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Enough is enough, say lifelong supporters

Filed: Monday, 30th April 2018
By: Staff Writer

West Ham United are set to lose more long-term loyal supporters when season tickets are due for renewal this summer.

A number of disenchanted supporters, some of whom have been season ticket holders for several decades have told KUMB.com that they are not currently considering renewing their season tickets as a result of dissatisfaction with the Olympic Stadium and the direction in which the club is being taken by the current Board of Directors.

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After the first season in Stratford, around 5,000 season ticket holders refrained from renewing for the current campaign (2017/18). And with potentially thousands more loyal, long-term fans set to walk away from the club, the club is in serious danger of losing yet more of its traditional core support.

"I've been going since 1965 and have been a season ticket holder, off and on, for over 30 years," wrote KUMB Forum member Westbourne Bill. "I've kept my side of the bargain by finding the money and time but the club haven't kept theirs, so I'll pick three or four games just to meet up with friends otherwise I'll watch my local non-league team."

That's a familiar scenario at present, echoed by many long-suffering supporters - such as fellow KUMB member IABATAC, who also intends to 'retire' after more than 40 years as a regular.

"That's it for me and my son," he wrote. "We will not be renewing our season tickets, taking up a membership or buying tickets on the day. I've been going since 1976, my son since he was four (he's 25 now) but we can no longer bring ourselves to be complicit in the destruction of West Ham United.

"We've joined the action groups, we've done the protests, we were there under the director's box against Burnley, but we will no longer go to that ground to watch that useless bunch play the tactics of that negative stop-gap failure of a manager, all of which is the product of the most toxic, cancerous, asset-stripping trio ever to be associated with a football club.

"Furthermore, we believe that this is the only way to truly demonstrate against this bunch of self serving, avaricious psychopaths that have infected West Ham United and we will not set foot in that monument to everything that is wrong with football in the 21st century until such time as GSB have a complete volte-face and live up to the promises they made or get out of our club."

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The intention to stay away until Sullivan & Gold sell the club is a strong theme amongst many fans, whilst the depth of anti-Board feeling appears as strong as it was 15 years ago when the BrownOut! protests took place prior to former Chairman Terry Brown selling West Ham United to Bjorgolffur Gudmundsson.

"After two separate five-year stints, my Dad and I are out at the end of the season," insisted KUMB member Kentammer. " I don't not want to go - being in the BML and living in Hackney, the matchday experience for me personally is actually quite good - and I will really miss it. But I just can't continue to support those two crooks, so this is our own small protest."

And fellow member Gerblatz is also unlikely to return next season as a result. "I am done, my club died two years ago," he said. "It doesnít feel the same and never will.

"I've been going for 45 years and never thought I would feel this way. The money people that have messed it up should feel proud of themselves. English football is going to get the life sucked out of it, like my club. There were a lot of empty seats there against Manchester City; people just donít seem too bothered with the chore anymore."

Meanwhile some supporters - such as KUMB member wildkard - cited the constant changes to fixture dates and times, at the behest of TV companies, as the main reason why he won't be renewing this summer.

"I can't make week night games due to work and there seems to have been a disproportionately large amount of those this season which I have had to miss," he wrote. "I have also missed a couple of weekend games due to work. Given that, and that I'm now at an age where I don't enjoy punishing myself unnecessarily), I won't be renewing. Last season at this time I was undecided, this season I definitely will not be."

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Other supporter testaments

"I'm out after having a season ticket for 38 years. I've given the Athletics Bowl a fair crack but just don't enjoy the experience."
- steviechaz

"I did not expect to be paying £800 to watch a mediocre team with a mediocre manager in a relegation battle. Our Board have shown they are not up to it and have sold us short - as they have done since the day they got their grubby hands on the club. If the Board go I wouldn't think twice about renewing."
- Hockley Hammer

"Two years has been enough for me, I won't be renewing my 1966 seat."
- ohsnap

"Not renewing as I just don't enjoy it anymore and it's not worth a penny - particularly in their pockets. Non-league for me for a while along with the odd away game if I can get a ticket, so that I may still enjoying a beer with friends whilst not having to suffer the travesty that is 'The London Stadium'".
- Johnzo

"Two more long-standing season ticket holders not renewing here. We were going to jack it in last season but was persuaded to give the Board one last chance. We wonít make the same mistake this time; I think itís for the greater good of the club and would consider coming back under new owners."

"I'm renewing purely to keep our 40+ priority points and so that we may continue going to away games. I won't be going back to Stratford though."
- Cottee

"I'm not going to let the ownership drive me away from nearly 50 years of going to support my team, but the fact that I decided the family can share two not three ST's is also a statement to the ownership that you shouldn't assume we all are going to unthinkingly renew. Supporters are in this for the long haul and we want change; owners are always temporary."
- Pentonville

* You may read more supporter testaments like this on the KUMB Forum.

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