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The opposition view: Manchester Utd

Filed: Friday, 11th May 2018
By: Staff Writer

Welcome to the latest edition of the OV, where this week we bring you a deluge of self-entitled posts from fans of another club that used to win trophies once...

"That was poor. Mourinho looked completely uninterested in winning the match which I don't understand. We should be looking at building a momentum for the Final, not the opposite. Keeping the two subs for added time to waste time. I know Mourinho is very happy and doesn't give a feck about that but that was pretty poor mentality from him and his players today. WHU were there for the taking. Noble is a disgrace."
- el3mel

"I canít beleive we played for a draw. Running the clock down with those subs was embarrassing. Will he blame anyone tonight?"
- Renegade

"We are Manchester United. The biggest club in the world. Are we celebrating finishing second and a clean sheet for De Gea? We need a serious rain check. This season has been a failure regardless whether we win the FA Cup or not. The performance in the Champions League was disgraceful and the performances against the bottom teams has been disrespectful."
- Phil Jones 79

"We're playing easily some of the most boring football in the league. Five at the back against David Moyes' WHU? There is nothing wrong with people wanting the miserable bastard out of the club and getting someone in who might dare to attack once in a while."
- Carlsen19

"The last few games have been dire to watch. We played for a 0-0 against Moyes' West Ham today. It feels like the season is already over and we can't bother much."
- Paul_Scholes18

"I always defend Mourinho and his pragmatic approach to the game but he is really taking it to unprecedented levels in the last couple of years. We should put teams like West Ham to sword and play a much much better brand of football with our resources. The man is as stubborn as it gets. Sort this shit out or be ready to be fired."
- MrMourinho#7

"We deserved at least a goal and should have had at least one pen first half. Second half wasnít so good though. Referee was shocking! A real homer. Didnít want to upset the West Ham fans. Absolutely nailed on red for Noble and arguably for Carroll. Apparently you are now allowed to grab people by the face and do forearm/elbow smashes to the face in front of the referee."
- OldSchoolManc

"The way Mark Noble behaved was a joke and frankly embarrassing. His actions followed by the way he was all pally with Pogba afterwards was so Sunday League. Hate little feckers like that."

"Refereeing standards are truly slipping to an all time low in the Premier League. Lindelof gets penalised for winning a header while Smalling gets no punishment for shirt pulling and Noble and Pogba both get yellows because Pogba got a bit pissed off while Noble literally ran up to him and clawed his face. Please donít tell me that in any world those two offenses are worthy of the same punishment. Where was the red? Lastly, the FA better give Noble retrospective action and rule him out of the start of next season. That would be nice."
- promisedlanchiao

"We weren't quite as pedestrian as the Brighton game in the first half, but the second half just floated in the bowl. Over 90 minutes we had a few shots but only the one from Sanchez caused their keeper any trouble. The only highlight of the second half was Noble attacking Pogba like a hooker fighting for her spot on the corner, while Pogba looked at him with an 'are you shitting me?' expression on his face. Kudos for not falling to the ground like so many players do today."
- Devil may care

"Boring boring Man Utd. Job done, but with the the littlest amount of excitement possible. That felt like Jose completing his homework on time."
- Adam-Utd

"I don't buy the 'the players aren't arsed because they're saving themselves' argument. The FA Cup Final is nine days away, and there's no better way to stay sharp and on form than playing an actual game. You'd think that a) against a pretty bad West Ham team the players would actually loosen up and play better on the attacking end because there was less pressure to get a result, and b) the players who should be fighting for their careers here would have given it a right go. We got neither today."
- Kearnkoff69

"I think Mourinho gets too much stick at times but that was pathetic tonight. The team was set up for a draw all night long."
- acnumber9

"This was one for De Gea. Mourinho set us up to give De Gea his best chance at a clean sheet. And if West Ham doesn't score, then we get at least one point. I don't like playing for a draw at West Ham, but it's the result that was needed to go into the weekend with the game meaning nothing (not that second means anything). Hopefully now on our last game of the season we can send Carrick out with a great result and see some young players given some time on the pitch."
- SadlerMUFC

"Struggling to a 0-0 with West Ham isn't my idea of entertainment and over all, over the last five seasons, it's been mainly dull. Perhaps I was spoilt by the Fergie years."
- wolvored

"Another day, another shitshow. The result against West Ham wasn't a bad one though. We have probably dropped more points there over the last decade or so than we've won there. We've got second now, so we can send out another disjointed team on Sunday and get a lucky 1-0 win against Watford."
- King Eric 7

"Sometimes it's actually a positive to be an old fart when it comes to recognising context in football as I started supporting Man Utd in the heady days of Dave Sexton. I don't mean to sound patronising at all here, but it must be extremely difficult to understand what's happening today, if you're a younger fan, because expectations have been raised in such a seismic fashion. I'm not delighted with what's happening at the minute, but I do see tangible progress. In saying that, I have no idea how accommodating I'd be if in my formative years, as a football fan, I'd grown up with the type of dynamic play that was routinely served under SAF? I imagine I'd be a bit whiny, and all that, truth be told."
- Speedicut75

"Best finish since Sir Alex (get well soon boss) retired. I'll take it."
- Irrational.

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