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The opposition view: Everton

Filed: Monday, 14th May 2018
By: Staff Writer

You know things must be bad when football supporters threaten to injure themselves if a manager doesn't get sacked. This week we welcome Everton as our latest OV guests...

"Our whole season showcased in one game. What a waste of a season and lots of transfer fees. When Moyes left it was all about getting to the next level. The reality has been about stopping a slide. And we are still sliding...."
- BigBlueConk

"You know, in a horrible bizzare way I'm glad we lost like that. This whole season has been a disgrace from start to finish and I'd hate for the club to have spun a decent performance today as though the future was bright. Things are desperate right now and I'm so happy the season is over and I can have a few months respite from the drudgery of following the club right now. This summer will be one of the biggest ever, get things right and we can finally make a positive move to really turn a corner and push forward. Get it wrong and I sincerely fear relegation will follow. A massive clear out like we've never seen is needed to rid us of the poison the infests this great club."
- Gwladysstreetlad

"Imagine, a footballing lesson off a West Ham side managed by Davey Moist and it's not even the worse game this season..."
- jaycee

"The players tried to have a go even though Sam set them up to fail. The defence was awful, midfield as well. Pickford had an off day but heís young heís gonna have those. West Ham wanted it more and they got it. Credit to Moyes, he will get a job. He did well with them and in a way saved his career after the Sunderland and Valencia shambles."
- markjazzbassist

"We were getting all kinds from their fans on both sides of the away section. A couple of their guys were clearly trying to provoke violence but they did nothing, eventually one or two Evertonians next to the fence reacted and lunged at the fence with clenched fists and were immediately put in an arm locks and dragged out of the stand. Thatís the last time I go to that shitty stadium."
- Escla

"If it was a European tie, we’d have beaten West Ham on aggregate. It could be worse, the Reds could be in the European Cup Final..."
- Eggs

"How the fuck do we finish 8th after possible the worst season I have seen in 32 years of being a Toffee? And I have seen some utter shite."
- badaids

"I'm not defending Allardyce's tactics. All I'm saying is this squad is at best a 7th place club. At best! We are miles off 6th. Pep could walk in here and he would be lucky to get us to 6th place. Even if he did that's one of the best coaches in the world only getting what people think is our 'awesome' squad 6th place. We wouldn't come close to 70+ points even with him as our coach. We're just not that good."
- bluenuck

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. Barring Pickford, the three best players in the squad are the ones from Moyes' era. Baines, Coleman and Jagielka. What a damning indictment against the club that we have spent the last five years recruiting rubbish."
- TallPaul1878

"£28million for Bolassie, £22million for Klassen, £25million for Keane and no striker to replace Lukaku. I never want to see a Dutch manager at this club again."
- Saaby

"If he [Allardyce] hasnít gone by Wednesday Iím self harming."
- Finn balor

* Comments originally posted at toffeetalk.com, grandoldteam.com and twitter.com.

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