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The opposition view: Leicester City

Filed: Monday, 7th May 2018
By: Staff Writer

Leicester's recent Premier League success appears to have engendered a strong sense of entitlement amongst some Foxes fans...

Despite securing a top ten finish again, Leicester forums are full of calls for Claude Puel to go following the 2-0 defeat at home to West Ham at the weekend. Revel in the very best of those complaints in this week's edition of the OV...

"We're one if not the worst Premier side this calendar year. Since Puel put his crap ideas to affect really. Just utter tosh with this group of players. Remember Peter Taylor started ok, then tanked, Puel is going down the same path. Wanna risk all the good of the past few years? Start again with Puel. Change isn't always right, it's change for changes sake here. A few tweaks not a new team and philosophy is all that was required. 44 points is all we're likely to get, only the crap teams in the Premier make that a top half finish. In a even league, it's barely above relegation. It's that what we've become (again)? What a fucking waste of something truly special."
- squidsworth

"Pathetic lack of effort from most of the players. Aimless, spineless and inept. Puel set the team up like an idiot and made daft substitutions too. Now firmly of the belief that we won't get any better until he's gone. Cresswell should have been sent off. A 400-mile round trip every home game to watch a distinct lack of effort and lack of a plan is getting more and more tedious."
- boosmanana

"I'm far more disillusioned than angry. Went to the game knowing full well that we'd lose and put out another performance like that. A mixture of poor tactics, injuries and summer holiday syndrome just makes for tedious viewing at best. Yet another set of fans whom now think their side is actually half decent because they turned us over, join the Newcastle, Crystal Palace and countless others in the club."
- David Guiza

"If you're playing well but not getting the results, it's worth persevering. We are not. In fact, at this moment and for the last three months our performances have been the worst in the league. The players should take a big share of the blame but it's easier to get rid of the manager. One shot on target against West Ham is never acceptable. The performances outweigh any positives of his tenure."
- Mickyblueeyes

"I'm not saying I'd rather we'd have kept Pearson and not won the League, because that ultimately regardless of how we got there was extraordinary and something that we are unlikely to do again in my lifetime. But Pearson has twice taken shocking sides and gradually made them hungry sides that you can be proud of following. I'm actually embarrassed watching that shit at the weekend. How can a circus like West Ham turn up here and outplay us? I bet they couldn't believe their luck."
- Dan LCFC

"Puel reached his nadir for me today. I don't care about injuries that was a team set up with no idea how to play, no idea how to attack, not much idea how to defend and clearly sent out there with little motivation or desire to win or play for this manager. If he's the manager next season we will be relegated. Doesn't matter how much money we spend he just hasn't got what it takes. I realise English is not his first language but he can't communicate properly. Simply a disastrous appointment. Almost better to have no manager at all than Puel at the moment. Under Puel, every single player except Vardy has regressed. he hasn't improved a single player. Time for him to be sacked, now, not at the end of the season."
- reynard

"The most least-surprising result of the weekend. Same crap we've seen since January, horrific performance but that first 45 especially was one of the worst halfs of football I've seen us play this season. Boos, chants of 'You're getting sacked in the morning', chants of 'You don't know what you're doing', sarcastic cheers when we finally had a shot on target, it's become that bad. I can't be arsed anymore, get rid now."
- kingfox

"First shot on target in 86th minute. Fans singing "you don't know what you're doing". Puel Out."
- urban.spaceman

"There is such a toxic atmosphere in the stadium which I haven't felt in a long time. Just feel that the club needs to press a massive reset button to start again. Just seems that it's gone a bit stale. Whether that's down to the old guard coming to the end and slowly needs to be moved on or its the drab end of the season but it just needs a fresh injection of players I feel. My worry is that some players will see this (the disharmony from club and fans and the reaction of fans at the moment) as a way of wanting out of our club and it'll be the players we definitely need to keep hold of - Maguire, N'didi, Vards and Dragovic to name a few. "
- fox_favourite

"The players' protest still continues I see, even at just 0-1 we looked down and out. We can't defend, can't score and no motivation. Amazed we're still in the top ten. It's strange complaining about a top ten finish! Just shows how expectations have changed us and also maybe what a poor Premier League season it's been."
- Leicesterpool

"The fan invading the pitch was like a lonesome raindrop falling on a face covered with shit trying, with all its might to brighten the mud-like figure. We have a saying: 'The evil of the misfortune may provoke laughter'. This team is killing me inside."
- the fox

"Sullivan, Gold & the other West Ham mob trying to take their front row seats in the Directors Box but then being told their seats were taken by the women’s Thai football team was the only talking point! They were escorted to the back row..."
- Albert

"I saw a street fight on Aylestone Road about 20 minutes before the game. Road rage though, not frustrated fans."
- Gary Eatfood

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