6th best team in the league but what's disappointing is that we couldn't manage a win for Ray Wilkins today."
- 2211

"Our form in 2018: 11 league games, 3 wins, 3 draws, 5 defeats, 12 points. 1 point per game. That is exactly the form of the first 15 league games of 2015/16 - the league games up till Jose's sacking when we were 16th. We are currently 16th in the form table from Jan 1st as well and the board do nothing. If they'd sacked Conte when they should have done it might have saved our season. It couldn't have been worse than this shambles under Conte. Never had this much dislike for a manager as a person. He clearly wants out, he's miserable, he's blaming everyone else for his failings, he's negative, and he's only staying to pick up his pay-off. He has no care for Chelsea as far as I'm concerned, I don't care what he says publicly. His demeanour, mood, language, lack of any passion, says it all."
- James Prescott

"Shame we never bothered to try and sign Hernendez. ALWAYS a goal threat, especially when playing against us, but we could have just signed him and never played the little fucker to at least stop him scoring the inevitable goal against us! At least it wasn't Andy Carroll this time."
- Nibs

"I thought for the most part we played alright, dominated the majority of the game and created far more than West Ham, but true to form didn't make it count. Didn't trouble Hart enough for the amount of possession we had around their box, but when we did he pulled off two fantastic saves (Alonso & Giroud). As soon as Hernandez came on I knew he was going to score - the game was made for him. Why, oh why, did we lave him unmarked on the edge of our box? He had all the time in the world to open up his body and drive a shot at goal. Surely the players know what he know, i.e. he is a goal scorer who has a track record of always scoring against us?"
- mclovin83

"Rudiger picking timewasting Zabaleta up off the ground and standing him on his feet was the highlight for me. It was a decent enough performance, we really should have won that. I would blame sloppy defending more than anything else, it has cost us repeatedly this season. That save from Joe Hart after Giroud's header was world class. He won them the point."
- bluedave

"Neither the players nor the manager could be arsed to bring in their A+ game today - a day after the loss of our own. I honestly do not know how some of people have the passion to defend the players or the board or the manager. Everyone deserves an arse-whooping. The board spend big money to buy average average players! Conte is not a miracle worker and you can expect him to turn turd to curd. Even Moses who looked like a changed player has reverted back to crap this year. The worst part about all these buys is that none of them improve our first team and there are so many in our first team that seem past it."
- On the Bench

"We should have pissed up in this game primarily because this West Ham team is shit. They had a slower midfield than the one that Conte put out (a-fucking again just to make a point to the Board), which is saying something. I don't think Alonso has had so much space in a game this season, up against old man Zabaleta. Not that he did much with it. The game should have been done and dusted by half time but we wasted chance after chance and, of course, they get a bit of confidence because of it. "
- old git

"Surely Abramovich has Russian contacts that can make sure Cahill and Moses are never seen again?"
- The Don Antonio

"I needed a few minutes to calm down after this, I'm furious. I don't even know what to say about that, how many chances does this fucking team need to kill off a football match, fucking pathetic. I can count eight chances in this game at least. And to top it off West Ham score with their only good chance thanks to sloppy defending from Cahill. The sooner he's out the team the better, in fact I don't want to see him start again this season, he was giving the ball away in the first half too. Also Joe Hart playing like Banks on crack when he's been shite all season."
- dynamite

"The only saving grace I've got for this season is seeing the Philadelphia 76ers return to the NBA playoffs - sh!ts going to be exciting."

* Comments originally posted at theshedend.com, cfcnet.co.uk YouTube and twitter.

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