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The opposition view: AFC Wimbledon

Filed: Wednesday, 29th August 2018
By: Staff Writer

Unsurprisingly perhaps, match official Tim Robinson was chief villain of the piece as AFCW fans decided to adopt him as their 'go-to' excuse for Wednesday evening's Carabao Cup exit.

Read on for more from the Wimbledon contingent, in your latest edition of the OV...

"What an epic performance. The West Ham defence was so shaky that I am sure we would have got another if the ref had left 11 on the pitch. We went at 'em for the first 15 mins. Can't fault the passion of players with bodies on the line again and again, atmosphere from fans awesome just have this little niggle that we are not a lucky bunch this year."
- zendon

"Great atmosphere in the John Green last night, my voice is totally wasted! Bloody hell, we tried hard there, a really gallant effort. Shame the early red spoiled what, up to then, looked like a possible upset was on the cards. If we could have kept that early intensity with 11 on the pitch..."
- Jog On

"Last night summed up our season thus far. Started the game all guns blazing, playing well. Then a dubious refereeing decision goes against us, changes the game completely and eventually we lose."
- Alex the Don

"For [McDonald's] second yellow, the lino had a far better view and saw nothing worthy of alerting the ref. Atrocious gamesmanship from Chicken Tikka and equally poor refereeing. Guess we are in for a similar season to two years back, when we were mugged off regularly."
- Prestons Womble

"He went in a bit rash and clumsy, bit if you look back at it closely he barely touched their player and may even have got a bit of ball. That said, I can't argue with the yellow I suppose coz of the way he went, in contact or not, but had the West Ham player not rolled around clutching his shin the ref may not have carded him. The second yellow is just a nonsense, players always have their arm out trying to feel where their marker is. He hasn't pulled or grabbed any part of him, but unfortunately the way Chicken Tikka went down it was enough to convince the ref there was more contact than there was, and he wasn't getting the ball anyway."
- oldskool80's

"West Ham - I hope you are proud of yourselves, struggling to beat a team two divisions below yourselves, and you resort to cheating? You are a disgrace, I used to have respect for you, I have none now, haranguing a referee to produce a second yellow for a non foul? Pathetic, that is the only reason you won. I hope you go down, cheating scum."
- Cheshire Womble

"The ref would never have sent off a West Ham player in similar circumstances. Spoiled the game, really."
- Glyn Hodges Fan Club

"Maybe we need to get smarter, maybe we're missing a trick. We constantly manage to find excuses whether it's the referee or opposition players when we lose. Looking at the highlights, King should not have been beaten for that first goal. His kicking was awful, shot stopping poor for two of the goals, he's lucky to still be number one."
- Tiki Taka Womble

"For the first goal, King was exactly where he should have been. He was lined up to cover both sides of the goal. The shot actually goes in full extent of his reach. ('Keepers donít get the benefit of hindsight to know where the ball is going). Watched the second goal and looks like Deji ended up in the wrong body position (facing his own goal) and has made a mess of trying to get his head on the ball without scoring an own goal. Not sure why he ended up like that though."
- lurker2012

"Best game I have seen Will play as he looked composed. McDonald has only played in one game for us where he was ok. He was only on the pitch for 18 minutes last night and just tried too hard to impress - and his second booking was soft. This was the same player who was being chased by a number of Championship teams not so long ago."
- Diddyman

"At least there seem to be zero West Ham fans in the Wombles section of the Rygas. But agree, they were so quiet. I guess our tactic of stuffing them in the corner of that stand helps. Isn't anyone else a bit peeved we got less than 4,000 for this? I know it was on Sky etc etc but we got over 4,000 for a Thursday night game against Crawley back in the Conference for goodness sake! The admirable pricing hold meant it only cost the usual price so no excuses there either......"
- zendon

"Last night probably cost us more then 25 grand. When you consider we could have sold out if we had wanted too by giving West Ham more tickets for a start. 900 more people generates nearly 18 grand extra on the gate plus any programmes, food, drinks etc bought on top. Think we as a club should have said it was all ticket game and given West Ham 1,200 tickets instead of 750."
- Diddyman

"Sunderland fans said we were the best team they'd played so far, Barnsley fans made similar comments. What is still a new team has held its own against four of the top six [in League One] and been one-up for an hour with 10 men against a Premier League team. No-one is saying we're going up this year, but if you can't see how we are an improved team and that if we keep performing as we are , we will be fine... bonkers, total bonkers."
- wandle valley don

"Well thatís our passport to Europe for next season gone then! Good effort by the boys, but the early and rather unjustified red card changed everything, and I do not understand why NA took Pigott off who is fast and was our biggest threat. Three home defeats on the trot but against very good teams, weíve been positive up until the red card and weíve scored in each, so itís not quite as bad as it seems."
- Naz

"A tenacious, dogged display by a Wimbledon team that is totally different from last season. Three players from the Academy, who were calm and held their own against a Premier League side. Will Nightingale, you are in the same category as the home grown greats this club has produced over the years. Given the circumstances we stepped up and played beyond our capability. Proud of my club. Porno United and their hard done by, one song fans will enjoy the Championship. A long way back to Basildon, hope your trains were cancelled."
- SuperDonRiz

*Comments originally posted at wupgb.co.uk.

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